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Isaach Castle





In Isaach, we repay our debts.
— Ayra

Isaach (Japanese: イザーク Isaac) is a nation of Jugdral situated in its north-eastern corner, adjoining Silesse and the Yied Desert. It was founded by the Sword Saint Od of the Twelve Crusaders, and its people widely practice a noble warrior culture centered around swordplay.


Isaach's landscape

In Grann 757, Grannvale declared war on Isaach following an assault on the sacred site of Darna, attributed to Isaach's army; in reality, the Darna offensive was solely the work of Isaach's Rivough nobility, whose leader was promptly executed by Isaach's King Mananan for his belligerence. Mananan attempted to negotiate with Grannvale over the situation's reality, head of Rivough's leader in hand, but was assassinated before his news could reach Grannvale's Prince Kurth. In retaliation, Mananan's son Mariccle engaged Grannvale in a full-scale war;[1] knowing of his imminent demise, he tasked his half-sister Ayra with escorting his son Shanan to safety outside Isaach. By Grann 759, Grannvale had won the war and seized Isaach as its own territory, administered by the Grannvale's Dozel noble family under Danan.

Two years later, when Sigurd of Chalphy - branded a traitor by Grannvale - sought to return home to clear his name, he entrusted Shanan and Oifey with the care of his infant son Seliph; accurately guessing that Danan's occupation would not have full control over Isaach yet, he tasked the two with seeking refuge in Isaach's most remote regions,[2] along with other children from their army: Ayra's children Larcei and Ulster, and Lachesis's son Delmud. They settled in Tirnanog, a far-flung village in the northwest of Isaach; some time after the Battle of Belhalla, they were joined by Adean of Jungby and her children, Lana and Lester.[3] During their seventeen years in hiding, Shanan worked quietly to establish a revolution army against Grannvale; in Grann 777, however, Danan finally learned of their presence in Tirnanog and ordered a strike while Shanan and Oifey were out of the country on other errands. In response, Seliph emerged to lead the charge against the Dozel occupation, soon defeating it and freeing Isaach from Grannvale control. Following the liberation war's conclusion, Shanan succeeded the Isaachian throne.

Notable locations in Isaach

Isaach Castle

The capital city of Isaach and the seat of power of its royal family. During the Grannvale occupation, it was held by Johan, Danan's middle son.


Rivough was home to one of the two known noble families of Isaach. Its army was responsible for the assault on Darna, inciting the war with Grannvale; its king was executed by Mananan for this act, and its prince Galzus fled. Following Isaach's defeat, Rivough was occupied by "King" Danan as his seat of power over Isaach as a whole.


Sophara was the home of another Isaach noble family, whose only known scion is Holyn. During the Grannvale occupation, it was held by Johalva, Danan's youngest son.


A remote castle in Isaach's north. In Grannvale's occupation, it was administered by Harold, a general and confidante to Danan.


Main article: Tirnanog

The far-flung village of Tirnanog is located in the remote reaches of Isaach's north-west. Mostly avoiding the scrutiny of Danan's occupation, it was the birthplace of Seliph's revolution.

Characters from Isaach

Character Description Appears in
The Sword Saint of the Twelve Crusaders, and the founder of Isaach. N/A
The King of Isaach as of the beginning of the war in Grann 751. N/A
Prince of Isaach, Mananan's eldest son, and the father of Shanan. N/A
Portrait ayra fe04.png
Princess of Isaach and Mariccle's younger half-sister. Entrusted with Shanan's care. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait holyn fe04.png
The prince of Sophara; a travelling gladiator. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait shanan 02 fe04.png
Prince of Isaach and son of Mariccle; its king following the defeat of Julius. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait larcei fe04.png
Princess of Isaach and daughter of Ayra. Was taken to Tirnanog as an infant with Seliph. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening
Portrait ulster fe04.png
Prince of Isaach and son of Ayra. Was taken to Tirnanog as an infant with Seliph. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening
Portrait seliph fe05.png
Prince of Grannvale and son of Sigurd. Fled to Tirnanog as an infant under the care of Shanan and Oifey. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait radney fe04.png
A member of the Tirnanog resistance; twin sister of Roddlevan.
(Substitute character for Larcei)
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait roddlevan fe04.png
A member of the Tirnanog resistance; twin brother of Radney.
(Substitute character for Ulster)
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait mana fe04.png
A member of the Tirnanog resistance; sister of Dimna.
(Substitute character for Lana)
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait dimna fe04.png
A member of the Tirnanog resistance; brother of Mana.
(Substitute character for Lester)
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait tristan fe04.png
Brother of Janne and son of a Cross Knight; a member of the Tirnanog resistance.
(Substitute character for Delmud)
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait galzus fe05.png
The prince of Rivough; a fugitive and mercenary following its downfall. Thracia 776
Portrait mareeta fe05.png
Galzus's daughter and a princess of Rivough; separated from her father at a young age and raised by Eyvel of Fiana. Thracia 776, Awakening
Portrait danan fe04.png
The Duke of Dozel, and self-appointed King of Isaach during its occupation and administration by Grannvale. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait harold fe04.png
A general and confidant to Danan, tasked with administering Ganeishire Castle. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait johan fe04.png
Danan's middle son, and administrator of Isaach Castle. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait johalva fe04.png
Danan's youngest son, and administrator of Sophara Castle. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait slayder schmidt fe04.png
A knight of Dozel, serving Danan in Isaach. Genealogy of the Holy War


Isaach as a whole is the subject of Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, with Tirnanog as the home castle and Rivough as the final target of the chapter. Rivough also serves as the home castle of the following chapter.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data

Castle Data
Castle Initial state Units* Boss/guardian Notes
Tirnanog Player (Home) 4 Seliph --
Ganeishire Enemy 24 Harold --
Isaach Enemy 11 Johan Initially neutral; becomes enemy afte Ganeishire has been seized. Any surviving remnants of the Isaach army become partner units if Johan is recruited.
Sophara Enemy 11 Johalva Initially neutral; becomes enemy afte Ganeishire has been seized. Any surviving remnants of the Sophara army become partner units if Johalva is recruited.
Rivough Enemy 6 Danan Danan and five Brigands are present at the chapter's start. A reinforcement of twelve units, led by Schmidt, is deployed once Ganeishire has been seized.

Castle facilities

Vendor Arena enemies

Name Cost
Is snes02 iron sword.png
Iron Sword 1,000
Is snes02 iron sword.png
Iron Sword 1,000
Is snes02 iron blade.png
Iron Blade 2,000


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Isaach As of Fire Emblem Awakening. Derived from Isaac, one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites in Abrahamic mythology.
Japanese イザーク Officially romanized as Isaac; as above.
Spanish Isaach As above.
French Isaach As above.
German Isaach As above.
Italian Isaach As above.



  1. "Ayra: The leader of Rivough... He's the one who besieged Darna, not my father.
    Quan: You're kidding! Why hasn't Grannvale been informed of that? Prince Kurth would surely reconsider his offensive if he knew that.
    Ayra: My father thought so as well. After executing Rivough's leader, he left for Grannvale's frontline, head and all, to explain everything. However...
    Quan: What?
    Ayra: My father was assassinated at the Grannvalean front. When Isaach heard word of the king's death, the people went into a rage! Mariccle thus proceeded to launch a full-scale attack against Grannvale.
    " — Ayra and Quan, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Sigurd: Isaachian territory is just northeast of Lubeck, right? Langobalt's oldest son, Dannan, has been stationed in Isaach ever since their defeat. But I'm willing to bet his authority hasn't reached the outskirts yet. So...
    Oifey: Just a second! Are you suggesting I leave you all and head for safety!? Forget it! I'm not leaving your side, sir! I'm here till the end!
    Sigurd: Oifey, I hate to impose on you, but please understand my situation. I don't want to lose Seliph. He is not even two yet. But I can't fight and take care of him. Oifey, please. I want you to take Seliph and go to where it's safe.
    " — Sigurd and Oifey, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "Lester: ...So where is mother now?
    Lana: She's working at the convent in Tirnanog
    " — Lester and Lana, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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