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Human (possessed by an earth dragon)


The subsequent sixteen Emperors Gair, Maera, Cigyun, Arvis, Deirdre, Seliph, Julius, Julia, Saias (descendants)



Genealogy of the Holy War

Legend has it Bishop Gair crossed the sea in his youth and traveled the world before founding the Loptrian Empire. He was determined to drink the lifeblood of a legendary creature of the time. One sip promised powers of unimaginable proportions.
— Lewyn

Bishop Gair (Japanese: ガレ司教 Bishop Galle) was the first human host of the malevolent earth dragon Loptous, the founder of the Loptrian religion, and the first emperor of the Loptrian Empire.


Gair was originally a priest of the ancient Jugdrali religion, possessing no special abilities beyond literacy and knowledge of medicine. He believed in the legends that consuming the blood of a legendary beast such as a dragon would bestow upon him great power and longevity, and to this end traveled the world in his youth in search of such a creature. His travels took him to Archanea in the midst of Naga's war against the earth dragons, where he encountered Loptous.[1] Seeing an opportunity to terrorize humanity even beyond his race's certain doom at the hands of Naga, Loptous consented to Gair's request for his blood, and so Gair engaged in a blood pact with Loptous. Through the Book of Loptous, Gair was thus possessed by Loptous.[2]

Upon returning to Jugdral in Grann 440, Gair/Loptous established the Loptr Church as a religious order, and through Loptous's power he created the first magic tomes and staves, a power unprecedented in Jugdral at the time. With their exclusive access to magic, the Loptrians quickly supplanted the traditional religions and seized control of Jugdrali society, culminating in the downfall of the continent's original superpower, the Grann Republic, and the foundation of the Loptrian Empire, with Gair as its first emperor.[3]

Following Gair's death at an unspecified time, his descendants in possession of major Loptous Holy Blood succeeded him as emperor, adopting the name Gair themselves and continuing to serve as Loptous's human vessels. Sixteen Emperors Gair followed Gair I, with the final member of the lineage, Gair XVII, falling to the Twelve Crusaders in Grann 648. Following Gair XVII, the lineage of Loptous survived through the descendants of Maera, the brother of the Emperor Gair in power in Grann 535.

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Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.[clarification needed]



Can be understood many ways, including Gare, Galae, or Galle.
















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  1. "In Genealogy of the Holy War, the ambitious Bishop Gair believed the legend that "drinking the blood of the ancient dragons grants one tremendous power and eternal life" and traveled around the world, finally arriving at the continent of Archanea. He met with one of the Earth Dragons, Loptous, who allowed him to form a blood pact."Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 8, 2013
  2. "Loptous's plan was obvious – "to use Bishop Gair to wreak vengeance on the humans", which is why he formed a blood pact with Gair. The holy dark tome Loptous contained Loptous's overpowering hatred and resentment towards humans, and was able to control the human who broke its seal (namely Bishop Gair's descendants, those who inherited large amounts of the original pact-former's blood). So it was, a human who possessed Loptous's strength and will was born. (The final boss of Genealogy of the Holy War was his victim.)"Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 8, 2013
  3. "The holy workers before the Loptrian church commonly practiced rituals of the primal religion, and in reality they had no special abilities other than that they could read and write, had knowledge in herbs, and performed basic doctoral techniques. However, one of those people, Gair, acquired the power of Loptous and came back to the country. After that, holy workers of the newly constructed Loptrian church used special spellbooks and staves and was able to acquire supernatural powers. Then, they controlled the world using those powers as its backbone, and eventually founded the Loptrian Empire with Gair as its emperor."Designers' notes from Fire Emblem: Treasure, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 8, 2013
  4. "The church's founder, Bishop Gair, destroyed Grann and established the Loptr Church and empire." — Salem: Dark Sage when reaching 5-star level 40, Fire Emblem Heroes
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