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Yngvi Castle


Duchy; part of Grannvale



Yngvi’s ruling family of master archers are descended from Ullr, the God of Archery.
— A Grannvale villager

Yngvi (Japanese: ユングヴィ Jungby) is one of the six noble houses of the Kingdom of Grannvale. It comprises the south-western region of Grannvale, near the Jun River and the border with Verdane, and is situated west of Chalphy. It was founded in the year 649, shortly after the fall of the Loptrian Empire, by Ullr of the Twelve Crusaders alongside Grannvale itself and its other duchies; its ruling family are her descendants and possess her holy bloodline, permitting them to wield the holy bow Yewfelle. As with the other duchies, House Yngvi commands their own elite squadron of knights: the Beige Ritter, an archer batallion.


In Grann 757, Yngvi's then-Duke Ring and his son Andrey departed with the Grannvale army to go to war with Isaach, despite their disagreements;[1] at his daughter Edain's request, Ring left the Yewfelle behind with Edain in case she found her lost sister, Brigid, its sole inheritor out of Ring's three children.[2] With Grannvale mostly defenseless, neighboring Verdane launched a surprise assault on the country, laying siege to Yngvi Castle. Verdane's prince Munnir quickly overpowered the Yngvi knights led by Midir and abducted Edain, taking her back to Verdane with him with the intent of forcing her into marriage. In response, Sigurd of Chalphy launched a counter-offensive against Verdane, freeing Yngvi Castle and invading Verdane to attempt to rescue Edain. Meanwhile, at the climax of the Isaach war, Andrey allied with Lombard and Reptor in their traitorous intentions, killing Ring and assuming the role of Duke of Yngvi for himself.[3] Andrey led the Yngvi army in assisting Myos and Daccar in the Silesse civil war, and in fighting Sigurd's attempt to return to Grannvale as part of Lombard's forces at Lubeck Castle; he died in the latter encounter.

Following Andrey's death, the Yngvi throne was assumed by his own son, Scipio. In the liberation war's final battle in Grann 778, Scipio and the Beige Ritter worked with Hilda of Friege in fighting Seliph's army, ambushing them as they crossed the woods between Dozel and Friege. Scipio was defeated in this battle, and at the war's conclusion Brigid's son Febail became the new Duke of Yngvi.

Characters from Yngvi

Character Description Appears in
Portrait ullr the bowmaster feh.png
The "Bow User" of the Twelve Crusaders, and the founder of Yngvi. N/A
Portrait ring fe04.png
The Duke of Yngvi as of Grann 757. One of Prince Kurth's confidantes. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait brigid fe04.png
Ring's full-blooded daughter and Edain's twin. Disappeared in a boating accident in her childhood. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening
Portrait edain fe04.png
Ring's daughter and Brigid's twin. A priestess. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait andrey fe04.png
Ring's youngest child and successor as Duke of Yngvi. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait midir fe04.png
A knight of Yngvi in Edain's service. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait febail fe04.png
Brigid's son and Yewfelle's inheritor. Raised in a Conote orphanange. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait patty fe04.png
Brigid's daughter. Raised in a Conote orphanage, resorting to theft for survival. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait lester fe04.png
Edain's son. Raised in Tirnanog. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait lana fe04.png
Edain's daughter. Raised in Tirnanog. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait scipio fe04.png
Andrey's son and successor as Duke of Yngvi. Genealogy of the Holy War


Genealogy of the House of Yngvi

══ Unnamed wife
┏━━━━━━━━┻━━┓ ━━━━━━━━━━━┓
┏━━━┻━━━┓ ┏━━━┻━━━┓
An unbroken line indicates direct descent; a dashed line (╍) indicates descent across multiple undefined generations. A double line indicates marriage or had children together; italics indicates the spouse from outside the family. Important relatives not directly connected with the Yngvi family are marked in gray.


Yngvi Castle in the Prologue.

Yngvi Castle is present as a gameplay castle in the Prologue of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Initially a partner castle guarded by Midir, it is seized by the Verdane army in their siege of it, and after they abduct Edain, Sigurd's goal is to seize Yngvi back.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data (Prologue)

Combatants and castles
Army Commander Affiliation Units Castles Guardian Notes
Sigurd's Sigurd Player 4 Chalphy Arden Home castle
Evans Munnir*/
Enemy 32+15 Evans Gerrard Main objective
Yngvi DiMaggio • Seized by Munnir on turn 1; DiMaggio then becomes the guardian.
• Once seized by Sigurd, the west bridge will be lowered and 15 additional units will appear from Evans
Yngvi Midir Partner 1 Midir
-- Arvis Partner 1 -- -- • Appears once Sigurd seizes Yngvi.
• Does not have a faction, castle, or phase, and moves at the end of Evans Phase.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


As of Fire Emblem Heroes.[4] From Yngvi, another name for the Norse deity Freyr.






Officially romanized as Jungby. ユングヴィ Yunguvi is the standard way of writing Yngvi in Japanese.



As above



As above



As above



As above



As above

Traditional Chinese


Jungby; used in Heroes.



  1. "The son, Sir Andrey, joined his father on the campaign to Isaach. You didn't hear it from me, but there seems to be quite a bit of friction between the two." — A Grannvale villager, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Sigurd: You still believe you can find her, do you?
    Edain: That's correct. And when I do, I must give the Holy Bow Yewfelle to her!
    " — Sigurd and Edain, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "My father is no longer with us and my older sister is being pursued for her involvement with the Grannvale traitors. So as the new lord of Yngvi I now command the entire archer brigade!" — Andrey, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "One day, when Grannvale's army was away, forces from the neighboring country of Verdane launched an attack on Yngvi castle." — The 1st Act of the "A Knight, a Friend" Lost Lore event, Fire Emblem Heroes
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