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Victor (Genealogy of the Holy War)

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FESK Victor.png
Artwork of Victor from Genealogy of the Holy War.






Grannvalean (Velthomer)


Duke of Velthomer


Genealogy of the Holy War

Now, the duke of Velthomer was a reputed womaniser and had several lovers.
— Filat, recounting Victor and Cigyun's story

Victor (Japanese: ヴィクトル Victor) was the Duke of Velthomer until his suicide around the year Gran 736–738, and the father of his successor Arvis. He was a notorious philanderer and drunkard with no respect for women, but nonetheless was married for seven years to Cigyun, a descendant of Saint Maera and the mother of Arvis.


Throughout his life, Victor was involved with numerous mistresses and with them had a large number of illegitimate children.[1] Late in his life, he met Cigyun, a woman to him of unknown origin, and the two were married despite Victor's notorious behavior. Their marriage lasted seven years,[2] during which Cigyun and Victor had a single child together: Arvis, a full-blooded heir to Velthomer and also an inheritor of his mother's minor Loptous blood.

Throughout their marriage, Victor continued his usual debauchery and disrespect of women, much to Cigyun's distress. This culminated in Victor raping and impregnating one of Cigyun's closest maidservants around Grann 736-738, which would later yield Arvis's half-brother Azelle; when Victor turned on the maidservant upon learning of her pregnancy, Cigyun came to the maidservant's defense and admonished Victor for his poor treatment.[3] This turn of events resulted in Cigyun having an extramarital affair with Grannvale's Prince Kurth; Victor soon found out about this affair, and was furious at the news. In a fit of rage Victor wrote a final suicide note denouncing the pair, then killed himself; in the aftermath of his suicide, Cigyun fled Grannvale and was never seen again by anyone there.[4]

In the aftermath of Victor's suicide, rule of House Velthomer fell to Arvis, then just seven years old.[2] Arvis detested Victor for his poor treatment of Cigyun, and had all of his mistresses and illegitimate children (aside from Azelle and his mother, who acted as a surrogate mother to him until her death) exiled or reduced to slavery.[1]

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Referred to by this name in the fandom; he is not mentioned by name in the Genealogy of the Holy War script.



Officially romanized as Victor.[5] Victor is a name of Latin origin meaning "victor" or "conqueror".[6][7]



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