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Portrait azmur fe04.png
Azmur's portrait in Genealogy of the Holy War.






King of Grannvale


Genealogy of the Holy War

Lord Naga's lineage through Saint Heim must not be allowed to perish!
— Azmur

Azmur (Japanese: アズムール Azmur) was the King of Grannvale as of Grann 757, the father of Prince Kurth and the grandfather of Deirdre. He was the final ruler of Grannvale prior to its reorganization into the Grannvale Empire, presiding over the nation at the time of the Grannvale war with Isaach.


By Grann 757, Azmur's advanced age and deteriorating health were beginning to restrict his ability to perform his duties, and so much of his responsibility in the governance of Grannvale was entrusted instead to Kurth. During the war against Isaach, while Kurth led the bulk of the Grannvale armies into battle, Azmur remained behind in Belhalla under the care of Duke Arvis of Velthomer, commander of the Weissritter. Following Kurth's assassination and the reports of Byron and Sigurd being responsible for it, the shock of the matter overwhelmed Azmur to the point of rendering him gravely ill.[1]

A short while into his illness, Kurth's daughter Deirdre appeared in Grannvale for the first time, having been found by Arvis; though he was unaware of Kurth's time with Cigyun and thus had no idea of her origin, Azmur instantly recognized her as an heiress to the Belhalla dynasty. Prior to his death, Azmur gave Arvis his blessing to marry Deirdre, entrusting him with the interim rule of Grannvale until the couple had a child to rule the kingdom.[2] Upon Azmur's death, Arvis succeeded him as the King of Grannvale, later reorganizing Grannvale into an empire and restyling himself as Emperor.


Between his illness and age, and Kurth's inability to get over Cigyun, Azmur was highly concerned with the succession of Grannvale's throne, believing that the birth of a major-blooded heir to the throne was a priority.[3] He was never able to truly believe that Sigurd was guilty of Kurth's assassination, but nonetheless had no choice but to accept the word of Arvis others on the subject.[4]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
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Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Azmur.[5]



  1. "There are all kinds of nasty rumours cropping up in Grannvale. The most prevalent one is that you and Lord Byron conspired to kill the prince. His Majesty's became so overwhelmed by it all that he's fallen terribly ill." — Claud, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Lord Naga's lineage through Saint Heim must not be allowed to perish! I want the two of you to bear a son as soon as possible! If the child inherits the power of Naga, he shall be Prince of Grannvale. And once I pass on he'll become the King of Grannvale. Lord Arvis, until the boy is old enough to rule, you shall be the provisional king. Do raise him well. I hope you understand all of what I've told you. (cough.. Ah...ack..)" — Azmur, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "Azmur: According to the Book of Naga only descendants of Heim, like myself, can give off that kind of vibration. And Naga's power is the only one capable of standing up to the Dark Lord Loptous.
    Arvis: Yes, I'm aware of that.
    Azmur: Lord Naga's lineage through Saint Heim must not be allowed to perish! I want the two of you to bear a son as soon as possible!
    " — Azmur, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "Azmur: Yes. Well, I'm not so sure I buy all this. Lord Byron assassinating Kurth, and Sigurd causing all this ruckus... I don't know.
    Arvis: Your Majesty. Please, I'll explain once more. Lord Byron assassinated the prince with the help of Lord Ring of Yngvi. Duke Reptor and Duke Lombard both witnessed the entire horrible spectacle! The prince learned of their plot to usurp the throne, and that cost him his life. Sir Sigurd is also without a doubt involved in the conspiracy. Why else would he harbour the prince of a hostile country? Isaach no less. These are clearly acts of treason against the kingdom. The late Prince Kurth is also now a father-in-law to me... And for my beloved princess, Deirdre, I must put an end to Sigurd's path of destruction!
    " — Azmur and Arvis, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  5. A family tree in Fire Emblem: Treasure (scan by Serenes Forest)
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