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Bragi Tower

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Bragi Tower.
If I pray at our holy tower, the truth will be revealed to me.
— Claud

Bragi Tower (Japanese: ブラギの塔 Blagi Tower) is a Jugdrali religious monument associated with the Church of Edda, located on the western peninsula of the Orgahil island, north of Agustria. It was erected by Bragi of the Twelve Crusaders, as a memorial and warning to the future of the perils of prejudice and hatred.


In the aftermath of the Loptrian Empire's downfall, Bragi constructed the Bragi Tower in the site of a former Maerist Loptrian enclave in which he was raised, having found the enclave obliterated by the Empire upon his return. The Bragi Tower was originally intended as a memorial to the Maerists of his youth and a reminder to the world that not all Loptrians were evil.[1] Part of the Bragi Tower's message was to warn against the persecution of Loptrians and other former imperial officials, carved in stone in the altar within the tower, but the carving was later destroyed by someone unknown, and Bragi's message of peace was lost to the world.[2]

As the Church of Edda gained influence and popularity, the Bragi Tower became a frequent destination for pilgrimages for the faithful and wealthy. The popularity led to an extensive pirate occupation of the Orgahil region and Agustrian coastlines, which in turn led to honorable pirate bands, such as the Orgahil Pirates, hiring themselves out as defenders of travelers in the region.[3] One such pilgrimage was undertaken by Duke Ring of Grannvale's House Yngvi and his three children, during which his daughter Brigid was lost in a storm and found and raised by pirates.[4]

At some time after the tower's erection, the Valkyrie Staff was enshrined within it, and the descendants of House Edda had no idea it was there. In Grann 759, the head of House Edda, Father Claud, travelled to the Bragi Tower with Tailtiu in order to pray for insight into the political crisis facing Grannvale. While there, in addition to receiving the answers he sought, he also discovered and obtained the Valkyrie Staff and took it with him to assist Sigurd in Silesse and beyond.


The Bragi Tower is present in Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, as a landmark with no gameplay role of its own. Tailtiu and Claud appear outside it following the seizure of Sylvale Castle. If Dew waits at its base, he will receive a Wind Sword.

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Tower of Bragi

Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Blagi Tower, Blagi's Tower, or Tower of Blagi



  1. "After the Empire was destroyed, Bragi went back to his Maerist home town that saved and nurtured him. However, that land was already destroyed by the Imperial army, and what struck his eyes was the dispersed corpses of priests. Suprised and terrified, he went on to save the ruined world, and in order to release the people from the aftereffects of the Loptrian Church, strived to revive the old Earthen religion. This was because it was the one and only religion for the people who are put in a place against Loptous, and the Maerist bishops were also wishing for it. At that point, Bragi constructed a new church with his homeland of Edda as the base location, and at the same time constructed a gigantic tower at the island that protected and nurtured him. In one theory, it was said to seal his own powers, but the tower's goal was to mourn for the Maerist priests who saved the world from destruction, and to serve as an omen for the next generation. The omen was that the reason to build the tower was to tell them there were people in the Imperial inner circle and the Loptrian church that saved the people by sacrificing their own lives, and to pay the debts owed to their heavenly souls." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
  2. "So, Bragi wanted to leave a warning to the future generations that the descendants of the Empire’s upper class citizens shouldn’t be persecuted or discriminated. Actually, Bragi wrote that himself in the altar’s stone monument, inside the tower, but somebody destroyed it later. Then, the warning was once again forgotten, and the results of such are well-known by everyone." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
  3. "These Orgahil pirates were one of the pirate gangs claiming the seas around Bragi Tower as their territory, and they are categorized as one of the honorable pirate gangs. These seas where countless pirates targetted ships on their pilgrimage to the Tower were territory of the country of Infini. However, the morals of this country's army was lacking and they accepted bribes from the pirates in exchange for pretending not to see anything. This is where these honorable pirates came in, and they took fees from ships in exchange for securing the seaway. They defended the ship from pirates attacking with the intent to take over, and that's how they made a living. However, even though they were honorable pirates, they were also infamous for mercilessly attacking ships that would not pay fees." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
  4. "The Tower of Bragi was a place where large amounts of wealthy people traveled for pilgrimage. The faithful and wealthy Lord Ring of Yngvi was also heading towards the Tower along with his children once again. However, the ship got caught in a storm and was in danger of sinking. The calm second daughter Edain and the scared first son Andrey stayed next to Lord Ring, but the energetic first daughter Brigid was playing inside the ship and her whereabouts were unknown. Having no choice, Lord Ring takes the two children and evacuate the ship. Afterwards, they made best efforts to find Brigid in all directions, but she could not be found......." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
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