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Grannvale rests in the centre of the Jugdral continent and was founded by Saint Heim, one of the 12 Crusaders.
— Opening of the Prologue

Grannvale (Japanese: グランベル Grandbell) is one of the nations of Jugdral, occupying approximately the center of the continent. It is bordered by Agustria to the northwest, Verdane to the southwest, Miletos to the south, the Manster District to the east and the Yied Desert to the northeast. Grannvale is a kingdom comprised of six satellite duchies surrounding the center of power, the capital Belhalla.


Belhalla, the capital city of Grannvale.

Grannvale itself was founded by Saint Heim of the Twelve Crusaders in Gran 649 following the downfall of the Loptyr Empire, with six other Crusaders - Baldur, Blagi, Ulir, Fala, Tordo and Neir - founding its six duchies. The descendants of each Crusader continued to rule their duchies in the following centuries.

In the year 757, Grannvale initiated a war against Isaach in retaliation for a perceived assault by the nation upon the sacred site of Darna. Grannvale ultimately won the war, but between it and the internal strife it faced with the actions of Sigurd of Chalphy and the machinations of the dukes Reptor and Langobalt, it emerged a thoroughly changed nation. The crown prince Kurth was assassinated by Langobalt, who framed Sigurd for the crime, and so following the death of King Azmur, the throne was succeeded by Lord Arvis of Velthomer through his marriage to Azmur's newly-rediscovered granddaughter Deirdre.

With the continent unified under his leadership, Arvis reorganized Grannvale into an empire with himself as its first emperor, by popular demand of the people of Grannvale.[1] At first, the Grannvale Empire was a peaceful, if constraining, nation,[2] until rule of Grannvale was seized from Arvis by his son Julius, the human host of Loptyr. Julius twisted Grannvale into a malevolent dictatorial force and entrusted the Loptyrian order with important roles in its governance, seeking to restore the Loptyr Empire. In response to the tyranny, in Grann 777, Sigurd's son Seliph emerged from exile in Isaach and led a liberation army across Jugdral, culminating in the deaths of Arvis and Julius and the end of the Empire's control of the continent. In the aftermath of the war, Seliph assumed the title of King of Grannvale, as the eldest child of Deirdre.

Notable locations in Grannvale


Main article: Belhalla

The capital of Grannvale and its seat of power, for most of its history Belhalla - and in turn, Grannvale - has been ruled by the descendants of Saint Heim. Following the Battle of Belhalla, the throne was ascended by Arvis of Velthomer, who in turn ultimately lost power to his son Julius.


Main article: Chalphy

The duchy founded by the Crusader Baldur. The fates of many nations were shaped by the actions of two generations of its lords, Sigurd and Seliph.


Main article: Velthomer

The duchy founded by the Crusader Fala. Its duke as of the year 757, Arvis, led the rise of the Grannvale Empire and the rebirth of the Loptyrians despite his best intentions.


Main article: Jungby

The duchy founded by the Crusader Ulir. Throughout the decades of conflict, it was plagued by resentment and infighting among its scions, starting with the murder of Lord Ring at the hands of his son Andorey.


Main article: Freege

The duchy founded by the Crusader Tordo. The schemes of its Duke Reptor served as a partial catalyst for much of the misfortune which befell Jugdral.


Main article: Dozel

The duchy founded by the Crusader Neir. Dozel's Duke Langobalt was a co-conspirator against Chalphy along with Reptor.


Main article: Edda

The duchy founded by Saint Blagi of the Crusaders.


Grannvale is the subject of the Prologue and Endgame of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. The Prologue is set in the southern region of Grannvale, featuring Chalphy and Jungby as allied castles, and the Endgame encompasses the entirety of Grannvale save for Jungby Castle.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data (Prologue)

Castle Data
Castle Initial state Units* Boss/guardian Notes
Chalphy Player (Home) 4 Arden --
Jungby Partner 1 Midayle Seized by the enemy at the start of the turn 1 Enemy Phase
Evans Enemy 32 Gerrard Army originally led by Gandolf, who leaves at the beginning of the turn 1 Enemy Phase after seizing Jungby.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data (Endgame)

Castle Data
Castle Initial state Units* Boss/guardian Notes
Chalphy Player (Home) 23 -- --
Edda Enemy 39 Juphiel --
Dozel Enemy 8 -- Eight Dozel Dark Mages are deployed at the chapter's start. The remainder of the Dozel army emerges after Edda has been seized.
29 Burian
Freege Enemy 0 -- The Freege army emerges after Dozel has been seized.
19 Hilda
Velthomer Enemy 0 -- The Velthomer army emerges after Freege has been seized.
7 Manfroy
Belhalla Enemy 0 -- The first group, the Dark Mages near Freege, are deployed after Dozel has been seized. The remainder, led by Julius, are deployed once Freege has been seized.
6 --
30 Julius



Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Grannvale As of Fire Emblem Awakening.
Grandbell --
Japanese グランベル Officially romanized as Grandbell.
Spanish Grannvale As above.
French Grannvale As above.
German Grannvale As above.
Italian Grannvale As above.


  1. "The intense battle over control of the capital sent most of the powerful lords to their grave. Only Lord Arvis's plan went without a hitch as he successfully gained full control of the kingdom. After overthrowing the two opposing kingdoms, Silesse and Leonster, Lord Arvis unified the continent. And with the overwhelming support of the people, he became the first emperor of the Grannvale Empire." - Opening narration of Chapter 6, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "15 years have passed since Lord Arvis unified the continent. The early days of the empire weren't actually all that bad. Initially, Emperor Arvis applied constitutional law to govern the people. It was a bit constraining, but it was a peaceful time in Judgral's history." - Lewyn, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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