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FESK Munnir.png
Artwork of Munnir from Genealogy of the Holy War.








Prince of Verdane

Starting class



Hah, relax! Won’t be long, an’ I’ll be bringin’ Cimbaeth’s lot along for the fun. When I do, all Grannvale’s our oyster. Even Belhalla oughta be easy pickings with nuthin’ around to stop us!
— Munnir, to Gerrard

Munnir (Japanese: ガンドルフ Gandolf) was a belligerent prince of Verdane, the eldest son of King Batu, and the ruler of Marpha Castle in the country's south-east.


On his father's orders, in Grann 757, Munnir led the Verdane army on a raid of neighboring Grannvale, in an attempt to prevent Grannvale from invading Verdane first. Munnir's army besieged and conquered Yngvi Castle, with Munnir personally almost killing Midir to end the siege, then he abducted its stewardess Lady Edain to be a trophy wife, taking her back to Verdane and leaving the Grannvale raid in the hands of his subordinates, intending to return later with his brother Cimbaeth to pillage the country further. Back at Marpha Castle, upon realizing that his brother Jamke had released Edain from her imprisonment in the castle, he deployed his army to retrieve her and Dew and to fight Sigurd's impending invasion force. He was defeated and slain in this battle.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War


Munnir is the second boss of Chapter 1, guarding Marpha Castle. He also appears as the boss of the Prologue in its first turn, but he leaves the map at the start of the first turn's enemy phase after seizing Yngvi.


Portrait munnir fe04.png
Ma snes02 warrior enemy.gif Warrior
Level 20
Holy Blood --
Movement 6
Authority ★★
Max HP 60 Speed 18
Strength 17 Luck 0
Magic 0 Defense 16
Skill 11+5 Resistance 5
Inventory Skills
Hand Axe
Skill RingThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
3,000 Gold
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes A Bows B Staves --
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- FE4RankWind.png -- Light magic -- Dark magic --

Personality and character

Munnir was a brutal man in every respect, viewing the invasion of Grannvale and the ransacking of its commoners as a fun activity. He was easily frustrated by things not going as he liked, such as when his army took so long to seize Yngvi or when Jamke released Edain and Dew. He was particularly misogynistic in his treatment of Edain, and by extension the rest of the women of Grannvale, planning to force her to marry him and talking about her as if she was little more than a mindless object when talking about her to Gerrard.[1] Like his father and Cimbaeth, Munnir was easily misled by Sandima and willingly did anything asked of him by the sorcerer.[2]


Battle quotes

Kehehe... You! Not bad for bein’ here all on yer lonesome, but I’ve had enough of yer strugglin’!
— Munnir, when attacking Midir in a cutscene in the Prologue of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Oh, come on! First me own brother lets me wife go, and now this?! Damn me rotten luck!
— Munnir, in Chapter 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Ugh, REALLY? That knight from earlier?! The hell are you doin’ still breathin’?!
— Munnir, when fighting Midir in Chapter 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
An’ what’re ya supposed to be? You’ve got guts, ya brat, but not much else!
— Munnir, when fighting Azelle in Chapter 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Death quotes

N-no... this... can’t... Guh...
— Munnir, in Chapter 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game

Munnir was featured on one TCG card.

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game data for Munnir
TCG 1-084.jpg Class: Warrior Level 1 Infantry Direct Attack
Energy: 5 Atk.: 4 / Counter: 2 WLv.: Axes A Bows B
Equip: Steel Axe Skills: --
Card #084Rarity: ★ • Artist: Koya Katsuyoshi
Card scans and information translation provided by Aquantis.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Fire Emblem Heroes; has yet to be corroborated by other sources.



Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.[which?]



Officially romanized as Gandolf in the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game and as Gandlf on the Fire Emblem Museum website. From Gandalf, a prominent dwarf in Norse mythology and the namesake of Gandalf the Grey in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth canon.
















Traditional Chinese





  1. "Gerrard: But, er, your lordship... Who’s that there dame ya have?
    Munnir: The spoils of war, m’boy! She’s comin’ back to Marpha to marry me. Whaddya say – a keeper, or a keeper?
    Gerrard: I’ll say! Just lookin’ at her’s makin’ me mouth water. Nice one, sir.
    Munnir: Back off, ya fool. This one’s mine. You’ll get ya pick of all Grannvale once we’re done ‘ere. Keep it in ya pants a little longer, m’kay?
    " — Gerrard and Munnir, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "...Now I think about it, there’s been something amiss about everything ever since that wizard Sandima appeared. My whole family is at his beck and call, and they just won’t hear a word against him." — Jamke, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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