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Portrait palmarch fe04.png
Palmarch's portrait in Genealogy of the Holy War.





Starting class



Genealogy of the Holy War

Have faith in the crusaders, my children!
— Palmarch

Palmarch (Japanese: パルマーク Palmark) is an NPC in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


Palmarch is a former servant of the late Sigurd of Chalphy.[1] During the battles between Seliph's army and the Grannvale Empire in Miletos, Arvis entrusted Palmarch with the task of taking several captured children, including Julia, and escaping with them before the Loptr Church could find out. He also gave Tyrfing to Palmarch, to have it returned to its rightful owner, Seliph. However, Manfroy interfered and took Julia away, then sent Loptrian mages after Palmarch and the remaining children to put an end to them. He and the children were saved by Seliph and his army. Palmarch then gave Tyrfing to Seliph, although he had sworn to Arvis that he would not reveal Arvis's hand in letting Seliph get the sword, and begged Seliph to retake Chalphy and Grannvale.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War


Palmarch appears as a NPC in Chapter 10, after Miletos Castle has been seized. He and five Civilians are stranded at the end of a cliff near Chalphy with several Dark Mages slowly closing in on them. Having Seliph talk to Palmarch gives him Tyrfing, so saving Palmarch from the Dark Mages is an important secondary goal of the final leg of the chapter.


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Portrait palmarch fe04.png
Ma snes02 bishop partner.gif Bishop
Level 20
Holy Blood --
Movement 5
Max HP 55 Speed 11
Strength 2 Luck --
Magic 16 Defense 5
Skill 14 Resistance 14
Inventory Skills
3,000 Gold
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes -- Bows -- Staves A
Fire magic B Thunder magic B FE4RankWind.png B Light magic -- Dark magic --


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  • Palmarch's portrait is a recolor of Ring's portrait.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

• Palmark
• Palmarch

• Used in older versions of the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.
• Used in the "Project Naga" patch.





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Portrait palmarch fe04.png Bishop Ma snes02 bishop partner.gif
Bs fe04 enemy bishop staff.png
Staff (Sleep Staff)*


  1. "Once, long ago, you were a confidante to Sigurd, were you not? ...You already know what you must do." — Arvis, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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