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Another war's broken out? Ugh, not again! We've got absolutely nothing to do with Grannvale OR Agustria!
— An Orgahil villager

Orgahil (Japanese: オーガヒル Orgahil) is an island north of Agustria, separated from the Madino Castle territory by a thin strait. The island is not part of any nation's territorial holdings, and as a result for much of its history has been dominated by pirates as their base of operations. It is also the site of Bragi Tower, a monument to the sacrifices required to end the Loptrian Empire.


During the era of the Loptrian Empire, Orgahil housed a hidden Maerist conclave which sought to practice and spread the peaceful teaching of Saint Maera in spite of harsh oppression from the mainstream Loptrian faith which dominated the Empire. Among the disciples of the Maerists at Orgahil was Bragi, later one of the Twelve Crusaders, who grew up there in hiding and was raised as a Maerist bishop after being saved by a Maerist from sacrifice.[1] When Bragi returned to Orgahil after the war, he found his Maerist conclave had been wiped out in his absence. Near the site of the conclave, he erected the Bragi Tower as a memorial to the lost Maerists who raised him and as a reminder to the world that not all Loptrians were evil.[2]

In the intervening years, the Orgahil territory came to be dominated by gangs of pirates claiming the area, terrorizing the many pilgrims travelling to Bragi Tower and bribing the Infini army to turn a blind eye to their actions. The dominant pirate gang was the "Orgahil pirates", a mostly honorable band who hired themselves out to travellers to protect them from attacks by crueller pirates; however, they still assaulted ships themselves if they refused to pay for receiving their services.[3] The leader of the Orgahil pirates later adopted Brigid, daughter of Duke Ring of Yngvi, after she was lost at sea in a storm and raised her as his own daughter and heiress to leadership of the gang.[4]

By Grann 759, Brigid's adoptive father had died and she had succeeded control of the Orgahil pirates. She strictly adhered to her father's noble goals of aiding the poor in the region, earning the ire of some of her subordinates. This culminated in the fall of Agustria to the Grannvale army in this year, during which Orgahil pirates set out to raid villages behind Brigid's back. When Brigid refused to lead an attack on Grannvale, the pirates Duvall and Pizare staged a mutiny against her, expelled her from the leadership and sent their entire forces to attack both her and the Grannvale army under Sigurd. In response, Sigurd crossed the strait into Orgahil and wiped out the pirates, with Brigid joining his army and reuniting with her sister Edain along the way. Afterward, Sigurd's army fled to Silesse upon the arrival of Grannvale forces to arrest him for treason.

Characters from Orgahil

Character Description Appears in
Bragi One of the Twelve Crusaders; raised as a Maerist in Orgahil. None
Portrait brigid fe04.png
The lost noblewoman of Yngvi; raised by the former boss of the Orgahil pirates. Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776
Portrait duvall fe04.png
A traitorous Orgahil pirate who incites rebellion against Brigid. Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait pizare fe04.png
A mutinous Orgahil pirate. Genealogy of the Holy War


Orgahil Castle is present in Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and is the final castle to be challenged by Sigurd's army during the chapter's course. A small number of Orgahil pirates are deployed at the chapter's beginning, with the full force being deployed and sent to attack both Sigurd's army and Brigid after Sylvale Castle has been seized.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From the epithet of Brigid: Orgahil Pirate in Heroes.



Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Orgahil. Uncertain etymology; considered by some to be a mis-rendering of "ogre hill", in reference to the ogres of European mythology.



As above



As above



As above



Used in Heroes; Orgahil is not mentioned in Brigid's Italian epithet, but it is mentioned elsewhere in dialogue.[5]



As above

Traditional Chinese





  1. "Bragi, one of the Twelve Crusaders, was a holy worker who received the teachings of that Maerist Loptrian church. As he was about to become a sacrifice at a young age, he was saved by a Maerist bishop, and grew up in a hidden small island located in Agustria's northern area which was one of their central locations. Then, in that land Bragi took in knowledge of a bishop, and joined the liberation army at a young age. He continued to fight against the oppression of the Loptrian Empire, and as one of the last twelve fighters, met the miracle at Dahna fortress." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
  2. "After the Empire was destroyed, Bragi went back to his Maerist home town that saved and nurtured him. However, that land was already destroyed by the Imperial army, and what struck his eyes was the dispersed corpses of priests. Suprised and terrified, he went on to save the ruined world, and in order to release the people from the aftereffects of the Loptrian Church, strived to revive the old Earthen religion. This was because it was the one and only religion for the people who are put in a place against Loptous, and the Maerist bishops were also wishing for it. At that point, Bragi constructed a new church with his homeland of Edda as the base location, and at the same time constructed a gigantic tower at the island that protected and nurtured him. In one theory, it was said to seal his own powers, but the tower's goal was to mourn for the Maerist priests who saved the world from destruction, and to serve as an omen for the next generation. The omen was that the reason to build the tower was to tell them there were people in the Imperial inner circle and the Loptrian church that saved the people by sacrificing their own lives, and to pay the debts owed to their heavenly souls." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
  3. "These Orgahil pirates were one of the pirate gangs claiming the seas around Bragi Tower as their territory, and they are categorized as one of the honorable pirate gangs. These seas where countless pirates targetted ships on their pilgrimage to the Tower were territory of the country of Infini. However, the morals of this country's army was lacking and they accepted bribes from the pirates in exchange for pretending not to see anything. This is where these honorable pirates came in, and they took fees from ships in exchange for securing the seaway. They defended the ship from pirates attacking with the intent to take over, and that's how they made a living. However, even though they were honorable pirates, they were also infamous for mercilessly attacking ships that would not pay fees." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
  4. "Brigid, who was crying alone in the storage room at the bottom of the ship, was then picked up by the leader of the Orgahil pirates and was grown as his daughter. Luckily, the leader of this pirate gang that saved Brigid was one of the most powerful and honorable pirates. And thus, she inherited her foster father's will and was eventually called a honorable pirate even better than her father." - Designers' notes from Treasure, as translated by Serenes Forest
  5. "I pirati di Orgahil si rifiutano di compiere atti disonorevoli. Noi non aggrediamo gli innocenti!" — Brigid: Orgahil Pirate at the castle, Fire Emblem Heroes
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