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Munster District

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Munster District

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(head of the coalition)


Coalition of kingdoms



The Thracia Peninsula has two very distinct faces. The northern half is an enormous fertile savannah home to several small kingdoms.
— Opening of Chapter 8

The Munster District (Japanese: マンスター地方 Manster District) is the territory occupying the northern half of the Thracian Peninsula of Jugdral, to the north of Thracia and connected to Grannvale and Miletos in the east by a thin strip of land. Formerly part of the territory of Thracia itself, it is a coalition of four small allied kingdoms—Munster, Leonster, Ulster and Conote—in addition to a small number of free cities. Its holdings occupy great swaths of lush and fertile land, a stark contrast to the peninsula's south; for this reason, the District's territory has been long sought by Thracia.


The territory comprising the Munster District was originally part of Thracia following its foundation by the Crusaders Dáinn and Njörun in Grann 648. Following the Tragedy of the Gáe Bolg, the Thracian throne was succeeded by Dáinn's son, a cruel and ill-tempered man who terrorized and suppressed the nation's people. In response, Njörun's son led a coalition of Thracian dukes in revolt against Dáinn's son, claiming the northern half of the peninsula as their own individual nations; with Grannvale's mediatory intervention and the eventual assent of Dáinn's son, the territory formally seceded from Thracia and became the independent Munster District, with Njörun's son founding Leonster as the coalition's leading kingdom.[1]

In the subsequent century of cold war between the Munster District and Thracia, Leonster's elite Lanceritter knight legion was the primary deterrent obstructing Thracia's wish to reclaim the lush northern lands of the peninsula; no matter what they tried, Thracia was incapable of advancing past them. This precarious balance shifted in Thracia's favor in 761, when under the direction of Veld of the Loptr Church,[2] Leonster's Prince Quan, his wife Ethlyn and half of the Lanceritter were assaulted and murdered by Thracia's King Travant and his Dragon Knights while attempting to cross the Aed Desert, an event known as the Aed Massacre. With the defenses of the District depleted and vulnerable, Thracia launched a full assault on the north, assaulting the city of Munster; the forces of Conote and Ulster, along with what remained of Leonster, attempted to aid Munster, but the Conote army under General Raydrik turned on Leonster at the Great River of Thracia, slaying King Calf, obliterating its army and ensuring the fall of the Munster District to Thracia. Travant's hold on the peninsula's north did not last long, as the newly-christened Grannvale Empire responded to a plea for reinforcements from Ulster, soundly defeating Thracia's army and forcing it to retreat.[3] The Munster District came under the rule of the Friege family, was renamed the North Kingdom of Thracia, and Duke Bloom of Friege was instated as its king; in the face of Grannvale's might, Thracia was left largely powerless.

Grannvale held power in the Munster District for thirteen years, during which time it increasingly became more brutal under the influence of Prince Julius and the Loptr Church, for which the District suffered. As with in other Grannvale holdings, the practice of child hunting came into practice by the allies of Grannvale in the region. Shades of rebellion flickered over the years, coming to a head when Leif, Quan's son, led a revolution army against Thracia and Friege in the year 776, uniting the scattered forces from the four kingdoms to depose Raydrik and destabilize the Grannvale hold on the District. The arrival of the rebellion led by Seliph of Chalphy, and its subsequent union with Leif's army, marked the end of the Grannvale occupation and the death of Bloom. Following the fall of Grannvale to Seliph's forces, Leif and his sister Altena unified the Munster District and Thracia into the New Kingdom of Thracia.

Notable locations in the Munster District


Leonster as depicted in the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game
Main article: Leonster

The royal family of Leonster, one of the four kingdoms, are the bearers of the divine bloodline of Njörun and the inheritors of her Gáe Bolg lance. The might of the Lanceritter, the elite lance knights of Leonster, was for an age the sole defense of the District against invasion from Thracia. Though the District fell partly out of the foolishness of its Prince Quan, it was the house of Leonster under its sole surviving scions, Leif and Altena, which led the revolution against Grannvaleian and Thracian oppression and assisted Seliph in the defeat of Grannvale.


Main article: Munster

One of the four kingdoms and sharing its name with the District as a whole, Munster is the southernmost kingdom and the closest to the Thracian border. Following the Conote betrayal of the other District nations, its General Raydrik was appointed Duke of Munster by Grannvale and occupied the Munster castle, until it was freed by the efforts of Leif and Ced's Magi.


Main article: Ulster

Ulster is one of the four kingdoms. Some time into the Grannvale occupation, its king was executed for harboring the fugitive Leif, and his daughter Miranda was taken hostage by the Loptr Church. Ulster eventually became the Grannvale occupation's seat of power, with King Bloom ruling from its palace until assaulted by Seliph's army.


Main article: Conote

Conote is one of the four kingdoms. Under its General Raydrik, Conote betrayed the Munster District to Thracia and was a major player in the District's fall. Years later, following his defeat at Ulster, Bloom retreated to Conote and launched a final stand against Seliph and Leif's united forces.


Main article: Tahra

Tahra is a "free city" of the Munster District. During his years on the run from Grannvale and Thracia, Leif was given refuge by the ruler of Tahra, an act which would draw the ire of Grannvale and bring the city into conflict with its forces. Despite its best efforts to defend itself under the protection of Deen of Thracia and, eventually, Leif's army, in time it fell to Friege, Thracia and the Bergrosen, forcing its ruler Linoan to flee with Leif; at the behest of Prince Arion, Thracia took control of the city in an effort to protect it from the Bergrosen.


Melgen is a fortress located on the border of the Munster District, to the south of Dahna and the Aed Desert, situated in a valley of the same name. When Grannvale came to the Thracian Peninsula, Melgen Valley was the site of the battle which resulted in the defeat of Thracia and the Grannvale claim to the Munster District.[4] In the early days of Seliph's liberation army, Bloom's son Ishtore used it as a defense point to attempt to end Seliph's army before it entered Munster.

Great River of Thracia

The Great River of Thracia is the largest river of the Thracian Peninsula, running through the Munster District between Leonster and Munster and acting as a crucial resource for the north,[5] as well as a valuable strategic defense point for any army. It was at the Great River of Thracia that Conote turned on its former allies, and that King Calf and much of the Leonster army was slain in 762.[6] Over a decade later, following his reclamation of Leonster, Leif fought the Gelb Ritter at the river as his army marched toward Munster.


The Munster District is the subject of the second half of Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and is almost the entire focus of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data (Chapter 8)

Combatants and castles
Army Commander Affiliation Units Castles Guardian Notes
Seliph's Seliph Player 19+2 Ulster -- Home castle
Leonster Leif Leif, Finn, and Nanna/Jeanne start at the castle.
Conote Bloom Enemy 41+2-2+∞ Conote Bloom A bridge south of Conote Castle raises once it is sezied
Munster -- Enemy 0 Munster -- Munster becomes partner-aligned once Conote is seized.
Ced/Hawk* Partner 7-7 Ced/Hawk
Meath -- Enemy 5+37 Meath -- The Meath army appears once Conote has been seized.
Maykov Maykov
Castle facilities

Vendor Arena enemies

Name Cost
Is snes02 iron sword.png
Iron Sword 1,000
Is snes02 iron sword.png
Iron Sword 1,000
Is snes02 steel sword.png
Steel Sword 3,000
Is snes02 steel sword.png
Steel Sword 3,000
Is snes02 iron blade.png
Iron Blade 2,000
Is snes02 iron lance.png
Iron Lance 1,000
Is snes02 iron lance.png
Iron Lance 1,000
Is snes02 iron lance.png
Iron Lance 1,000
Is snes02 steel lance.png
Steel Lance 3,000
Is snes02 steel lance.png
Steel Lance 3,000
Is snes02 steel lance.png
Steel Lance 3,000
Is snes02 iron axe.png
Iron Axe 1,000
Is snes02 steel axe.png
Steel Axe 3,000
Is snes02 silver axe.png
Silver Axe 5,000
Is snes02 iron bow.png
Iron Bow 1,000
Is snes02 steel bow.png
Steel Bow 3,000
Is snes02 steel bow.png
Steel Bow 3,000
Is snes02 fire.png
Fire 3,000
Is snes02 thunder.png
Thunder 3,000
Is snes02 heal.png
Heal 5,000
Is snes02 mend.png
Mend 10,000
Is snes02 silence.png
Silence 30,000

Etymology and other languages

Munster District

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Manster District
Province of Manster

Widely known by this name, and used in the Genealogy of the Holy War and older versions of the Thracia 776 fan translations.
Used by the most recent, up to date Thracia 776 fan translation; used due to belief that "district" usually refers to a division of area far smaller than what this particular division of area covers.



Officially romanized as Manster District. From Munster, one of the four traditional provinces of Ireland; the four kingdoms of the Munster District are all named for Ireland's traditional provinces, and many other prominent locations in the District are also named for Irish locations.


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


Most commonly known by this name.



Officially romanized as Melgen in Genealogy of the Holy War and, possibly erroneously, Melgln in Thracia 776.



  1. "Afterwards, the one who would succeed the Thracian throne was Dáinn's son, but he wasn't the type of person who would make a good king. After ascending the throne, he implemented a terror policy, operated by his trusted subordinates, to suppress the masses. This resulted in Njörun's son leading the marquesses to rebel, and in the end they successfully subdued the northern, fertile lands. Later, by Grannvale's mediation, the small countries to the north pushed Leonster to become the leader of the alliance, and with Thracia's permission they officially obtained independence."Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: May 11, 2013
  2. "Manfroy: Make sure that you kill him. If you don't, our efforts of assassinating Quan would be for nought.
    Veld: ...They still think Travant is the man responsible for Quan's death...
    Manfroy: Hahaha...pathetic fools. Thracia doesn't have the means of getting accurate information on Leonster... Taking advantage of Travant's ambitions to make Northern and Southern Thracia kill each other... Your plan has been a marvelous success.
    " — Manfroy and Veld, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  3. "However, anticipating an attack, the Kingdom of Ulster had requested reinforcements from House Friege of the Grannvale Empire, and after a long time they arrived to the Thracian peninsula. However, terror came with them; namely, a group of mercenaries linked to the Loptrians. The Thracian army had the momentum, but had to retreat in the face of House Friege's prized Mage Knight squad's and the mercenary squad's offensive. Noticing he was at a terrible disadvantage, King Travant reluctantly withdrew from the Munster District. House Friege stationed itself at the north of the district, effectively turning it into a territory of the Grannvale Empire."[1], translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 20, 2012
  4. "Do you remember the battle at Melgen Valley? We lost to the Empire even with the help of both Northern and Southern Thracia." — Travant, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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  6. "August: To me, it looks like a crimson river of blood. This river has led us to prosperity, but it has also been the target of greed and selfishness. Many fierce battles have been fought here. Your grandfather, the former king of Leonster, fought and died at this river, Lord Leif.
    Leif: That's right... My grandfather died here...
    August: To be specific, he fought further downstream at the Thracian Bridge. The Leonster army collapsed after Conote's sudden betrayal, and the king fell... Lord Leif, this river has traditionally been easy to defend and difficult to conquer. The Empire will be sending in its strongest forces to maintain this defense point.
    " — August and Leif, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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