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Portrait of Batu in Genealogy of the Holy War.








King of Verdane


Genealogy of the Holy War

The... the dark priests... they infect every corner of our world... Sigurd... Stay vigilant, lest you be tricked too! I... I failed the people of Verdane... Sigurd, I beg you... Make this right... Protect... my... people...
— Batu, to Sigurd.

Batu (Japanese: バトゥ) was the last King of Verdane prior to its Grannvale annexation. Under his pacifist reign, Verdane ceased its infamous belligerence against neighboring Grannvale, until Batu himself launched what he believed to be a pre-emptive strike against the nation as a result of the machinations of his advisor, Sandima.


When Batu assumed the Verdane throne, he immediately set to work establishing peace with Grannvale and putting an end to his nation's belligerent history, part of which involved ensuring his aggressive two elder sons, Cimbaeth and Munnir, pacified and under control.[1] Late into his reign, Batu hired a new advisor: Sandima, a Loptrian priest unbeknownst to Batu. Sandima manipulated Batu, Cimbaeth and Munnir into complying with him in every respect, seizing control of the country.[2]

In Grann 757, shortly after the Grannvale army set out to war in Isaach, Sandima falsely informed Batu that Grannvale intended to invade Verdane, and in response Batu tasked Munnir with leading an invasion to stop Grannvale before they could do so.[3] Despite Grannvale being unattended by its army and an initial success in capturing Yngvi Castle, the Verdane invaders were defeated by a group led by Sigurd of Chalphy, who subsequently led an invasion directly into Verdane in a bid to rescue the abducted Lady Edain of Yngvi. Near the invasion's end, following the deaths of Munnir and Cimbaeth, Batu tasked his son Jamke with leading the final defense of the capital, but afterward began to question Sandima's honesty, for which Sandima fatally wounded him and seized control of the country.[4] Batu stayed alive long enough to be found by Sigurd and Oifey following Sandima's defeat, and with his dying breath he warned Sigurd of the threat of the Loptr Church.


Batu was a staunch pacifist, devoted to ending Verdane's violent history and building a lasting peace, breaking this only in a self-perceived self-defense by ordering a Grannvale invasion solely to prevent Grannvale from threatening Verdane. He was highly trusting toward others, which ultimately led to his downfall through his trust in and reliance upon Sandima.


Etymology and other languages

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As of Fire Emblem Heroes.[6] From Batu Khan, a Mongolian khan who lived in the thirteenth century.



Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Bator.[5] Corruption of Batu Khan.



From Heroes.



From Heroes.



From Heroes.



From Heroes.



From Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Batu; from Heroes.



  1. "The nation is widely dubbed a "barbarian kingdom" by Grannvale's people, owing to their constant raids on Grannvale soil. However, the reign of King Batu has seen a halt to Verdane's infamous border raids. A pacifist, King Batu has long worked to build a lasting peace with Grannvale, while also keeping his aggressive sons appeased. Ultimately, however, it was Batu himself who violated the peace he held so dear. Unexpectedly, Batu's three sons have launched an assault on Grannvale. Cimbaeth, the second son, lord of Genoa... Munnir, the eldest, lord of Marpha... And Jamke, the youngest of the three. Lurking deep within Verdane territory, the three now await the arrival of Sigurd." — Opening narration of Chapter 1, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Mark me words: this is all the doing of that sorcerer, Sandima, his advisor. I can just feel it. Ever since that... man arrived, it's been one mess after another. The king, his sons, the army... Save for the youngest son, Jamke, both king and country are at his every whim. Please, I beg you... save our country! Bring back the Verdane that once was!" — A Verdane villager, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "Batu: Surrender to the aggressors? You forget: I allowed Munnir to raid only because I knew they would strike first otherwise. I never intended for them to get this far.
    Jamke: This is all Sandima's doing, isn't it? That sorcerer has misled you all! You, Cimbaeth and Munnir have been playing right into his hands. You've let him trick you into your certain doom!
    " — Batu and Jamke, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "Batu: Sandima, he does have a point. Now I think about it, have you been truly honest all this time? You were my only source claiming Grannvale sought to invade us.
    Sandima: What's this? Is the savage growing its own brain? I should've known better than to rely on such thugs. Alas, now you've found your spine, I've no use for you. From now on, you kingdom and army are mine alone!
    Batu: What?! No, stay back! Back, I- - Guhh...
    Sandima: Hehehe... Good riddance.
    " — Batu and Sandima, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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