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FESK Dozel Map.png


Castle Dozel


Duchy; part of Grannvale



What a disgrace... It's hard to believe the Dozels are of Crusader lineage. This all started because of Lombard...
— Lewyn

Dozel (Japanese: ドズル Dozel) is one of the six noble houses of the Kingdom of Grannvale. The Dozel territory is situated near Grannvale's center, south-west of the capital Belhalla and north of Chalphy. It was founded in the year 649, shortly after the fall of the Loptrian Empire, by Nál of the Twelve Crusaders alongside Grannvale itself and its other duchies; its ruling family are his descendants and possess his holy bloodline, permitting them to wield the holy axe Helswath. As with the other duchies, House Dozel commands their own elite squadron of knights: the Grau Ritter, axe-wielding knights.


Ever since the rule of Duke Lombard, House Dozel was plagued by a grudge against House Chalphy, starting with Lombard's virulent loathing of Chalphy's Duke Byron; as a result of this, Dozel under Lombard was part of the conspiracy led by Friege's Duke Reptor to seize rule of Grannvale for themselves by eliminating Prince Kurth. Though Lombard succeeded in assasinating Kurth himself and framing Byron for the crime, his intentions backfired as he was killed by Byron's son Sigurd, leaving Duke Arvis of Velthomer the sole Grannvale power and forcing Lombard's heirs to comply with him upon becoming Emperor of Grannvale.

In the aftermath of the Grannvale war on Isaach, rule of Isaach was entrusted to House Dozel, with Lombard's son Danann appointed its king. While Isaach was little more than a servant state to Grannvale, it was still among the least affected areas by the rise of Grannvale's tyranny, as Danann's younger sons Iuchar and Iucharba refused to follow through on the more heinous activities of the larger empire such as child hunts.[1] House Dozel's hold on Isaach was eliminated with the uprising of Seliph of Chalphy in Tirnanog and his defeat of Danann, and with one of Danann's younger sons on his side, Danann's eldest son Brian – entrusted with the care of the Dozel territory itself – fell in the final confrontation between Seliph and the empire in Grannvale itself.

Characters from Dozel

Character Description Appears in
The "Axe Knight" of the Twelve Crusaders, and the founder of Dozel. N/A
Portrait lombard fe04.png
Duke of Dozel until Grann 760. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait danann fe04.png
Lombard's eldest son and successor as Duke of Dozel. Appointed "King of Isaach" during the Dozel occupation. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait lex fe04.png
Lombard's second son, half-brother to Danann. Allied with Sigurd. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait brian fe04.png
Danann's eldest son; stationed in Grannvale. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait iuchar fe04.png
Danann's second son; assisted him in Isaach. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait iucharba fe04.png
Danann's youngest son; assisted him in Isaach. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait slayder schmidt fe04.png
A knight of Dozel and attendant to Lombard. Assisted in the Lubeck Castle skirmish. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait harold fe04.png
A general and confidant to Danann; assisted him in Isaach. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait slayder schmidt fe04.png
A knight of Dozel, serving Danann in Isaach. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait fisher fe04.png
A knight of Dozel, serving Brian in Grannvale. Genealogy of the Holy War


Genealogy of the House of Dozel

An unbroken line indicates direct descent; a dashed line (╍) indicates descent across multiple undefined generations.


Dozel Castle in the Endgame.

Dozel Castle is present as a gameplay castle in the Endgame of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. It is the second castle to be confronted in the chapter's course, after Edda has been seized; its commander Brian fights in the field when the Dozel army is deployed, while Dozel Castle itself is guarded by Dagon of the Loptr Church.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data (Endgame)

Combatants and castles
Army Commander Affiliation Units Castles Guardian Notes
Seliph's Seliph Player 23+1 Chalphy -- Home castle
Edda Juphiel Enemy 39+∞ Edda Juphiel The ramparts northwest of Chalphy and Edda castles are lowered upon seizing Edda.
Dozel Brian Enemy 8+29+∞ Dozel Dagon • The Dozel army appears once Edda has been seized.
• The rampart south of Friege is lowered upon seizing Dozel
Friege Hilda Enemy 19 Friege Baran • The Friege army appears once Dozel has been seized.
• The two ramparts east of Friege Castle are lowered once Friege is seized.
Yngvi Scipio Enemy 18 -- -- • The Yngvi army emerges once a unit crosses the pass to Friege enters the range of a Friege unit.
• The Yngvi army is tied to the Friege castle, and will disappear when it is siezed.
Thracia Arion Enemy 6 -- -- • The Thracian army arrives one turn after Friege is seized.
• The Thracian army becomes a partner once Altena talks to Arion.
Velthomer Manfroy Enemy 7 Velthomer Manfroy The Velthomer army emerges once Friege is seized.
Belhalla Julius Enemy 6+30+∞ Belhalla Julis The Loptrians emerge once Dozel has been seized; the Belhalla army emerges once Friege is seized.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


Mentioned in Heroes.[2]



Used in the Gharnef and Project Naga fan translation patches for Genealogy of the Holy War.



Officially romanized as Dozel.
















Traditional Chinese





  1. "Larcei: At least, I was relieved that you never hurt any of the women or children. I wish we didn't have to fight...
    Iucharba: Yeah. Well, I was never into pushin' people around like my brothers. And I've had about all I can handle of the Loptrians. People say they've been sacrificing children right here in Isaac. My father just lets them walk all over him. I've had it with them!
    " — Larcei and Iucharba, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Second son of Duke Lombard of House Dozel." — From the help text description of Lex: Young Blade, Fire Emblem Heroes
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