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Once, Castle Munster had been Leonster's vassal and trusted ally. Now, it was governed by the conquerors of North Thracia, House Friege, who had been installed as rulers by the Grannvale Empire.

Munster (Japanese: マンスター Manster) is one of the four small kingdoms comprising the Munster District of the Thracian Peninsula of Jugdral, situated in the District's South. During the liberation war, it was ruled by Raydrik, before being fred by Leif's liberation army and the Magi.


Note: This history adheres to the canon defined by Thracia 776, which dictates that Leif and his liberation army frees Munster, and that Coulter attacks the castle before it was fred. In the gameplay of Genealogy of the Holy War, Munster is fred by Ced or Hawk on his own, without any exterior help, and Coulter attacks Munster castle afterwards.

Munster was originally one of the four kingdom of the Munster District, in an alliance with the other three kingdoms. Following the Fall of Leonster and the conquest of northern Thracia by Friege, Raydrik, a noble from Connacht who betrayed his lord, was appointed Duke of Munster by Bloom.

During Raydrik's rule over Munster, a rebel group, the Magi, formed in order to protect the people of the country. Around the year 776, Prince Ced of Silesse came to Munster and became the active leader of the Magi. Some time later, Prince Leif of Leonster was made prisoner by Raydrik, and put in Munster's dungeon. During this time, Eyvel of Fiana was petrified by Veld of the Loptr Church. With the help of the Magi, Leif managed to escape from Munster, leaving Eyvel behind.

A year later, as the war was raging in the Munster District, both Leif's liberation army and the wyvern knights of Thracia attacked the city with the attention of seizing it. The liberation army fend off the Thracian force, and, with the help of Ced and the Magi, defeated Raydrik and Veld, as well as rescued Eyvel, liberating the city of Munster.

Characters from Munster

Character Description Appears in
Portrait raydrik fe05.png
Lord of Munster. Thracia 776, Awakening
Portrait veld fe05.png
A bishop of the Loptr Church. Thracia 776, Heroes
Portrait brighton fe05.png
A former knight of Munster, member of the Magi. Thracia 776
Portrait machyua fe05.png
A sword fighter, member of the Magi. Thracia 776
Portrait dalsin fe05.png
A knight of Munster. Thracia 776
Portrait hicks fe05.png
A knight of Munster. Thracia 776


Munster is present as a castle in Chapter 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War. It starts as an enemy castle. Upon seizing Connacht, it becomes partner-aligned, and Ced or his substitue Hawk emerges as the guardian, along with six civilians.

In Thracia 776, Munster is the location of Chapter 4 to 6, as well as Chapter 23 to Endgame.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Used in Fire Emblem Heroes. From Munster, a former kingdom in Ireland and one of four modern-day provinces of Ireland (along with Leinster, Connacht, and Ulster).


• Manster
• Munster

• Used in most Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 fan translations.
• Used in the "Lil' Manster" fan translation for Thracia 776.



Officially romanized as Manster. From Munster.



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