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Gomes redirects here. For the boss from Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and its remakes, see Gomer.


Portrait gomez fe05.png
Gomez's portrait from Thracia 776





Starting class



Thracia 776

I'm sick of this shit! What the hell are we accomplishing by working this worthless piece of land? I work my ass off day and night, and I'm still starving.
— Gomez

Gomez (Japanese: ゴメス Gomez) is a boss appearing in Chapter 8x of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is an underling of Dagdar though he has gone rogue since the disappearance of Eyvel.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776


Gomez first appears during Chapter 8 instructing Rumei, a hired mercenary, to not allow any intruders in Dagdar's Mansion. When Leif's forces appear Rumei is unsuccessful. During Chapter 8x, Gomez attempts to kill Dagdar and Tanya due to the fact that everyone is starving; their attempts at honest farming have been failure after failure and he is fed up with it.

Leif's forces arrive and save Dagdar and Tanya from Gomez. Gomez is either killed or captured by Leif's forces.


Portrait gomez fe05.png
Ma snes03 warrior enemy.gif Warrior
Level 5
Max HP 46 Speed 14
Strength 18 Luck 11
Magic 3 Defense 12
Skill 14 Constitution 19
Movement 6 FCM 0
Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
Steel Bow
Weapon Levels
FE5RankSword.png -- FE5RankLance.png -- FE5RankAxe.png A FE5RankBow.png B FE5RankStaff.png --
FE5RankFire.png -- FE5RankThunder.png -- FE5RankWind.png -- FE5RankLight.png -- FE5RankDark.png --

Personality and character

Gomez is purely motivated by the horrible food situation in Thracia; obtaining food through legitimate farming does not provide enough. Tired of Dagdar's and Eyvels attempt at honest farming, he attacks the village near Dagdar's mansion, though he is apologetic for his actions.

August comments that it is likely that Gomez and the other bandits were abandoned as children due to food shortages and that banditry was their only option for survival.[1]


Battle quotes

Damn! You think you stand a chance against Gomez the Invincible!?
— Gomez

Death quotes

Dagdar...I'm sorry... I had to... We'd all starve otherwise...
— Gomez when killed
You're...letting me go? Thanks...and... I'm sorry!
— Gomez when captured and released

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


Used in the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 fan translation.



Gomez or Gomes; Gómez is the Spanish form and Gomes is the Portuguese form of a surname meaning "man", of Visigothic origin.[2][3]


Sprite Gallery
Portrait gomez fe05.png Warrior
Bs fe05 enemy warrior axe.png
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  1. "This barren land can't be worked. Probably most of those people are the descendants of Thracian peasants. They were abandoned as children and had no choice but to grow up to be bandits. They wouldn't have been able to survive otherwise." — August, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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