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This article is about the character in Genealogy of the Holy War. For the playable character in Radiant Dawn, who once goes by Kurth as an alias, see Kurthnaga.

Portrait kurth fe04.png
Kurth's portrait in Genealogy of the Holy War.






Prince of Grannvale


Genealogy of the Holy War

Grannvale used to be a peace loving country, but things have changed. They've been sending troops to each and every nation with the intention of overthrowing them. Prince Kurth would never have allowed any of this if he were around.
— A Silesse villager

Kurth (Japanese: クルト Kult) was a prince of Grannvale, and the son of King Azmur. A highly respected leader, Kurth began to assume many of Azmur's responsibilities as Grannvale's ruler as his father aged, with the assistance of his advisors, Byron of House Chalphy and Ring of House Yngvi.[1]


Around Grann 738–739, Kurth engaged in an extramarital affair with Cigyun, then the wife of Duke Victor of Velthomer. At first, Kurth merely sympathized with Cigyun's plight as the wife of a notorious philanderer and rapist, but soon the two fell in love, culminating with Kurth unknowingly impregnating Cigyun. Upon learning of Cigyun's affair with Kurth, Victor denounced Kurth and Cigyun, and killed himself; in response, Cigyun fled back to Verdane, later giving birth to Kurth's daughter Deirdre. Kurth never got over his time with Cigyun, never sought another relationship and never married, even though neglecting to reproduce (being unaware of Deirdre's existence) would end the lineage of the Belhalla dynasty. [2] In the subsequent years, he secretly worked to assist and support Arvis, the orphaned son of Cigyun and Victor.[3]

In Grann 757, at the onset of the war with Isaach, Kurth personally led the Grannvale armies and dukes on the battlefield. The war ended with Grannvale's victory over Isaach; Isaach's King Mananan attempted to explain the reality of Isaach's role in the Dahna assault to Kurth, but was assassinated before he could. En route back to Grannvale at the war's conclusion, Kurth was assassinated by Lombard of House Dozel as part of Reptor's plan to seize control of Grannvale; the two framed Byron for the crime.

Other appearances

Genealogy of the Holy War Ōsawa manga adaptation

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Etymology and other languages

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Used in the "And Then, Light..." Lost Lore event in Fire Emblem Heroes.



Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation. Chosen due to the name of the Path of Radiance character Kurthnaga, whose name is a compound of that of Kurth and Naga; additionally, Kurthnaga is briefly called "Kurth" directly in Radiant Dawn.

Kurth is a German surname that is a spelling variant of "Kurt",[4] which is a shortened form of "Konrad",[5] a Germanic name meaning "daring counsel" (Old High German kuoni + rad/rat).[6]



Officially romanized as Kult.[7]



Used in Heroes.



Used in Heroes.



Used in Heroes.



Used in Heroes.



Used in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Kult; used in Heroes.



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  2. "Filat: Er... Well, only a select few at the Royal Court know this but... It seems His Highness is having problems letting go of a love from his past.
    Sigurd: Really? Any reason the two never married?
    Filat: Oh, I may as well tell you the whole story. This all took place nearly 20 years ago. The lovely duchess of Velthomer, a married woman mind you, fell for the prince. Now the duke of Velthomer was a reputed womaniser and had several lovers. The prince, however, was a straight arrow. Initially, the prince merely sympathised with the duchess, but then one day the two fell deeply in love. Now the duke lost his head. After writing a letter denouncing the two, he committed suicide. The duchess, clearly perplexed, disappeared without a trace. I believe her name was Cigyun.
    " — Filat and Sigurd, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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