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Artwork of Dáinn from Treasure.






Dragon Knight
King of Thracia


Genealogy of the Holy War

The Kingdom of Thracia was founded by a Dragon Knight named Dáinn. He took the Divine Gungnir in hand and took on the devil himself.
— A North Thracian villager

Dáinn (Japanese: ダイン Dain), dubbed the "Dragon Knight" (Japanese: 竜騎士 Dragon Knight), was a member of the Twelve Crusaders, the original wielder of the Heaven Lance Gungnir, and the co-founder of the Kingdom of Thracia alongside his younger sister and and fellow Crusader Njörun.


As with the other Crusaders, Dáinn was a warrior fighting in a revolution against the tyranny of the Loptrian Empire, and was one of the survivors barricaded in Dahna Fortress when the tide turned against their movement. It was at this fortress that the Miracle of Dahna occurred, changing the tide of the war: Dáinn was chosen by an unidentified member of the twelve dragon "gods" who descended upon the fortress, to undergo a blood-bond with said dragon, transforming him into one of the Crusaders. He was granted Gungnir, sealed to his new holy lineage, by this dragon.

With the other Crusaders, Dáinn fought in the rest of the Holy War and contributed to the downfall of the Loptrian Empire. At the war's conclusion, Dáinn and Njörun settled in the Thracian Peninsula and founded the Kingdom of Thracia, then encompassing the entire peninsula. Ten years after Thracia's foundation, an event known in Leonster mythology as the "Tragedy of the Gáe Bolg" occurred: Dáinn entered a dispute with his best friend, Njörun's husband, over an unknown subject, and the two resorted to combat in a bid to settle the matter. Njörun attempted to break them up, but instead she inadvertently killed her husband with the Gáe Bolg, committing suicide as a result. Shortly afterward, Dáinn himself died under mysterious circumstances, and the Thracian throne was succeeded by his son, who proved to be a tyrannical rule whose reign led to Njörun's son leading the Munster District in secession from Thracia.[1]


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


As of Fire Emblem Heroes.


• Dain
• Dine

• Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.
• Used in the Thracia 776 fan translation.



• Officially romanized as Dain, though the katakana more closely reads as "Deen" or "Dean". This name is used in-game in Genealogy of the Holy War, but all subsequent material (including the Holy Blood chart poster shipped with the game) uses ダイン.[2]
• Officially romanized as Dain. Possibly from Dáinn, a dwarf in Norse mythology.



Mentioned in Heroes.



Mentioned in Heroes.



Mentioned in Heroes.



Mentioned in Heroes.



Mentioned in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Dain; mentioned in Heroes.



  1. "A: Njörun married a knight who was friends with her brother Dáinn and lived a happy life with him. One day, her husband and King Dáinn fought each other over some dispute. Njörun tried to stop the two fighting, but accidentally killed her beloved husband (the weapon that took his life was her lance). That was the beginning of events, Later, Njörun committed suicide and King Dáinn died a mysterious death."Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: November 21, 2013
  2. "here's a 'fun' bit of trivia. the name of the thracian crusader, dáinn, is spelt two completely different ways in japanese between fe4 and fe5: he's ディーン in fe4, and ダイン in fe5. later sources, like the old museum site, follow fe5's lead even in fe4 contexts" — @bookofholsety, [1], Twitter, Published: May 12, 2019, Retrieved: June 12, 2019
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