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Portrait cohen fe05.png
Cohen's portrait from Thracia 776






Aida (daughter)[1]
Saias (grandson)

Starting class



Thracia 776

If you really want to help, then listen to me. Do you remember how my daughter Aida died protecting you from Manfroy?
— Cohen reminding Saias of the price paid for his continued survival

Cohen (Japanese: コーエン Cohen) is a boss appearing in Chapter 22 of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the father of Aida and the grandfather of Saias. Cohen serves the Grannvale empire, though he works against the Loptr Church for the sake of his grandson.


Several years before the events of Thracia 776, Cohen and Aida hid Saias from the Loptrians; Aida was killed by Manfroy for these efforts. To combat the Loptrians' influence in the world, Cohen hid Saias in a remote church to hone his skills as a tactician. Eventually, Cohen's efforts are successful and Saias eventually earned a spot in Velthomer's court.[2]

However, with the ascension of Julius—the vessel of Loptous—to the throne of the emperor of Grannvale, the Loptrians have swelled in power equal to that of the empire's; this puts Saias in grave danger once again. It is unknown what Cohen's long term plans were, but during the war against Seliph's and Leif's forces, he tried to keep Saias safe so that the Fjalar bloodline could live on.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776


Coen is briefly mentioned in Chapter 20 by Reinhardt. Reinhardt reports that Cohen is attempting to keep Seliph's liberation army from entering the Thracian peninsula.

Coen later appears in person as one of the bosses of Chapter 22. He is accompanied by Saias and Reinhardt in their attempts to prevent Leif's army from reaching Munster. When Leif's forces finally draw near, Cohen orders Saias to retreat; he insists that Saias must survive so that the Fjalar bloodline may persevere for future generations.

Cohen is either killed or captured during the battle by Leif's forces.


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Portrait cohen fe05.png
Ma snes03 baron enemy.gif Baron
Level 20
Authority ★★★★
Max HP 46 Speed 8
Strength 12 Luck 7
Magic 12 Defense 15
Skill 16 Constitution 14
Movement 6 FCM 0
Inventory Skills
Master Lance
Weapon Levels
Swords D Lances A Axes D Bows D Staves A
Fire magic D Thunder magic D FE5RankWind.png A Light magic -- Dark magic --


Cohen cared for his grandson Saias greatly and put much effort in shielding him from the Loptr Church and Manfroy. During the battle at the river Thracia he was willing to lay down his life while Saias retreated. He held the life of his grandson and the Fjalar bloodline of great importance, especially after his daughter, Aida, sacrificed her life in pursuit of the same goal. Saias seems to have returned a bond with Cohen, as retreating and leaving Cohen at the mercy of Leif's forces weighed on him.[3]


Battle quotes

You won't advance any further!
— Cohen

Death quotes

The Empire...will not...lose... Gah!
— Cohen when killed
...I have nothing to say.
— Cohen when captured and released


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Used in the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 fan translation.





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Portrait cohen fe05.png Baron
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  1. "Do you remember how my daughter Aida died protecting you from Manfroy?" — Cohen to Saias, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  2. "After that, I hid you in an isolated church and withstood Manfroy's relentless threats. And years later... Your ability was recognized, and you became the court bishop of Velthomer. I was happy that Manfroy wouldn't be able to touch you in your status." — Cohen, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  3. "Cohen: The enemy has come this far already... That's enough, Saias! Retreat!
    Saias: No, I wish to stay with you...
    Cohen: Silence! Are you telling me you can't follow my orders? Now go!
    Saias: Wait, please! I just...
    " — Cohen to Saias, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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