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FESK Velthomer Map.png


Castle Velthomer


Duchy; part of Grannvale



The lords of House Velthomer wield the power of fire, as bestowed upon them by the Goddess of Fire, Fjalar.
— A Silesse villager

Velthomer (Japanese: ヴェルトマー Velthomer) is one of the six duchies of the Kingdom of Grannvale. It is located in the north-east corner of Grannvale, near the border with the Aed Desert and north-east of the capital Belhalla. It was founded in the year 649, shortly after the fall of the Loptrian Empire, by Fjalar of the Twelve Crusaders alongside Grannvale itself and its other duchies; its ruling family are her descendants and possess his holy bloodline, permitting them to wield the holy fire tome Valflame. As with the other duchies, House Velthomer commands their own elite squadron of knights: the Rot Ritter, an army of fire mages.


Around the years Grann 736-738, House Velthomer experienced internal familial turmoil. At the time, the state was ruled by Duke Victor, a notorious drunkard and philanderer who nonetheless had a wife, Cigyun. Despite constant news of Victor's abuse of and philandering toward countless mistresses and the news of Victor raping one of her closest attendants, Cigyun nonetheless remained with him until she had an extra-marital affair with Kurth, Grannvale's prince. Upon learning of this, Victor denounced the pair in a final message and committed suicide, causing Cigyun to flee Grannvale.[1] With Victor's death, rule of Velthomer fell to his seven-year-old son, Arvis, who successfully retained hold of Velthomer's leadership with Kurth's behind-the-scenes support.[2]

By Grann 757, Arvis had been assigned the role of leader of the Weissritter in Belhalla, tasked with the care of the ailing king Azmur while the armies of Grannvale were at war with Isaach. In Grann 760, as part of the plan to "fight" the alleged traitor Sigurd's return to Grannvale, the Rot Ritter under Aida and the Friege army under Reptor used Velthomer Castle as their last line of defense, only for Aida and the Rot Ritter to turn on Reptor as per Arvis's plan and assist Sigurd in killing Reptor's army, after which Aida led Sigurd to the capital to be received by Arvis and the Rot Ritter, leading to the Battle of Belhalla.

Through marriage to Deirdre, Arvis became Grannvale's emperor, departing Velthomer; at some point in the intervening years, in an effort to thwart his Loptous-possessed son Julius, Arvis hid the Book of Naga in the treasury of Velthomer Castle in a box whose key was bound to Deirdre's circlet, for later use by its sole remaining potential wielder, Julia. At the conclusion of the war, the Velthomer throne was ascended by Saias, Arvis's illegitimate son and full-blooded heir.

Characters from Velthomer

Character Description Appears in
Fjalar The "Mage Fighter" of the Twelve Crusaders, and the founder of Velthomer. None
Victor The late Duke of Velthomer prior to his suicide in approximately Grann 737. Genealogy of the Holy War
Cigyun The former Duchess of Velthomer, Victor's wife and Arvis's mother. Fled Grannvale after Victor's suicide. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait arvis 01 fe04.png
The Duke of Velthomer from Grann 737 onward, and Victor's son. Later Emperor of Grannvale through marriage to Deirdre. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait azelle fe04.png
Victor's illegitimate son and Arvis's half-brother. Joined Sigurd's forces to rescue Edain from Verdane. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait deirdre fe04.png
Wife of Arvis, and a former resident of the Verdane Spirit Forest. Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait julia fe05.png
Deirdre and Arvis's twin daughter, and inheritor of her mother's major Naga holy blood. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait julius fe05.png
Prince of Grannvale, Arvis and Deirdre's twin son, and the human vessel of Loptous. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait aida fe04.png
A Velthomer general, and leader of the Rot Ritter in Grann 760. Mother of Saias. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait saias fe05.png
Son of Arvis and Aida, and a renowned tactician in Velthomer's service. Thracia 776, Awakening, Heroes
Portrait vaja fe04.png
A Velthomer commander of great repute. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait hilda fe04.png
A cousin of the Velthomer nobility, and the wife of Bloom of Friege. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait cohen fe05.png
A Velthomer general, father of Aida, and grandfather of Saias. Thracia 776


Genealogy of the House of Velthomer


Unnamed maid ══ Victor
══ Cigyun
══ Kurth
══ Hilda
Aida ══ Arvis
══ Deirdre
══ Sigurd
┏━━━━━━┻━━━━━━┓ Saias
═══════════ Julius
An unbroken line indicates direct descent. A dashed line (╍) indicates descent across multiple undefined generations. A double line indicates marriage and/or had children together; italics indicates the spouse from outside the family. Important relatives not directly connected with the Velthomer family are marked in gray.


Velthomer Castle in Chapter 5.

Velthomer Castle is present as a gameplay castle in Chapter 5 and the Endgame in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. It acts as the final destination of Chapter 5, albeit with the goal of talking to its NPC guardian, Aida; in the Endgame, it is the penultimate castle, situated on the other side of Belhalla and guarded by Manfroy; while assaulting it is not necessary to complete the game, doing so will allow Julia to be rerecruited and the Book of Naga to be obtained.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Used in Fire Emblem Heroes.[3]



Officially romanized as Velthomer.



As above



As above



As above



As above



As above

Traditional Chinese


Velthomer; used in Heroes.



  1. "Oh, I may as well tell you the whole story. This all took place nearly 20 years ago. The lovely duchess of Velthomer, a married woman mind you, fell for the prince. Now the duke of Velthomer was a reputed womanizer and had several lovers. The prince, however, was a straight arrow. Initially, the prince merely sympathized with the duchess, but then one day the two fell deeply in love. Now the duke lost his head. After writing a letter denouncing the two, he committed suicide. The duchess, clearly perplexed, disappeared without a trace. I believe her name was Cigyun." — Filat, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "There was a member of the Velthomer family who became the new leader, but Arvis himself had what can be called a 'gift of Kings', and held a talent and toughness/strength which was hard to believe it could come from a child, and maintained the stature as Velthomer's leader. In fact, the person who supported him from the shadows was Belhalla's Price Kurth, but Arvis only learned this fact a long time later."Designers' notes from Fire Emblem: Treasure, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: June 15, 2013
  3. "Duke of Velthomer, and descendant of the crusader Fjalar and Maera of the imperial family." — Help text description of Arvis: Emperor of Flame, Fire Emblem Heroes
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