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12 crusaders

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12 crusaders

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Artwork of the 12 crusaders from




Twelve members

Group type

Group of warriors


To defeat the Loptrian Empire and its Loptous-possessed emperor, Gair XVII


Genealogy of the Holy War

Gods descended from the heavens and granted miraculous weapons and powers upon twelve young soldiers. The soldiers came to be known as the 12 crusaders as they led the liberation army back into battle.
— Lewyn

The 12 crusaders (Japanese: 十二人の聖戦士 Twelve Crusaders) were twelve holy warriors who played a central role in the final years of the Jugdral liberation wars against the Loptrian Empire. These twelve warriors were chosen by twelve dragon gods led by Naga, undergoing blood pacts with the dragons and obtaining a set of powerful weapons to wield against the Loptous-possessed Emperor Gair XVII. Their descendants comprise the many ruling houses of Jugdrali nations, and the twelve are revered as gods by the land's people.


In the Grann Year 611, a liberation army had formed in an effort to defeat the Loptrian Empire, under which the world had struggled for centuries. After twenty-one years, the army had sustained heavy losses and was confined to one last bastion, the city of Dahna.[1] It was in Dahna that, aware of Jugdral's plight and the role of the Earth Dragon Loptous in it, Naga and eleven other dragons descended upon Jugdral, an event which came to be known as the Miracle of Dahna. Assuming human form, the twelve gods performed a blood pact with twelve chosen warriors: they offered a small sample of their own blood to the warriors, which when consumed bestowed immense power upon the warriors, creating the 12 crusaders.[2] Each dragon then gave their Crusader a weapon, each with a powerful dragonstone inlaid and bound to the blood of the dragon, before departing.[3]

With this new power, the Holy War commenced in the year 633, with the Crusaders leading a more successful charge against the Loptrian Empire. In the end, the Crusaders confronted Emperor Gair XVII himself, possessed by Loptous and wielding the dark tome facilitating the possession. Only Heim, the Crusaders' leader and bearer of the power of Naga himself, was able to successfully combat Gair, as only Naga's power could override the protective abilities of Loptous.[4] After fifteen years of war, in the year 648, the Loptrian Empire and Gair XVII fell. After the war, the Crusaders parted and founded several new countries: seven of them, including Heim, founded Grannvale and its six duchies, while the other five founded their own autonomous kingdoms elsewhere. In time, the Crusaders had children and died, and their descendants carried on their divine bloodlines.


FESK Heim.png FESK Baldr.png FESK Nál.png FESK Ullr.png FESK Bragi.png FESK Fjalar.png
Founder of Grannvale
Founder of Chalphy
Founder of Dozel
Founder of Yngvi
Founder of Edda
Founder of Velthomer
FESK Thrud.png FESK Crusader Ced.png FESK Od.png FESK Hoðr.png FESK Dáinn.png FESK Njörun.png
Founder of Friege
Founder of Silesse
Founder of Isaach
Founder of Agustria
Co-founder of Thracia
Gáe Bolg
Co-founder of Thracia


  • In the ending of Awakening's The Future Past DLC, where all children survive, Tiki alludes to Lucina and her companions being similar to the 12 crusaders.[5] However, Tiki does not use the exact term in the Japanese version. In the English version, she uses the term "Twelve Heroes", but it is debatable if she is referring to the 12 crusaders or not.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

12 crusaders

As of Fire Emblem Heroes.[6]


Twelve Crusaders

Widely proliferated translated term, invoking The Crusades, the most famous instances of holy war in the western world. The official English print of The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening also uses this term.



Officially romanized as 12 Crusaders in the opening of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Literally "Twelve Holy Warriors".


• Los míticos Fundadores
• Doce cruzados

• The mythical Founders. In the Spanish version of Lost Bloodlines 3 in Fire Emblem Awakening; unlike the other language versions, the Spanish text refers to the Crusaders in general rather than citing Baldr and Heim's individual titles.[7]
• Twelve Crusaders. As of Fire Emblem Heroes.[8]


Douze croisés

Twelve crusaders; mentioned in Heroes.


12 Heiligen Ritter

12 Holy Knights; mentioned in Heroes.


12 crociati

12 crusaders; mentioned in Heroes.


12 cruzados

12 crusaders; mentioned in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Twelve holy warriors; mentioned in Heroes.


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  2. "Lewyn: That's right. They all assumed human forms. Naga, god of light, appeared as a young girl, and Salamander, god of fire, took the form of an old man. Each god performed blood pacts with one of the 12 chosen warriors.
    Seliph: Blood pacts?
    Lewyn: Yes. After making a small cut on their fingertip, they offered their blood to the warriors.
    Seliph: ...!?
    Lewyn: Seliph, I'll just cut to the chase. The gods you and I know from scripture are of the same Dragon Tribe as Loptous is. So the warriors ingested the blood of the Dragon Tribe and were reborn as the Crusaders. Each Crusader received a weapon sealed with the power of their respective tribesmen. After imparting a few precepts upon the Crusaders, the tribesmen left.
    " — Lewyn and Seliph, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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    A: The dragon tribe has the ability to transfer their power and will into dragon stones (what humans refer to as orbs). The Falchion from
    Mystery of the Emblem and powerful magic like Aura, as well as the orbs on the thirteen Holy Weapons of Jugdral, are all dragon stones. Humans can obtain tremendous strength from these dragon stones, but they are also in danger of losing their own will. Usually, only those who have formed blood pacts with the dragon tribe can use the power of the dragon stones, but there are exceptions if the seal on the orb has been broken."[1], translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: April 30, 2012
  4. "Lewyn: Yet Loptous's clan wields the most diabolic power of the entire tribe. King Naga passed his own blood onto the leader of the liberation army, Bishop Heim. That was Naga's only hope to rival the Loptous power.
    Seliph: Couldn't any of the other tribesmen take on Loptous?
    Lewyn: Doesn't seem likely. Even with all their power combined, they'd still need Naga's.
    " — Lewyn and Seliph, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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  8. "Duque de Velthomer y descendiente de Fjalar, una de los doce cruzados, y de Maera, de la familia imperial." — the Spanish help text description of Arvis: Emperor of Flame, Fire Emblem Heroes
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