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List of chapters in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War includes 12 chapters evenly split across two generations, the first led by Sigurd and the second led by his son Seliph.

Sigurd's army

Chapter List for Sigurd's army
Ma snes02 lord knight sigurd playable.gif Title Terms Armies New Units Bosses
Prologue Birth of a Holy Knight Victory: Seize Evans
Defeat: Sigurd dies or Chalphy is seized
Sigurd's, Evans, Yngvi Sigurd, Naoise, Alec, Arden, Azelle, Lex, Quan, Finn, Ethlyn, Midir DiMaggio, Gerrard
Chapter 1 Lady of the Forest Victory: Seize Verdane
Defeat: Sigurd dies or Evans is seized
Sigurd's, Genoa, Marpha, Verdane, Nordion, Heirhein Edain, Dew, Ayra, Jamke, Deirdre Cimbaeth, Gandolf, Jamke, Sandima
Chapter 2 Crisis in Agustria Victory: Seize Agusti
Defeat: Sigurd dies or Evans is seized
Sigurd's, Nordion, Heirhein, Anphony, Mackily, Agusti Chulainn, Lachesis, Lewyn, Silvia, Beowolf, Erinys Elliot, Philip, Bordeaux, Waltz, Macbeth, Clement, Erinys, Chagall, Zane
Chapter 3 Eldigan, the Lionheart Victory: Seize Orgahil
Defeat: Sigurd dies or Agusti is seized
Sigurd's, Sylvale, Madino, Orgahil Brigid, Tailtiu, Claud Eldigan, Chagall, Papilio, Jacobi, Pizare, Duvall
Chapter 4 Dance in the Skies Victory: Seize Zaxon
Defeat: Sigurd dies or Sailane is sezied
Sigurd's, Thove, Zaxon, Silesse None Cuvuli, Deet'var, Maios, Pamela, Daccar, Lamia,Donovan
Chapter 5 Doorway to Destiny Victory: Seize Belhalla
Defeat: Sigurd dies or Zaxon is seized
Sigurd's, Leonster, Thracia, Lubeck, Phinora, Velthomer, Friege, Belhalla None Magorn, Slayder, Andrey, Lombard, Vaha, Reptor

Seliph's army

Chapter List for Seliph's army
Ma snes02 lord knight seliph playable.gif Title Terms Armies New Units Bosses
Chapter 6 Heir of Light Victory: Seize Rivough
Defeat: Seliph dies or Tirnanog is seized
Seliph's, Ganeishire, Sophara, Isaach, Rivough Seliph, Scáthach/Dalvin, Larcei/Creidne, Lana/Muirne, Diarmuid/Tristan, Lester/Deimne, Oifey, Julia, Fee/Hermina, Arthur/Amid, Iuchar, Iucharba Harold, Iuchar, Iucharba, Schmidt, Danann
Chapter 7 Beyond the Desert Victory: Seize Alster
Defeat: Seliph dies or Rivough is seized
Seliph's, Aed, Darna, Melgen, Alster Leif, Finn, Nanna/Jeanne, Shannan, Patty/Daisy, Ares, Lene/Laylea, Tine/Linda Kutuzov, Liza, Ishtore, Javarro, Bramsel, Bloom, Banba, Tine/Linda
Chapter 8 The Wyvern Knights of Thracia Victory: Seize Meath
Defeat: Seliph dies or Alster is seized
Seliph's, Conote, Munster, Meath Febail/Asaello, Ced/Hawk Muhammad, Ovo, Banba, Bloom, Ishtar, Coulter, Maykov
Chapter 9 For Whose Sake Victory: Seize Thracia
Defeat: Seliph dies or Meath is seized
Seliph's, Kapathogia, Luthecia, Grutia, Thracia Coirpre/Charlot, Hannibal, Altena Kanatz, Hannibal, Distler, Musar, Judah, Altena, Travant, Arion
Chapter 10 Light and Dark Victory: Seize Chalphy
Defeat: Seliph dies or Peruluke is seized
Seliph's, Chronos, Rados, Miletos, Chalphy None Hilda, Morrigan, Riddell, Zagam, Ishtar, Julius, Arvis
Endgame End of the Holy War Victory: Seize Belhalla
Defeat: Seliph dies or Chalphy is sezied
Seliph's, Edda, Dozel, Friege, Velthomer, Belhalla Julia Roberto, Boyce, Rodan, Juphiel, Fisher, Brian, Dagon, Scipio, Baran, Meng, Bleg, Mabel, Hilda, Ishtar, Arion, Manfroy, Mus, Bovis, Tigris, Lepus, Draco, Anguilla, Equus, Ovis, Simia, Gallus, Canis, Porcus, Julius