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Dandelion Bandits

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Dandelion Bandits

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At least four members

Group type

Bandit group

The thieves hiding out in this forest apparently steal from greedy nobles siding with the Empire and give the loot to poor villagers. Their leader is a young man named Perne. The villagers call him a good thief.
— August

The Dandelion Bandits are a band of thieves appearing in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Their base of operations is in the Munster District's Dacia Forest, east of Tahra. Many of the members end up merging with Leif's liberation army towards the goal of getting rid of the Grannvale Empire.


The Dandelion Bandits are led by Perne. Some time shortly before Chapter 12 of Thracia 776 Perne finds Salem, a Loptyiran priest, that was wounded for trying to leave the Lopt order. Salem quickly earns Perne's trust and joins the Dandelion Bandits while he recovers from his injuries. Perne also has the captive cleric Tina in his possession, he uses her for her powerful Thief and Unlock staves to assist in thievery. Perne obtains her compliance by putting bugs on her face, which Tina says is horrible, though he has done no harm to her otherwise.[1]

Under Perne's guidance the group abstains from attacking or stealing from the poor.[2] Unfortunately not everyone in the group abides by Perne's ideal, with Colho being particularly troublesome. When Leif's forces arrive Colho attacks them, thinking them to be helpless travelers,[3] and is defeated. Perne is not troubled by this, as he was planning on cutting ties with Colho due to his behavior,[4] though he is worried that Leif's army may be soldiers sent from the Empire.

After Leif defeats Colho he enters the Dandelion mansion to chase off the Dandelion Bandits, thinking they are as bad as Colho's group. During the battle either Salem, Lifis, or Lara talks to Perne and tells Perne to join Leif's liberation army to free Thracia. Perne readily agrees and then tells Troude to stand down and join the liberation army as well.


Portrait perne fe05.png Portrait troude fe05.png Portrait salem fe05.png Portrait colho fe05.png
Perne Troude Salem Colho
Note: there are possibly more members, though they are presented as generic in gameplay so they are not listed here. It is unclear if Tina is considered a member of the group.


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Used in the Thracia 776 fan translation.



  1. "Tina: He told me to help him steal with the Thief and Unlock staves...
    Safy: Why didn't you refuse?
    Tina: I did... But then he did terrible things to me...
    Safy: Terrible things!?
    Tina: Yes...
    Safy: What did he do to you, Tina!? Tell me! I'm prepared for the worst!
    Tina: He... He takes huge bugs and puts them on my face... I-I was so scared... I thought I would die.
    Safy: ...Is that all?
    " — Tina and Safy, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  2. "You're a thief, but you don't kill or steal from the poor. I will fight with you as long as you stay that way." — Salem to Perne, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  3. "Dammit! You guys were soldiers!?" — Colho, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  4. "Perne: I don't like to kill people. But we've got more guys now, and some of them just don't want to listen. Especially Colho and his boys. They're a problem.
    Salem: Colho is evil. They are attacking defenseless travelers.
    Perne: I know. I'm going to cut ties with them once and for all.
    " — Perne and Salem, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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