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Loptrian Empire

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Loptrian Empire

FESK Lopt Empire.png
Artwork of life in the Loptrian Empire from Genealogy of the Holy War.




Dictatorial empire



In an era beyond living memory, a devil's shade cast upon our world, plunging it into the deepest darkness and condemning the people to eternal grief.
— Opening of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

The Loptrian Empire (Japanese: ロプト帝国 Lopt Empire) was an ancient empire which dominated the entirety of the continent of Jugdral for over two centuries. Founded by Emperor Gair I, it was ruled by a lineage of seventeen consecutive Emperors Gair, all acting as the human host to Loptous.


The Loptrian Empire was founded in Grann 448 by Gair I and the Loptr Church, following eight years of Loptrian infiltration and supplanting of the culture of Jugdral which culminated in the downfall of the prior continental superpower, the Grann Republic.[1] The Loptrians were instated as the official religion of the Empire, which imposed a strict caste system upon the society of Jugdral, condemning followers of other faiths to the lowest caste of society and to slavery unless they were capable of paying enough money to themselves join the Loptrians.[2] The early years of the Empire's rule were defined by numerous mass slaughters of Jugdral's people: the Great Purge of Grann 449, the Sorrow of Miletos in Grann 452, and the Massacre of Edda in Grann 453.

For two centuries and seventeen successive Emperors Gair, all possessed by Loptous, the Loptrian Empire dominated Jugdral. During the Empire's era, the people of Jugdral were subjected to innumerable horrors, including numerous major massacres and the rise of the practice of child hunts, where children were rounded up to be sacrificed to Loptous. In Grann 535, Loptous rejected the work of Maera, the brother of the Emperor Gair of the time who sought to harmonize the existence of the Loptrians with the prior religions of the world, and had Maera exiled, unwittingly securing his genealogical link to Jugdral's future.[3] The first true concentrated effort of resistance against the Loptrian Empire first arose in Grann 611, with the rise of revolutions across all of Jugdral; however, by Grann 632, the resistance had been mostly crushed by the Empire's immense armies and confined to Dahna, where in that year the Twelve Crusaders were born in the Miracle of Dahna after Naga learned of Loptous's role in the misery facing Jugdral. Sixteen years and a Holy War later, in Grann 648, the Loptrian Empire finally fell with the defeat of Gair XVII, and the Loptrians were condemned to hiding. In following centuries, the Loptrians sought the reinstatement of the Loptrian Empire and the birth of a viable new host for Loptous, nearly succeeding in Grann 777 with Grannvale's Loptous-possessed Prince Julius twisting the kingdom into a vicious facsimile of the old Loptrian Empire, but the effort ultimately failed as a result of the efforts of Seliph and Julia.


Genealogy of the Loptrian Empire
Gair I
Gair II through XVI
══ Cigyun
══ Kurth
══ Deirdre
An unbroken line indicates direct descent; a dashed line (╍) indicates descent across multiple undefined generations. A double line indicates marriage or had children together; italics indicates the spouse from outside the family. Important relatives not directly connected with the Loptrian Empire's royal family are marked in gray.

Etymology and other languages

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Loptrian Empire

As of Fire Emblem Heroes (mentioned on the Meet Some of the Heroes site).


• Loputo Empire
• Lopto Empire
• Loptyr Empire

Variants of the Japanese name variously used across the fandom. The last is used to match up with Loptous's old English name.



Lopt Empire



  1. "The holy workers before the Loptrian church commonly practiced rituals of the primal religion, and in reality they had no special abilities other than that they could read and write, had knowledge in herbs, and performed basic doctoral techniques. However, one of those people, Gair, acquired the power of Loptous and came back to the country. After that, holy workers of the newly constructed Loptrian church used special spellbooks and staves and was able to acquire supernatural powers. Then, they controlled the world using those powers as its backbone, and eventually founded the Loptrian Empire with Gair as its emperor."Designers' notes from Treasure, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 15, 2013
  2. "Then the Loptrian Empire developed an absolute caste society. Especially followers of the other religion who was in the lowest caste became the Empire's slaves, and was forced to live a life worse than poverty. On top of that, in the current situation the majority of civilians were followers of another religion because they were too poor to enter the Loptr Church, meaning they were slaves."Designers' notes from Treasure, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 15, 2013
  3. "Under this situation, the group called Maerists was in the Loptrian religion but believed in the teachings of Maera, and for that they were labeled as revolutionists or justicists. Maera, although he was a member of the imperial family, protected the civilians, and was a saint that later on caused a rebellion and was exiled. However, the teachings of Maera was something that tried to place the Loptrian god to the high ranks of the Earthen gods and plotted for the gods to be harmonialized to try to lose the discrimination within the Empire, so it (the teachings of Maera) was receiving pressure and obstruction from the Loptrian Empire. Although Maera was said to be the one and only good person within the Imperial inner circle, he was put in a place as a secret messiah."Designers' notes from Treasure, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 15, 2013
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