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Fan translation

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People hoped for years that Nintendo would deign to release Fire Emblem 6: Fuuin No Tsurugi (FE6) on shores outside of Japan. They didn't. Since a conveniently long amount of time had passed, it was up to us to take matters into our own hands.
— The "DTN Translation Division"

A fan translation is, in the context of video games, an unofficially translated version of a video game, usually created by a fan or fans of the game in question. Fan translations of console games are almost universally accomplished by modifying a ROM image of the game in question by way of hacking, then creating a patch for a clean ROM image which applies the fan translation. The end result is then played on an emulator program, like a normal ROM image, or for those with the ability to do so, can be transferred into a game copier cartridge to be used on the game's native hardware.

In the Fire Emblem series, fan translations are particularly important, as seven games have so far been not been given official international releases; combined with the sheer age of the games in question, using ROM images is often the only feasible option. While there are generally numerous patches of various ages available for each game, they vary drastically in quality, and as such there is one translation for each game which is widely considered to be "the" translation to use. As of March 2017, all of the Japan-only games have functional fan translation patches which provide a near-complete translation of the game's script; in some patches, there remain elements (mainly graphical text) which have yet to be translated.

It should be noted that the illicit acquisition of ROM images of video games is illegal. While prosecution over ROM piracy is highly unlikely, you do so at your own risk. For this reason, Fire Emblem Wiki will neither host ROM images, nor point in the direction of them. Fire Emblem Wiki encourages readers to support the official releases of these games, should they ever occur in the future.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

Ss fe01 fan translation.png
Ss fe01 fan translation 02.png
Opening of Chapter 17 in Quirino's (top) and Polinym's (bottom) fan translations.
Patch credits


  • Quirino (hacking)
  • HHHIII (translation)
  • Mega Koopa X (update to original patch)


  • Polinym (hacking and translation)
Latest build

Original project
Version 1.0
February 20th, 2011
2016 revision
Beta 4
December 3rd, 2016
Version 1.3a
July 18th, 2022

Ironically, the original NES Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light was the last of the pre-Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade games to be given a serious attempt at a fan translation; this was largely because of the existence of Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 and later Shadow Dragon rendered the game obsolete and unnecessary in the eyes of many. For a long time, all that existed were a number of scattered and rudimentary efforts, with none approaching a complete product and plagued with errors. As such, it was not until 2010 that a translation attempt was announced by Quirino.[1] The patch was completed comparatively soon after, in February 2011.

Though the patch is claimed by Quirino to be only 99% complete, the translation is entirely complete and operational. The names used in the translation are the same as those used in the Mystery of the Emblem translation, the most common unofficial names for the characters before the release of Shadow Dragon; Quirino has stated, however, that in the next revision of the patch he releases, the names will be changed to be in line with the official names from Shadow Dragon.[2]

After the project lay dormant for a few years, Serenes Forest user Mega Koopa X began work on a patch to update the names in the patch to official ones used in Shadow Dragon. It also fixes several typos and glitches caused by the original patch, as well as including a new font. The patch is in open beta as of February 2016.[3]

Another fan translation patch, not derived from the former, was released by Polinym in May 2021. Its script is primarily based off of the translated script of Mystery of the Emblem on the Serenes Forest fansite, with several adjustments; text that is different or not present in Mystery of the Emblem was translated by Polinym themself. The Switch version's localization and the previous fan translation were used for reference. However, it does not use official localized terminology unless Polinym deemed it to be accurate to the original intent.[4]

Due to limited space for item names and the original game lacking item icons, item icons were created for both fan translation patches.

Icons added in the Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light fan translations
Item type Quirino Polinym
Sword Is nes01 sword.png Is nes01 polinym sword.png
Falchion Is nes01 falchion.png
Lance Is nes01 lance.png Is nes01 polinym lance.png
Axe Is nes01 axe.png Is nes01 polinym axe.png
Bow Is nes01 bow.png Is nes01 polinym bow.png
Tome Is nes01 tome.png Is nes01 polinym tome.png
Ballista Is nes01 ballista.png Is nes01 polinym ballista.png
Dragonstone Is nes01 dragonstone.png Is nes01 polinym dragonstone.png
Staff Is nes01 staff.png Is nes01 polinym staff.png
Vulnerary Is nes01 vulnerary.png N/A
Key Is nes01 key.png N/A
Stat booster Is nes01 accessory.png N/A
Class change Is nes01 promotion item.png N/A
VIP and Silver cards Is nes01 card.png N/A
Orb Is nes01 orb.png N/A

Notable names used by the Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light fan translations
Quirino name Polinym name NoJ name (Rom.) NoA name
Marth Mars Marth Marth
Riff Wryf Riff Wrys
Barts Bartz Barts Barst
Rena Lena Rena Lena
Nina Nyna Niena Nyna
Wendel Wendell Wendel Wendell
Tomth Tomz Tomth Dolph
Garnef Gharnef Garnef Gharnef
Moses Morzez Moses Morzas
Black Knights Sable Order N/A Sable Order

Fire Emblem Gaiden

Ss fe02 fan translation.png
Talking to a maiden in Chapter 3.
Patch credits
  • Artemis251 (hacking, minor translations)
  • Shimizu Hitomi (most translation work)
  • j2e (font)
  • Gaiden Guy (update to original patch)
Latest build

November 14th, 2009

Like the NES Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, Gaiden was one of the more neglected games in terms of fan translation for many years. Though several translation patches existed, none were complete and possessed many other problems. With this in mind, a complete patch was released by Artemis251 in 2009, commenced in September and completed within a month.

Due to limited space, some icons were created for this fan translation patch. These are used in the "usable weapons" part of a unit's status screen, and to the right of the names of items (e.g. Silver Sword is called SilverIs nes02 sword 2.png).

Icons added in the Gaiden fan translation
Item type Icon
Sword Is nes02 sword 2.png
Lance Is nes02 lance 2.png
Axe Is nes02 axe.png
Bow Is nes02 bow 2.png
Magic Is nes02 magic.png
Shield Is nes02 shield 2.png
Ring Is nes02 ring 2.png

In June 2016, Serenes Forest user Gaiden Guy began work on an update to the Gaiden patch by Artemis251. The patch updates all names to their official localizations revealed in Awakening. It also fixes some minor glitches and errors such as the "Full inventory" message. As of February 2016, the patch is at version 0.9, with the credits being the only thing unfinished.

Gaiden Guy has expressed interest in completely redoing the patch for Gaiden "to clean up some of the awkward text and make it so that spell names and character names are able to fit without looking squished/having to be cut off".[5]

Notable names used by the Gaiden fan translation
Fan translation name NoJ name (Rom.) NoA name*
Alm Arum Alm
Celica Cellica Celica
Mycen Maisen Mycen
Cliff Qulyf Kliff
Claire Clea Clair
Python Paison Python
Cleive Clerbe Clive
Ryuto Ryuto Luthier
Boey Boowy Boey
May May Mae
Valbo Valbo Valbar
Dean Deen Deen
Noma Norma Nomah
Sofia Sofia Zofia
Nova Nova Novis
Valencia Barensia Valentia
Doma Doma Duma
Slayer Masensi Dread Fighter

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Ss fe03 fan translation ch6.png
Cutscene in Book 1 Chapter 6.
Patch credits
  • VincentASM (translation)
  • RPGuy96 (hacking)
  • AceNoctali (supplementary translation)

2014 revision

  • Robert of Normandy (ASM hacking)
  • Quirino (text editing)

2019 revision

  • Robert of Normandy (hacking)
Latest build

Original project
Version 0.98
June 21st, 2008
2014 revision
Version 0.14
November 6th, 2017
2019 revision
Version 0.20
22 June 2020

A fan translation for Mystery of the Emblem was completed in 2008, translated by VincentASM with hacking by RPGuy96. The patch is far from perfect—the translation is rough, menu text is not translated in numerous places, and there are numerous glitches (for example, attempting to use the Geosphere will crash the game). Though there are numerous problems with the patch, it cannot be updated—VincentASM has stated on several occasions that since RPGuy96 has all but disappeared, so too have the tools to modify the patch, and there is no chance of him being able to update the patch. VincentASM went on to work on the fan translation for this game's remake, New Mystery of the Emblem.

After gaining permission from VincentASM in 2012, Quirino eventually started work on revising and updating the Mystery of the Emblem patch in 2014, relying entirely on editing the raw code. Revisions will mostly be text based, as the character names are adjusted to match the official PAL Shadow Dragon names (Quirino mentioned a possibility of releasing a separate patch with the North American names after the patch is complete) and the fan names used in the New Mystery of the Emblem translation, but will also include a more aesthetically pleasing narrow font. As of November 2017, the script has been near-completely reformatted to accommodate for the new font, and various previously untranslated elements have been implemented.[6]

On the 27th of July 2019, Robert of Normandy, previously credited for ASM Hacking in the 2014 revision, launched a separate updated version of the translation after work on the 2014 revision halted.[7]This updated version mainly focusses on polishing up the script and fixing remaining bugs, as most translation work had already been done in the previous revision.

Notable names used by the Mystery of the Emblem fan translation
Fan translation name NoJ name (Rom.) NoA name*
Marth Marth Marth
Gordon Gohdon Gordin
Doga Dohga Draug
Navarre Nabarl Navarre
Machis Matis Matthis
Caeser Seazer Caesar
Raddy Radei Radd
Minerva Minerba Minerva
Linda Rinda Linde
George Jorjue Jeorge
Boa Boha Boah
Alan Aran Arran
Chiki Tiki Tiki
Lawrence Rolence Lorenz
Ellis Elice Elice
Nina Niena Nyna
Garnef Garnef Gharnef
Mediuth Mediuth Medeus
Miracle Mercury Mercurius
Gradius Gladius Gradivus
Partia Parthia Parthia
Maph Mafu Imhullu

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Ss fe04 fan translation eldigan elliot.png
Eldigan and Elliot in Chapter 1.
Patch credits

Original patch series

  • j2e Renegade (toolset, earlier patch releases)
  • DarkTwilkitri ("Reparation" patches)

Project Naga

  • bookofholsety (Japanese-to-English translation)
  • gringe (Japanese-to-English translation)
  • Amielleon (Japanese-to-English translation)
  • DDSTranslation (programming)
  • AzimuthFE (graphics)
  • Tea, Hakkari, Ginger, Mark of the Asphodel (Script editing/special thanks)
  • MP2E (special thanks)
Latest build

Reparation 0.87g
May 6th, 2012
Project Naga:
Beta Version 7
July 7th, 2016

Genealogy of the Holy War was the first Fire Emblem game to receive a fan translation. The earliest translation was started in 2000 by the group j2e Renegade,[8] with its last release under this group being in 2002;[9] however, it was left vastly incomplete with many issues, described by the creators as "not to be enjoyed".[10] At some point, the group died and their website ( became defunct; after several years of other efforts to try and fix its problems, DarkTwilkitri picked up the patch and updated it to fix some of its problems, calling his patches "Reparation". The last of these releases was "Reparation 0.87d", in December 2006; afterward he admitted to losing interest in further developing the patch.

On April 6, 2012, years after the release of the previous version, Twilkitri released a new version of the patch, "Reparation 0.87e".[11] In addition to fixing a number of bugs and errors, its main purpose was to bring the patch into consistency with official English releases of the series. Two further revisions were since been released, with the final release being "Reparation 0.87g".[12] As Twilkitri is Australian, the translation script uses Australian English spellings, such as "Armour Knight". In May 2013, as Twilkitri had not updated the patch to reflect the Awakening international release, a fork revision of the patch was produced by Serenes Forest user Gharnef, taking the "Reparation 0.87g" release and updating it to use the Awakening name changes and to revert other names to the Nintendo of Japan official romanizations.[13]

Independently of this, a new retranslation project arose in 2013 seeking to produce a more polished patch, now known as "Project Naga". The patch was released as a public beta in May 2016, on the 20th anniversary of the original release of Genealogy, becoming the first complete translation patch. The Project Naga translation features a total, polished retranslation of the script (including the previously unfinished epilogue) which aims for greater accuracy to the original script, a new, slimmer font (based on the font used by EarthBound[14]) which allows for much more text to fit into the windows, and also fixes numerous glitches from the original game. The game was primarily translated by Serenes Forest user bookofholsety, who spent nearly three years working on the script, while the patch was programmed by DDSTranslation, whose prior fan translation work includes Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei. The patch is still in open beta as of May 2016.

Notable names used by Genealogy of the Holy War fan translations
Fan translation name
Fan translation name
(Project Naga)
NoJ name (Rom.) NoA name*
Sigurd Sigurd Siglud Sigurd
Oifaye Oifey Oifey --
Ardan Arden Arden Arden
Cuan Quan Cuan Quan
Ethlin Ethlyn Ethlin Ethlyn
Fin Finn Fin Finn
Aideen Aideen Adean Edain
Midir Midir Midayle --
Aira Ayra Ira Ayra
Deirdre Deirdre Diadora Deirdre
Jamka Jamke Jamka Jamke
Lachesis Raquesis Rackesis Raquesis*/Lachesis*
Levin Lewyn Levn Lewyn
Tiltyu Taillte Tailto Tailtiu
Claude Claude Claud --
Eltshan Eldigan Eltshan Eldigan
Alvis Arvis Alvis Arvis
Serlis Seliph Celice Serlis*/Seliph*
Lakche Larcei Lakche Larcei
Scathach Ulster Skasaher Ulster*/Scáthach*
Fee Fee Phee Fee
Julia Julia Yuria Julia
Leaf Leif Leaf Leif
Aless Ares Aless Ares
Tinny Tinni Teeny --
Sety Ced Sety Ced
Corple Cairpre Corpul --
Altena Altena Altenna Altena
Langbart Langbalt Langobalt --
Trabant Travant Trabant Travant
Ishtar Ishtar Ishtar Ishtar
Manfloy Manfroy Manfroy --
Julius Julius Yurius Julius
Loputousu Loptous Loptous Loptous
Loputo Sect Loptrian Order Lopt Sect Loptr Church
Byron Byron Vylon --
Sigyn Sigyn Cigyun --
Tyrfing Tyrfing Tyrhung Tyrfing
Balmung Balmung Balmunc Balmung
Mistolteen Mystletainn Mystletainn Mystletainn
Gae Bolg Gáe Bolg Gae Bolg Gáe Bolg
Swanchika Helswath Swanchika Helswath
Ichival Yewfelle Ichii-bal Yewfelle
Fala Flame Valflame Falaflame Valflame
Torhammer Mjölnir Thor hammer Mjölnir
Holsety Forseti Holsety Forseti
Mage Hero War Mage Mage Fighter --
Hero Hero Forrest --
Rogue Rogue Thief Fighter --
Ranger Forest Knight Forrestknight Ranger

Fire Emblem: Archanea Saga

Ss febs fan translation e1.png
Midia's translated stat screen.
Patch credits

josteve1914 patch

  • joesteve1914 (hacking)
  • bookofholsety (translating)

Darrman patch

  • Darrman (hacking)
  • bookofholsety (translating)
  • VincentASM and RPGuy (font)
Latest build

joesteve patch
Episode I
November 6th, 2014
Darrman patch
GitHub page, v1.01
August 20th, 2020

A basic menu translation patch of the first episode of Archanea Saga was released by joesteve1914 in late 2014. The patch reuses English font assets from the Mystery of the Emblem patch, and is compatible only with the SNESGT emulator. He stated at this time that he might have produced patches for the remaining three episodes in the time before work on Thracia 776 properly began.

After almost two years of dormancy, the patch for the first episode received an update that translated all of the dialogue. It contained a few glitches having to do with wrong portraits being displayed and the font being spaced out due to a variable-width font not being implemented yet.

Though work had begun on Episode II, with almost all menus translated, the patch went seven more months without any updates. joesteve1914 officially cancelled the project in February 2017. He revealed that he had planned to implement a restoration of the games introduction sequence and soundtrack, but this was made impossible due to the ROMs not running in any SNES debugger. Citing that the game is better experienced in its New Mystery of the Emblem remake if it is missing these key features, joesteve1914 said he is interested in returning to the project if they are made compatible with a debugger.[15]

Some time in 2020, Fire Emblem Universe user Darrman began working on a full translation for each of the episodes of Archanea Saga, releasing the complete project on August 12, 2020. The project fully translated menus, items, character names, and in-game dialogue. The project received an update on August 20 which served to fix an error in the display of enemy character and class names in Episode II.[16]

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Ss fe05 fan translation ch14.png
Opening of Chapter 14.
Patch credits

Luxifer Angel patch

  • Luxifer Angel (hacking)
  • lehung (translation)
  • asdfgh (translation)
  • SummerWolf (translation)

Shaya patch

  • Shaya (translation, hacking)

Project Exile

  • Cirosan (project lead, translation, programming)
  • Miacis (script editing lead, programming, graphic design)
  • Bartz (script editing)
  • NitroAssassin524 (script editing)
  • Shale (script editing, former script editing lead)
  • Enheduanna (script editing)
  • Alan Smithee (former script editing lead)
  • KrashBoomBang (playtesting lead, script editing)
  • Ves (playtesting)
  • HidoranBlaze (programming lead)
  • Ando (programming lead, graphic design lead)
  • EnDavio (hacking, graphic design)
  • Zane Avernathy (hacking)
  • Robert of Normandy (hacking)
  • Kirb (hacking)
  • dn (hacking)
  • Sam Heitzer (production)
  • Xylonphone (administration)

Lil' Manster

  • Miacis (script editing lead, programming lead, graphic design)
  • Enheduanna (script editing lead)
  • Ultimage (programming lead)
  • Tchu (graphic design)
  • Flasuban (graphic design)
  • CedAodh (playtesting lead)
  • Yuiz (playtesting)
  • Tchu (logo design)
  • Rosie the Riveter (linguistics consultant)
  • Laivinia (linguistics consultant)
  • Xylonphone (administration)
Latest build

Luxifer Angel patch
RHDN page, v0.03
October 11th, 2003
Shaya patch
RHDN page, v0.06
March 2nd, 2008
Project Exile
RHDN page, v1.04
January 26th, 2020
Lil' Manster
Serenes Forest project page, v1.08
December 24th, 2021

There are multiple current patches of note for Thracia 776, each with a different focus. The first and the least-known one is a menu patch by Luxifer Angel, last updated in 2003, which translates only the menu text and leaves the dialogue untouched.[17] The other, more known patch was the work of Shaya, which translates most of the game's script, but some of the menus are left untranslated and in a questionable state. It was last updated in 2008, with Shaya claiming no intent to do so again because of the interference of life. The Shaya translation has been criticized for its lackluster and sometimes erroneous script, occasional out-of-place jokes or references, the poor quality of its menu translations (such as some of the options being displayed as garbled text), and having bugs (notably including a crash when hovering over certain units in Chapter 24).

There are tentative plans for the Project Naga team to eventually create a new patch after completing their work on Genealogy; so far, this project has progressed no further than preliminary hacking experiments by DDSTranslation.[18][19]

In June 2017, ChimeraHardline posted a new menu translation patch on the Fire Emblem subreddit.[20] This patch is similar to the Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War patch by Project Naga in that it has a variable width font for all menu items. ChimeraHardline has announced that he intends to insert a translated script in his patch at some point in the future.

In September 2018, Cirosan announced a new fan translation project, called Project Exile. This project aims to fully translate both Thracia's menus and story. Unlike other story patches, Cirosan has decided to use a new translation of the script made by himself. The project also uses Zane's and Kirb's patches as a base. The patch was released on May 31st, 2019, and translates the game in its entirety. The patched has reached a finished state and has discontinued development as of January 2020, with its last update released in July 2019.[21]

In 2019, Miacis, the lead editor of Project Exile, began branch development of a new patch called Lil' Manster. It released in December 2019, using Project Exile's script as a base, while fixing inconsistencies, improving the menu UI and adding a number of quality-of-life features. The project is still ongoing and regularly receives updates.[22]

Notable names used by Thracia 776 fan translations
Fan translation name
Fan translation name
(Project Exile, Lil' Manster)
NoJ name (Rom.) NoA name*
Leaf Leif Leaf Leif
Nanna Nanna Nanna Nanna
Marita Mareeta Mareeta Mareeta
Eyvel Eyvel Eyvel Eyvel
Othin Orsin*/Osian* Othin Orsin*/Osian*
Havan Halvan Halvan --
Dagda Dagdar Dagdar Dagdar
Bryton Brighton Brighton --
Makua Macha Machyua --
Fergus Fergus Felgus --
Dashin Dalsin Dalsin --
Seram Salem Salem Salem
Pahn Pan Pirn --
Olwen Olwen Olwen Olwen
Rinehart Reinhardt Reinhardt Reinhardt
Redric Raydrik Leidrik Raydrik
Berdo Veld Veld --
Celice Seliph Celice Serlis*/Seliph*
Corpl Cairpre Corpul --
Freeji Friege Freege Friege
Kelves Kerberos Kelbeth --
Ith Ys Iss Iz
Ciledia Silesse Silesia Silesse
Holsety Forseti Holsety Forseti
Hero Hero Mercenary Mercenary
First Knight Forest Knight Forrest Knight Ranger
Rogue Rogue Thief Fighter --
Fiana Militia Fiana Freeblades Fiana Militia Fiana Freeblades
Schwarze Rosen Welkenrosen Bergrosen --

Due to limited space for item descriptions, various icons were created for the Lil' Manster fan translation patch.

Icons added in the Lil' Manster fan translation
Concept Icon
Personal weapon Is snes03 lock.png
Brave weapon Is snes03 brave.png
Armored unit Is snes03 armored.png
Cavalry unit Is snes03 cavalry.png
Flying unit Is snes03 flying.png
Select Is snes03 select.png
Infinity Is snes03 infinity.png

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Ss fe06 fan translation chapter 12.png
Opening of Chapter 12 (2013 revision).
Patch credits

DTN Translation Division

  • Eaichu (script editor)
  • PrinceLeaf (script/graphics editor)
  • Jet Enduro (script editor)
  • Otosareta Tenshi (graphics editor)
  • Twilkitri (technical)
  • FireLizard (main translator)
  • kyuusei (translator)
  • Darkslime (translator)

2013 revision

  • gringe (retranslator, script editor, hacking)
  • tabachanker (hacking)
  • bartre (hacking)
  • bookofholsety (graphics editor)
  • shadowofchaos (hacking support)
  • Onmi (editing program compatibility)
Latest build

DTN Translation Division
Version 2.1
July 17th, 2006
2013 revision
February 3, 2022

At the time, coming off the heels of the attention garnered by Roy's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee and the international release of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, it was assumed and hoped by some that an official translation of The Binding Blade would soon follow. When such a release failed to eventuate, a fan translation project began, developed by DarkTwilkitri's "DTN Translation Division". The patch was first released in 2005 under the title Sword of Seals, with development continuing until 2007 and the last stable release being distributed in 2006; progress ended in 2007 when the members of the team found less and less time to work on the project.

The translation was largely complete in its last release, albeit in a relatively primitive state. This led to a revision project in 2013 by gringe of the Serenes Forest forums, an experienced manga translator. The project, now calling the game by its modern name The Binding Blade, retranslated and rewrote the script, cleaned up the graphics and other facets of the patch's presentation, and implemented official name changes from Fire Emblem Awakening, intending to result in a more polished patch. The patch is complete for all practical purposes and features a bevy of newly-translated features, including the game's class roll and the opening narration; remaining bugs and presentation issues were fixed in a final 1.0 release.[23]

Despite the complete nature of the translation, the patch received an update to version 1.1 on the 27th of October 2020.[24] The update changed many names of characters to match their official counterparts in newer releases of the series and introduced bug fixes. Revisions are still being worked on as of February of 2022.

Notable names used by The Binding Blade fan translations
Fan trans. name
Fan trans. name
NoJ name (Rom.) NoA name*
Roy Roy Roy Roy
Alan Allen Alen --
Wolt Wolt Wolt Wolt
Dieck Deke Dieck Deke*/Dieck*
Thany Shanna Thany Shanna
Ward Wade Wade --
Lugh Lugh Lugh Lugh
Rutger Rutger Rutger Rutoga*/Rutger*
Zealot Jerrot Zelot --
Oujay Ogier Ogier --
Astol Astore Astore Astolfo
Lilina Lilina Lilina Lilina
Klein Klain Klein Klein
Tate Tate Thite Thea
Echidna Echidna Ekhidna Echidna
Lalum Lalum Lalum Larum
Elphin Elphin Elphin Elffin
Mildain Mildain/Myrddin* -- Myrddin
Ray Raigh Lleu Raigh
Miledy Millety/Milady Milady Melady
Cecilia Cecilia Cecilia Cecilia
Percival Perceval Perceval Perceval
Sophia Sophia Sofiya Sophia
Fa Fae Fa Fae
Yuno Juno Juno Juno
Niime Niime Nimue Niime
Yodel Jodel/Yoder Jodel --
Narshen Narcian Nacien Narcian
Brenya Brunja Brunnya --
Gale Gale Galle --
Zephiel Zephiel Zefhyr Zephiel
Yahn Jahn Jahn --
Idoun Idun Idunn --
Guinevere Guinivere Guinevere Guinivere
Mamkute Manakete Mamkute Manakete
Three Dragon Lords Three Wyvern Generals Three Dragon Generals (Three) Wyvern Generals
Dragon Rider Wyvern Rider Dragon Knight Wyvern Rider
Dragon Master Wyvern Lord Dragon Master Wyvern Lord
Master Lord Great Lord Master Lord Great Lord
Sword of Seals The Binding Blade The Sword of Seal The Binding Blade

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Ss fe11 fan translation.png
A comparison of the fan translation (left) and the official release (right).
Patch credits
  • aznanimefreak1
Latest build

Project Page
August 8th, 2008

A basic menu translation was released for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon prior to its official North American and European release.

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

Ss fe12 fan translation athena support.png
In-progress screenshot of an Athena/Kris support
Patch credits
"Heroes of Shadow"[25]
  • VincentASM (project leader, editor)
  • Blazer (hacker, former project leader)
  • Agro (translator, prologue and main story)
  • TheEnd (translator, sidequests and other)
  • Nintenlord (hacker and programmer)
  • NomadicTrooperGirl (hacker, graphics editor)
  • Ryan (localizer)
  • Pandorakun (localizer)
  • Illumio (localizer)
  • Martze (localizer)
  • Arch (hacking support, proofreader)
  • DarkTwilkitri (font hacking support)
  • Nagato (hacker)
  • Pleonex (hacker/translator)
  • Prof.9 (hacking support)
  • Sirius (tester)
  • Snow (translator)
  • Vi (proofreader)
  • Zaishi (logo designer)
  • Zak (graphics editor)
Latest build

Fire Emblem 12 Translation Patch v3.01
December 7th, 2012

New Mystery of the Emblem is the first game since international releases of the series began to not be released internationally. While it was initially expected that it would be, this expectation was not met, and so one year following the Japanese release, prominent Fire Emblem hacker Blazer convened a team of translators, editors and hackers to do a fan translation, calling themselves the "Heroes of Shadow"; the team was later led by VincentASM as Blazer had to leave to contend with real-life issues. The team's goal with the patch was to create a complete and highly polished translation and localization on par with the official Shadow Dragon release. A preliminary menu patch was released on July 15th, 2011, near-completely translating menus and names, while leaving dialogue untouched, and no further releases were issued until the translation was 100% complete, bug-tested and polished,[26] with the first "complete" release occurring on November 21st, 2012.[27]

From even before it became evident that a fan translation would be necessary, the patch's development progress was profiled on the Heroes of Shadow blog. For a time, in addition to the blog, the patch's progress was also maintained in a thread on Serenes Forest, allowing for ease of discussion on the matter; however, eventually the thread was closed as it was dominated by an endless argument about name changes, mainly "Belf" to "Vergil" and "Malliesia" to "Malicia".[28] The controversy surrounding the "Vergil" name has been extensively mocked and parodied by members of the Serenes Forest community, and the act of satirically suggesting changing a name to "Vergil" in fan translation has evolved memetically and regularly appears in the efforts to clean up the Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776 and The Binding Blade translations.

Even though some names in the patch have been officially localized in Awakening (for example, Roro → Legion), the Heroes of Shadow have said that they have no plans currently to release an updated patch due to other commitments.

In February 2017, joesteve1914, after cancelling his translation project of Fire Emblem: Archanea Saga, began work on an update to the New Mystery of the Emblem patch. The patch will update all names in the game to their officially localized versions as seen in Awakening and the smartphone game, Fire Emblem Heroes. It will also fix a myriad of typos and inconsistencies in the original patch, as well as include newly rewritten dialogue (mostly Legion's, to match his dialogue from Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Heroes and was initially planned for release in March 2017. It was then moved to a planned release in May 2017 in anticipation of any changes the localization of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia may make that affect this game.[29] The patch eventually did not meet the May 2017 deadline for it's initial release, but a Beta version was implemented in order to fulfill the deadline in some form. This eventually turned out to be for the best, as the release of the Echoes of Mystery banner and paralogue occurred soon after the deadline passed. This lead to many more names being localized officially for the first time in English, including Reese, whose name and how to render it to match Clarisse was debated among patch contributors heavily prior to her localization as Reese. A new title screen matching Shadow Dragon's style was eventually contributed by Kenthos, after it was observed that the Japanese logos for Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem were effectively the same logo recolored.

Notable names used by the New Mystery of the Emblem fan translation
Fan translation name NoJ name (Rom.) NoA name*
Chris -- Kris
Katarina Katarina Katarina
Malicia Malliesia Marisha
Sheema* Sheema Sheena
Maris Maris Malice
Belf Belf --
Eremiah Eremiya Eremiya
Roro Roro Legion
Binding Shield* Shield of Seals Binding Shield
Ember Nurufire --
Sleet Yurublizzard --
Razor Merric's Book --
Hellfire Katarina's Book Reese's Tome

Fire Emblem Fates

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A fan translation project for Fire Emblem Fates was started in 2015. Calling themselves "Team If",[30] the group started working on the patch due to the several months between the release of Fire Emblem Fates in Japan and the rest of the world. Upon Nintendo's revealing that some features would be cut from the game in the localized release (such as the infamous skinship minigame), Team If reaffirmed its commitment to releasing a complete English patch for Fire Emblem Fates.

The initial project was cancelled in March 2016,[31] but the patch received an update by a different team in December 2016 who used the same name.[32][33]. However, this new team ceased activity after August 17, 2017, never completing the project.

In December 2021, Rotted_Fish announced a new retranslation project. This patch sought to completely retranslate the game, restoring cut content from the localized release, and rectifying errors present in both the localized release and Team If's last release. Additionally, new scenes based on the official manga and audio dramas are added, as well as new weapons, support conversations, and Lilith as a playable character. The patch has reached "tentative 'completion' " as of October 1, 2022, but the Revelation route has not yet been retranslated, and Rotted_Fish anticipates that smaller adjustments may continue to be made.[34]

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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After the Japanese version of the game leaked online, a fan translation patch for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released on April 3, 2017 by SciresM. It translates the menus, character, class, and item names, as well as some descriptions.[35] It has since been rendered obsolete by the official worldwide release of the game.


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