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List of chapters in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

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Main story

Chapter List
Title Objectives Defeat New Units Bosses
Chapter 1 The Warrior of Fiana Seize the gate Leif dies Leif, Finn, Eyvel, Osian, Halvan, Marty, Dagdar, Tanya Weissman
Chapter 2 The Village of Iz Take the mansion Leif dies Ronan Bucks
Chapter 2x The Pirate Isles Seize the throne Leif dies None Lifis, Shiva
Chapter 3 The Gate of Kelbeth Seize the throne Leif dies Safy, Lifis Robos
Chapter 4 The Dungeon Escape Leif dies Brighton, Machyua, Lara, Fergus, Karin, Dalsin Dalsin
Chapter 4x Hero on the Wind Escape Leif dies Asbel None
Chapter 5 Mother and Daughter Escape Leif dies Eyvel, Nanna Raydrik, Veld, Bandol, Mareeta, Galzus
Chapter 6 The Escape Escape Leif dies Hicks Raydrik, Galzus, Truman
Chapter 7 The Shield of Thracia Escape Leif dies Finn, Safy, Shiva Eisenau, Shiva
Chapter 8 Mt. Violdrake Seize the throne Leif dies Osian, Halvan, Ronan, Carrion, Marty Rumei
Chapter 8x Dagdar's Mansion Seize the throne Leif dies Dagdar, Tanya Gomez
Chapter 9 The Emblem of Njörun Escape Leif dies Selphina, Cain, Alva, Robert Merlock
Chapter 10 Noel Canyon Seize the throne Leif dies None Largo, Dvorak, Olwen, Fred
Chapter 11 Dandrum Fortress Seize the throne Leif dies None Kempf
Chapter 11x Murder Hollace Seize the throne Leif dies Fred, Olwen Oltoph
Chapter 12 The Thieves of Dacia Seize the throne Leif dies Mareeta Colho, Salem
Chapter 12x Dandelion Seize the throne Leif dies Salem, Perne, Troude, Tina Perne
Chapter 13 The Walled City Have Leif escape the map Leif dies Glade List
Chapter 14 Open Fire Protect the throne for 10 turns Leif dies Deen, Eda, Homer Paulus, Baldack, McCloy
Chapter 14x Freedom Escape Leif dies Linoan Codda, Eichmann
Chapter 15 The Two Paths Pick a route Leif dies Linoan, Ralf Zyle
Chapter 16A Nohrden Line Seize the throne Leif dies Ilios, Sleuf Brook, Ilios, Kempf, Conomor
Chapter 16B The Dark Forest Escape Leif dies Shannam, Sara, Miranda Linecock
Chapter 17A Leonster's Gate Seize the throne Leif dies Sara, Misha Nikalaf, Moore, Misha, Saias, Mueller
Chapter 17B The First Rain of May Seize the throne Leif dies None Palman, Amalda
Chapter 18 The Liberation of Leonster Seize the throne Leif dies Xavier Gustaf, Xavier
Chapter 19 The Empire's Counterattack Escape Leif dies Amalda, Conomor Wolf, Amalda, Conomor
Chapter 20 The Scion of Light Protect the throne for 15 turns and defeat Baraat Leif dies None Baraat
Chapter 21 The Liberation War Seize the throne Leif dies Diarmuid Fraus, Seimetol
Chapter 21x The Detention Center Escape Leif dies None Zaom
Chapter 22 Across the River Seize the throne Leif dies None Cohen, Saias, Reinhardt
Chapter 23 The Palace of Evil Seize the throne Leif dies Saias, Ced Alphand, Farden, Altena, Coulter
Chapter 24 The Baron in Black Seize the throne Leif dies Galzus Raydrik, Galzus
Chapter 24x The Altar of Loptr Escape Leif dies Eyvel Dark Bishop
Final An Undying Oath Seize the Throne Leif dies None Veld, Porcus, Bovis, Canis, Draco, Mus, Tigris