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Artwork of Cigyun from Genealogy of the Holy War.








Duchess of Velthomer


Genealogy of the Holy War

The lovely duchess of Velthomer, a married woman mind you, fell for the prince.
— Filat, recounting Cigyun's story

Cigyun (Japanese: シギュン Cigyun) was a descendant of Saint Maera and an inheritor of his Loptous Holy Blood. She grew up in confinement in the Spirit Forest of Verdane, but left and married Duke Victor of Velthomer, later having an extramarital affair with Prince Kurth. Through her children, Arvis (with Victor) and Deirdre (with Kurth), she is the grandmother of Prince Julius, the human host of Loptous and the culmination of the plots of the Loptr Church to resurrect their lord.


Cigyun was born in a hidden village in Verdane's Spirit Forest to unnamed parents, one of whom was a descendant of Maera. In accordance with the laws imposed upon Maera's kin by the Spirit Forest's people, she was to live her life confined to the Forest to prevent Loptous's bloodline escaping into the world again and to prevent persecution, and was forbidden from having more than one child so as to prevent the possibility of multiple bearers of the bloodline interbreeding to create a major-blooded viable host for Loptous.[1] As she reached adulthood, however, she grew weary of her restricted forest life and escaped from the Spirit Forest, eventually arriving in Grannvale and meeting Victor, the Duke of Velthomer.[2]

Cigyun and Victor were married in spite of Victor's notoriously poor treatment of women, and Cigyun gave birth to her first child: Arvis, who inherited both his father's major Fjalar blood and his mother's minor Loptous blood. The marriage lasted seven years,[3] in which she struggled to cope with Victor's constant drunken behavior and abuse of other women. This culminated in Victor raping and impregnating one of Cigyun's closest maidservants around Grann 736–738, which would later yield Arvis's half-brother Azelle; when Victor turned on the maidservant upon learning of her pregnancy, Cigyun came to the maidservant's defense and admonished Victor for his poor treatment.[4] Around this time, she had an affair with Grannvale's Prince Kurth; at first Kurth merely sympathized with her plight as Victor's wife, but the two soon developed a deep love for each other, resulting in Kurth unknowingly impregnating Cigyun. Victor soon found out about this affair, and in a fit of rage wrote a final letter denouncing the pair, then killed himself.[5]

In the aftermath of Victor's suicide, out of confusion and distress, Cigyun fled Grannvale and was never seen again by anyone there.[5] She eventually returned to the Spirit Forest village, late in her pregnancy from Kurth, where she gave birth to Deirdre, her second child, violating the mandate that no Maera descendant should have more than a single child;[1] owing to medical complications, Cigyun died in childbirth, leaving Deirdre to be raised in the care of the village's fortune-teller.[6] Her main legacy was that of Arvis and Deirdre, who nearly two decades later were coerced into marrying by Manfroy of the Loptr Church in order to yield Julius, a possessor of major Loptous Holy Blood and a viable human host for the resurrection of Loptous himself.

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Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Cigyun.[7] From Sigyn, the wife of Loki in Norse mythology; Sigyn's primary role in Norse mythology was aiding and attending to Loki during his captivity.



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