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Artwork of Mariccle from Genealogy of the Holy War.








Prince of Isaach


Genealogy of the Holy War

My brother believed to the last that Isaach's hope for the future rests in Shannan, his son.
— Ayra, on Mariccle

Mariccle (Japanese: マリクル Mariccle) was a crown prince of Isaach, the second child of King Mananan and the father of Shannan. He died in battle during the Grannvale war against Isaach.


During his life, Mariccle – like his father – was an acquaintance of King Calf of Leonster, who held him in the utmost respect.[1] Following his father's retribution to House Ribaut for instigating the war, Mariccle remained behind with the army while his father sought to negotiate the truth of the matter with Grannvale, and when word reached him of Mananan's assassination at the Grannvale front, he led the army to seek vengeance against Grannvale.[2] Knowing his demise in battle against Grannvale would be inevitable, Mariccle entrusted the care of his young son Shannan to his younger sister, Ayra, with the hope that Shannan's survival would ensure that one day Isaach would rise again from the Grannvale conquest.[3] Mariccle wielded Balmung in his attempts to fight Grannvale, and after his death it eventually entered the custody of the Loptr Church, held in their treasury in the Aed Shrine.


  • Mariccle bears an extremely strong physical resemblance to his ancestor Od, something he shares with his son Shannan.

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Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Mariccle.[4] Possibly from Manannán mac Lir, a sea deity in Irish mythology; "Mariccle" may be a corruption of his surname, mac Lir, while Mariccle's father derives his name from the deity's first name.



  1. "Ayra: Wait, Quan, did you actually know my father?!
    Quan: Not in person, sadly. However, my father knows him well. He's always had only the utmost praise for him. He also speaks fondly of your brother, Prince Mariccle. He's always said he is a fine young man and heir.
    Ayra: Really... Thank you. I'm so proud to hear such praise for them. The two were great and wise warriors. Attacking the defenseless, as in Dahna, is something neither would ever do.
    " — Ayra and Quan, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Ayra: So too thought my father. Once he executed the lord of Ribaut, he departed for the Grannvale front, head in tow, to negotiate with them. But...
    Quan: ...Yes?
    Ayra: My father, the king... He was assassinated en route. Once word of this returned to Isaach, the people were utterly incensed. Mariccle set out, leading our entire army, seeking vengeance against Grannvale.
    " — Ayra and Quan, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "Sigurd: Very well. Shannan informs me that you are the daughter of the King of Isaach. He says you would be hostile towards us, Grannvale soldiers, which is clearly so. That said, think about it. You've a young prince you are sworn to defend. Can you truly afford to waste your life here and now, of all places.
    Ayra: My brother, the crown prince, entrusted Shannan to my care, knowing his death was inevitable. You're right. After all this time, I refuse to die for Verdane's sake. Until I've seen Shannan rise to the Isaach throne, my life is not mine to forfeit to such dogs.
    " — Sigurd and Ayra, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. A family tree in Fire Emblem: Treasure (scan by Serenes Forest)
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