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Verdane Castle





Sprawling before Sigurd lay the daunting Great Verdane Forest. He was about to set foot into the forest of spirits...
— Opening narration of Chapter 1

Verdane (Japanese: ヴェルダン Verdane) is a nation of Jugdral located in the continent's south-western corner, bordered by Agustria to the north and Grannvale to the north-east. Along with Miletos, it is one of two nations of Jugdral to not be founded by any of the Twelve Crusaders.


Verdane's landscape

Verdane was founded at some point after the fall of the Loptrian Empire, and as a result of its constant military encroachments on the border of neighboring Grannvale, quickly earned a reputation among Grannvale's people as a "barbarian kingdom" whose residents are entirely comprised of violent savages.[1] This changed with the ascent of Batu to the Verdane throne, who sought to end the aggression of his nation and normalize relations with Grannvale.[2] By Grann 757 he had succeeded in achieving peace and in pacifying his aggressive sons, Kinbois and Gandolf, but was manipulated by Sandima of the Loptr Church into believing that Grannvale intended to invade Verdane and retaliated by ordering a pre-emptive invasion of Grannvale, now defenseless with its army off to war against Isaach. The Verdane army successfully got as far as claiming Yngvi Castle and abducting its stewardess Edain, but was met with resistance from Sigurd of Chalphy and Quan of Leonster, who led a small force in first repelling the Verdane invasion, then in invading Verdane themselves to rescue Edain. Unable to convince his father to ignore Sandima's twisted advice, Prince Jamke released Edain and allied with Sigurd in fighting Sandima, who slew Batu upon the king's attempts to question Sandima's advice.[3] Following Sandima's downfall, Sigurd was entrusted with the task of governing Verdane on behalf of Grannvale, based in Evans Castle, but later abandoned Verdane when war broke against Agustria.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Belhalla, in which Jamke died, Verdane was left neglected by Grannvale and descended into a state of perpetual warfare between clans of bandits seeking to dominate it.[4] During this time, Deirdre and Sigurd took on a legendary status among the people of Verdane[5], who came to regard Deirdre as a saint.[6] In the aftermath of Grannvale's defeat, Jamke's son waged a year-long war to end the unrest and reunify Verdane, and from there dedicated himself to the country's reconstruction with support from Grannvale and Agustria.[7]

Notable locations in Verdane

Verdane Castle

Verdane Castle is the the capital of Verdane, situated in the north-west corner of the country above the Spirit Forest.


Evans Castle is located in the north-east of Verdane, near the borders with Agustria and Grannvale. From here, Sigurd governed Verdane following its downfall, having used the castle as the base of operations for his invasion of Verdane.


Genoa Castle is situated in the south-eastern corner of Verdane, and was the domain of Prince Kinbois. From Genoa, Kinbois subjected nearby villages to relentless savage assaults.[8]


Marpha Castle is located south of Verdane Castle and the Spirit Forest. It was the domain of Prince Gandolf, and was where he imprisoned Edain following her abducting from Yngvi; she and Dew were released from the castle by Jamke.

Spirit Forest

The Spirit Forest is a dense forest directly south of Verdane Castle. Somewhere in its midst lies a village in which the descendants of the exiled Saint Maera lived to avoid persecution for their Loptous descent, until Cigyun of the lineage grew weary of the life and abandoned it to live in Grannvale. At the end of her life she returned to the village and gave birth to her daughter, Deirdre, who lived there before leaving to marry Sigurd.[9]

Characters from Verdane

Character Description Appears in
Portrait batu fe04.png
The King of Verdane as of Grann 757. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait kinbois fe04.png
A prince of Verdane; Batu's eldest son. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait gandolf fe04.png
A prince of Verdane; Batu's middle son. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait jamke fe04.png
A prince of Verdane; Batu's youngest son. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait dew fe04.png
A thief of Verdane heritage. Genealogy of the Holy War
Descendant of Maera and mother of Deirdre; briefly lived outside the Spirit Forest. N/A
Portrait deirdre fe04.png
Cigyun's daughter, and wife of Sigurd and, later, Arvis. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait dimaggio fe04.png
A Verdane soldier. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait gerrard fe04.png
A Verdane soldier. Genealogy of the Holy War


Verdane is the subject of Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War; the player's starting point is Evans Castle, with the final target being to seized Verdane Castle. Additionally, Evans Castle is also present as the final destination of the Prologue, beyond the border with Grannvale, and as the home castle of Chapter 2.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data (Chapter 1)

Castle Data
Castle Initial state Units* Boss/guardian Notes
Evans Player (Home) 10 -- --
Nordion Partner 9 Eldigan The Nordion army does not emerge until Genoa has been seized.
Genoa Enemy 17 Kinbois --
Marpha Enemy 21 Gandolf The Marpha army emerges at the beginning of Turn 2.
Verdane Enemy 2 -- The Verdane army initially consists only of two Brigands roaming the map. The rest of the army, as well as Sandima, emerges after Marpha has been seized.
23 Sandima

Castle facilities

Vendor Arena enemies

Name Cost
Is snes02 slim sword.png
Slim Sword 3,000
Is snes02 iron lance.png
Iron Lance 1,000
Is snes02 javelin.png
Javelin 3,000
Is snes02 steel axe.png
Steel Axe 3,000


  • Fitting for a nation stereotyped as barbarians, Verdane's military is solely composed of Barbarians, Brigands, and Hunters, named commanders aside.

Etymology and other languages


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Verdane As of Fire Emblem Awakening. Possibly from Verdun, a city in north-eastern France.
Japanese ヴェルダン Officially romanized as Verdane; as above.
Spanish Verdane As above.
French Verdane As above.
German Verdane As above.
Italian Verdane As above.
Korean 베르던 Verdane; Used in Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, among the choices for the player's country in their profile card.


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese エバンス Officially romanized as Evans.


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ジェノア Officially romanized as Genoa. From Genoa, a city in Italy and formerly an independent republic.


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese マーファ Officially romanized as Marpha.



  1. "In the past, Verdane's frequent encroachment of the border earned them the label of barbarians by the people of Grannvale." — Opening of Chapter 1, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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    Sandima: What's that? Here I thought Verdane would workout somehow... You're just a bunch of savages. I've no longer any use for you. I'll be taking command of the troops from here on out.
    " — Batu and Sandima, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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  9. "There's a dense forest jus' north of this village. T'is called th' 'Spirit Forest'. I used t'live there once upon a time in a village hidden deep within th' forest. Th' legend goes that Saint Maera was exiled by his fellow Lopt clansmen for allying with us humans. That village is where all of Maera's descendants holed up t'avoid persecution. While I was there, a beautiful girl named Cigyun was living under th' village's custody. That was due t'her bein' th' last remaining descendant of th' Loputo prince. But Cigyun grew tired of th' forest life. She up and left thus breaking village law. She returned several years later expectin' a child. She gave birth to a little girl, but tragically didn't survive. Apparently, the village fortune-teller took after raising the child. I wonder where the child is now... If she's livin' she'd be around 17 or 18 I imagine." — A Verdane villager, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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