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Genealogy of the Holy War

I have Saint Maera's blood, and he fought for the good of the people.
— Arvis

Maera (Japanese: マイラ Maira) was a scion of the Loptrian Empire's royal family who lived around Grann 535, and the founder of the "Maerist" branch of the Loptrian religion. While he was responsible for the lineage of Loptous persisting past the Loptrian Empire's downfall, in his time he was widely regarded as a saint for his work in caring for the people in the face of the Empire's tyranny.


Maera was the brother of Emperor Gair, inheriting only minor Loptous Holy Blood instead of the major blood of his brother, the human host of Loptous. In stark contrast to the dictatorial attitudes of his brother and the rest of the Empire, Maera legitimately cared for the people of Jugdral suffering under the Empire's rule. He sought to redefine the Loptrian faith to make it more appealing, harmonize it with the pre-existing religions of Jugdral, and present Loptous not as a tyrant, but as a benevolent deity. In doing so, he hoped to end the discrimination against non-Loptrian people. However, Maera's efforts were unpopular among the Empire's ruling elite, and so after inciting a revolt based on his views, he was exiled from the Empire - but not before his views had spread among a small sect of Loptrian adherents.[1]

From this, the "Maerist Loptrian" variation of the Loptrian faith was established; as it was forbidden, its practitioners were persecuted and driven into hiding, while still seeking to help the commoners of Jugdral in the face of their bleak future. The Maerists had a profound influence on Bragi of the Twelve Crusaders, who was saved and subsequently raised by a Maerist as a child. For his part, Maera still reproduced at some point in his exile, passing on his minor Loptous Holy Blood to his child. His descendants eventually came to reside in the Spirit Forest of Verdane, isolated from the outside world.

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  1. "Under this situation, the group called Maerists was in the Loptrian religion but believed in the teachings of Maera, and for that they were labeled as revolutionists or justicists. Maera, although he was a member of the imperial family, protected the civilians, and was a saint that later on caused a rebellion and was exiled. However, the teachings of Maera was something that tried to place the Loptrian god to the high ranks of the Earthen gods and plotted for the gods to be harmonialized to try to lose the discrimination within the Empire, so it (the teachings of Maera) was receiving pressure and obstruction from the Loptrian Empire. Although Maera was said to be the one and only good person within the Imperial inner circle, he was put in a place as a secret messiah."Designers' notes from Fire Emblem: Treasure, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 17, 2013
  2. "I am Arvis. I descend from the crusaders Fjalar and Maera." — Arvis: Emperor of Flame when summoned, Fire Emblem Heroes
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