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Artwork of Mananan from Fire Emblem: Treasure.








King of Isaach


Genealogy of the Holy War

Not in person, sadly. However, my father knows him well. He’s always had only the utmost praise for him.
— Quan, on Calf's opinion about Mananan

Mananan (Japanese: マナナン Mananan) was the king of Isaach and the father of Ayra and Mariccle. He was assassinated during the Grannvale war against Isaach.


During his life, Mananan was an acquaintance of King Calf of Leonster, who held him in the utmost respect.[1] After Ribaut, an Isaachian royal house, attacked Dahna, misinformation spread that he authorized the attack. To clear the misunderstanding he personally executed the leader of the Ribaut and set out to Grannavale to explain the situation but was assassinated by Reptor to keep the war between Isaach and Grannavale going.[2][3] When word reached Mariccle of Mananan's assassination at the Grannvale front, he led the army to seek vengeance against Grannvale.[4]

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Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Mananan.[5] Possibly from Manannán mac Lir, a sea deity in Irish mythology; Mananan derives his name from the deity's first name, while Mariccle may be a corruption of his patronym, mac Lir.



  1. "Ayra: Wait, Quan, did you actually know my father?!
    Quan: Not in person, sadly. However, my father knows him well. He’s always had only the utmost praise for him. He also speaks fondly of your brother, Prince Mariccle. He’s always said he is a fine young man and heir.
    Ayra: Really... Thank you. I’m so proud to hear such praise for them. The two were great and wise warriors. Attacking the defenseless, as in Dahna, is something neither would ever do.
    " — Ayra and Quan, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Quan: I'm sorry, but I just have to ask you. Why did Isaach attack Dahna? You had to have known Grannvale would get involved. I just can't fathom why King Mananan would do something like that.
    Ayra: You actually know my father, Quan!?
    Quan: No. Not personally. But my father did. He had a very high opinion of your father. He also thought your brother, Prince Mariccle, was an fine young man.
    Ayra: He said that, did he... That makes me proud. They were both highly respected soldiers. Neither would ever condone an attack on a defenseless people. The leader of Ribaut... He's the one who besieged Dahna, not my father.
    Quan: You're kidding! Why hasn't Grannvale been informed of that? Prince Kurth would surely reconsider his offensive if he knew that.
    Ayra: My father thought so as well. After executing Ribaut's leader, he left for Grannvale's front lines, head and all, to explain everything. However...
    Quan: What?
    Ayra: My father was assassinated at the Grannvalian front. When Isaach heard word of the king's death, the people went into a rage! Mariccle thus proceeded to launch a full-scale attack against Grannvale.
    Quan: Whew... I just can't imagine Prince Kurth acting so rashly. Does Sigurd know about all of this?
    " — Ayra and Quan, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "The death of King Mananan also turned out to be Lord Reptor's handiwork. He didn't want the war with Isaach to come to a close, so he secretly killed the king." — Claud to Sigurd, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "Ayra: So too thought my father. Once he executed the lord of Ribaut, he departed for the Grannvale front, head in tow, to negotiate with them. But...
    Quan: ...Yes?
    Ayra: My father, the king... He was assassinated en route. Once word of this returned to Isaach, the people were utterly incensed. Mariccle set out, leading our entire army, seeking vengeance against Grannvale.
    " — Ayra and Quan, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  5. A family tree in Fire Emblem: Treasure
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