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FESK Scipio 01.png
Artwork of Scipio from Genealogy of the Holy War.






Grannvalean (Yngvi)


Duke of Yngvi

Starting class

Master Knight


Alright, we'll cut through these woods and take 'em from behind! Now move!!
— Scipio

Scipio (Japanese: スコピオ Scopio) was the Duke of Grannvale's House Yngvi, and the successor of his late father Andrey. While the rest of his surviving family allied with Seliph's revolution, he remained loyal to the Grannvale Empire and fought on behalf of Prince Julius against Seliph.


Scipio assumed rule of House Yngvi at some point following Andrey's demise in the prelude to the Battle of Belhalla. In the final confrontation between Seliph's liberation army and Grannvale, he worked in concert with Duchess Hilda of Friege to trap Seliph en route to Friege Castle, ambushing them with the Beige Ritter as they passed a thick forest, but he failed and was slain.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Scipio is a minor boss in the Endgame, appearing following the seizure of Dozel. He and 17 Beige Ritter subordinates appear in the south-east corner of the map once at least one player unit crosses near the forest en route to Friege.


Portrait scipio fe04.png
Ma snes02 master knight enemy.gif Master Knight
Level 29
Holy Blood --
Movement 9
Authority ★★★
Max HP 80 Speed 23
Strength 26 Luck 12
Magic 10 Defense 24
Skill 22 Resistance 13
Inventory Skills
Killer Bow
Renewal Band
3,000 Gold
Weapon Levels
Swords A Lances A Axes A Bows A Staves A
Fire magic A Thunder magic A FE4RankWind.png A Light magic C Dark magic --

Personality and character

Scipio holds a zealous belief in the dogma of the Empire, in that he considers his aunts Edain and Brigid to be traitors whose children deserve to be killed. He sought to avenge his father's death at the hands of Sigurd's army by defeating Seliph's army.


Battle quotes

I'll take this opportunity to avenge my father, Andrey!
— Scipio, in the Endgame of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Scipio: And what are you supposed to be?
Febail/Lester: The name's Febail/Lester, son of Brigid/Edain.
Scipio: What? As in my dear aunt Brigid/Edain?! Well, then... The traitor's spawn shows his disgusting face at last! I certainly won't object. After all, I get to kill you, here and now!
Febail/Lester: Heh, took the words right out of my mouth!

— Scipio, when fighting Febail/Lester, in the Endgame of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Death quotes

Gah... Why...
— Scipio, in the Endgame of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game

Scipio was featured on one TCG card.

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game data for Scipio
TCG 3-050.jpg Class: Master Knight Level 10 Cavalry Ranged Attack
Energy: 6 Atk.: 2 / Counter: 2 WLv.: Swords A Lances A Axes A Bows A
Equip: Steel Bow Skills: CantoFollow-UpAccost
Card #3-050Rarity: ★ • Artist: Koya Katsuyoshi
Card scans and information translation provided by Aquantis.


  • Scipio's portrait is a recolored version of his father's portrait.
  • Despite his TCG artwork depicting him with a sheathed sword, he is only equipped with a bow in his game appearance, though his status as a Master Knight would allow him to use swords and he can easily equip them in the TCG.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Fire Emblem Heroes; has yet to be corroborated by other sources. Scipio Africanus was a Roman general famous for his defeat of the Carthaginian general Hannibal.


• Scorpio
• Scorpius

• Used in older versions of the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.[which?]
• Used in the "Project Naga" patch.



Officially romanized as Scopio. Corruption of Scorpius, a constellation of the western Zodiac, sometimes known (usually in the context of astrology) as Scorpio.
















Traditional Chinese





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