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Leonster Castle





Ethlyn, Leonster may be a small country, but it's a country of warriors.
— Quan

Leonster (Japanese: レンスター Lenster) is one of the four small kingdoms comprising the Munster District of Jugdral, situated in the District's north. Founded by the son of the Njörun of the Twelve Crusaders and considered to be the leader of the District coalition, it was the sole defense against the aggression of the District's southern neighbor Thracia until its eventual fall in Grann 762.


Leonster's landscape

Leonster was originally part of the territory of Thracia, following its foundation by the Crusaders Dáinn and Njörun in Grann 648. Following the Tragedy of the Gáe Bolg, the Thracian throne was succeeded by Dáinn's son, a cruel and ill-tempered man who terrorized and suppressed the nation's people. In response, Njörun's son led a coalition of Thracian dukes in revolt against Dáinn's son, claiming the northern half of the peninsula as their own individual nations; with Grannvale's mediatory intervention and the eventual assent of Dáinn's son, the territory formally seceded from Thracia and became the independent Munster District, with Njörun's son founding Leonster as the coalition's leader kingdom.[1]

In the subsequent century of cold war between the Munster District and Thracia, Leonster's elite Lanceritter knight legion was the primary deterrent obstructing Thracia's wish to reclaim the lush northern lands of the peninsula; no matter what they tried, Thracia was incapable of advancing past them. The stalemate finally shifted in Grann 761: while on an expedition in the Aed Desert, Leonster's Prince Quan, Princess Ethlyn and the Lanceritter were ambushed by a Thracian army spearheaded by its King Travant and were massacred. With Leonster's defenses weakened, Thracia launched an assault on the District with the support of the traitorous Raydrik of Connacht, causing the downfall of Leonster; the castle was set alight by Thracian forces, and the Leonster knight Finn was forced to flee with the infant prince Leif, his wife Lachesis and his daughter Nanna. Thracia's hold on the District was short-lived, with the Grannvale Empire launching a strike on the District. Thracia was cowed into becoming a servant state to Grannvale, and as with the rest of the District, Thracia fell under the occupation of the forces of Friege under Bloom.

Fifteen years later, in Grann 776, Leif led a liberation army through the Munster District, culminating with the reclamation of Leonster; however, his forces sustained heavy casualties from this endeavour and were trapped in a siege by the Friege army, but was saved by the timely arrival of Seliph's army to provide support in freeing the Munster District. Following the conclusion of the war, Leonster was assimilated into the New Kingdom of Thracia under Leif's rule, acting as his capital.

Characters from Leonster

Character Description Appears in
The King of Leonster until its fall, and the father of Quan. N/A
The Queen of Leonster until its fall, and the mother of Quan. N/A
Portrait quan fe04.png
Son of Calf and Alfiona, and the prince of Leonster. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait ethlyn fe04.png
Quan's wife; a scion of House Chalphy and the younger sister of Sigurd, Quan's best friend. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait altena fe05.png
The princess of Leonster and eldest child of Quan and Ethlyn; adopted by Travant after the Aed Massacre. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait leif fe05.png
The prince of Leonster and son of Quan and Ethlyn; later king of the unified Thracian peninsula. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait finn fe05.png
A knight of Leonster who served with Quan before raising Leif on the run. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait nanna fe05.png
The daughter of Finn and Lachesis; later Leif's queen. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait dryas fe05.png
A Leonster nobleman, knight and advisor to Leif. Thracia 776
Portrait selphina fe05.png
A Leonster knight and daughter of Dryas. Married to Glade. Thracia 776
Portrait glade fe05.png
A Leonster knight and best friend of Finn. Married to Selphina. Thracia 776
Portrait carrion fe05.png
Knight of Leonster; raised by Hannibal following his parents' deaths. Thracia 776
Portrait cain fe05.png
A knight of Leonster. Thracia 776
Portrait alva fe05.png
A knight of Leonster. Thracia 776
Portrait robert fe05.png
A knight of Leonster. Thracia 776
Portrait xavier fe05.png
A former Leonster general; cowed into an alliance with Friege to protect his people. Thracia 776


Leonster is present as a castle in Chapters 7 and 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War. It starts as a partner castle in Chapter 7 and a player castle in Chapter 8; in both cases, it starts out guarded by Leif, Finn and Nanna/Jeanne. In Chapter 7, Leonster Castle has no access to any of the usual castle amenities aside from the weapon repair shop.

Leonster is the location of four chapters in Thracia 776. In chapter Chapter 17A, the western-southern gates serve as the seize point of the map. In chapter Chapter 17B, the eastern-southern gates serve as the seize point instead. Chapter 18 takes place in the throne room of Leonster, with the goal being to seize the throne. Chapter 20 takes place in the back of the castle; the objective is to defend the throne for at least 15 turns, and defeat the boss Baraat.


FE776 Thracia Leonster Coat of Arms.png
  • The emblem in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776's logo is a mixture of Thracia's and Leonster's coats of arms; it is possibly the coat of arms of Leif's unified Thracia.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


One of the options for the location on the player's profile card in Fire Emblem Awakening. Derived from Leinster, one of the four traditional provinces of Ireland.



Officially romanized as Lenster; literally Leinster, as above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



From Nobre de Leonster "Noble of Leonster", the Portuguese translation of Leif: Prince of Leonster's epithet in Heroes.



Lenster; used in Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, among the choices for the player's country in their profile card.

Traditional Chinese


Lenster; from 倫斯特的王子 "Prince of Lenster", the Chinese translation of Leif: Prince of Leonster's epithet in Heroes.



  1. "Afterwards, the one who would succeed the Thracian throne was Dáinn's son, but he wasn't the type of person who would make a good king. After ascending the throne, he implemented a terror policy, operated by his trusted subordinates, to suppress the masses. This resulted in Njörun's son leading the marquesses to rebel, and in the end they successfully subdued the northern, fertile lands. Later, by Grannvale's mediation, the small countries to the north pushed Leonster to become the leader of the alliance, and with Thracia's permission they officially obtained independence."Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: April 29, 2013
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