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Fire Dragon

  • Guardian God (Archanea)
  • Fire God (Jugdral)


Salamander (Japanese: サラマンダー Salamander or サラマンド Salamand) is a character who is briefly mentioned in the background story of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.



In Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, the boss Mannu mentions Salamander as Pyrathi's "Guardian God" and wishes for him to ablaze the player's army.[1] Additionally, when Malledus is describing the Manaketes at the end of Chapter 7, he mentions a clan of fire dragons that shares Salamander's name.[2] It is commonly believed Salamander is the king of that clan.


Salamander was one of the twelve dragons who empowered the Twelve Crusaders in the Miracle of Dahna; Salamander is said to have taken the form of an old man,[3] and is known as the "Fire God". It is not known which crusader Salamander gave his power to, though his association with fire and shared title of "Fire God" makes Fjalar a likely candidate.


  • In the remakes Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and Shadow Dragon, any mention of Salamander was cut. In Mystery of the Emblem, the Pyrathi chapter was cut altogether; in Shadow Dragon, the chapter returns, but Mannu does not mention him.
  • Tiki draws a parallel between Bantu and Salamander in her Choose Your Legends variant in Fire Emblem Heroes.[4]
  • In the Japanese version of Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, Mannu refers to Salamander as しゅごしん, meaning "Guardian God". Naga is also referred to as a "Guardian God", though spelt in kanji (Japanese: 守護神).
    • "Guardian God" is also one of the two names for the unused Guardian class from Mystery of the Emblem.
  • Salamander has unused unit data in Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. There is also an unused dragonstone item called Salamander, likely replaced by the firestone.[5]

Etymology and other languages

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Used in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light[1] and Heroes.[4]



From salamander, amphibians of the order Urodela; in folklore, salamanders are often attributed an affinity for fire.[6]

  • サラマンダー
  • サラマンド
  • Salamander. Used in Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light.
  • Salamand. Used in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Heroes. Many names with a mythological origin in Genealogy of the Holy War have minor corruptions, which could explain the name alteration. It is also possible this was a mistake; the crusader Dáinn is referred to as ディーン in Genealogy of the Holy War, while all known secondary material, as well as Thracia 776, refer to him as ダイン instead. Salamander's name could've been in a comparable situation, though Heroes still uses サラマンド.















Traditional Chinese




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