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Rainbow Sage (Revelation chapter)

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Rainbow Sage

Cm fe14r 15.png


Sevenfold Sanctuary

New units

Nyx, Shura


Illusion Onmyoji

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Next chapter(s)

White Flames

To complete the Seal of Flames, you need the other four divine weapons. Once you have them, the Seal of Flames will become the Fire Emblem. [...] Without that, you have no chance of succeeding in your quest... Don't lose heart. Continue down the path you've chosen.
— Rainbow Sage

Rainbow Sage (Japanese: 虹の賢者 Rainbow Sage) is the fifteenth chapter of the Revelation campaign of Fire Emblem Fates. In this chapter, Corrin arrives in Notre Sagesse, and must overcome a trial to receive an audience with Rainbow Sage.


Main article: Rainbow Sage (Revelation chapter)/Script

Corrin and their group arrive in Notre Sagesse, and they immediately begin asking the locals about the whereabouts of the Rainbow Sage. The old man they are speaking to recognizes them sword as the Yato, and questions why they are seeking out the Rainbow Sage in the first place. The old man directs Corrin to the Sevenfold Sanctuary to find the Sage, warning them not to die on their way up the mountain. The group begins to tire on their way up the mountain, until they finally reach their destination. Corrin warns the group that actually meeting the Sage will not be an easy task; Corrin's assumption is right, as they encounter illusions who challenge them on their way to the Sage.

During their trial, a Kohgan arrives at the sanctuary, seeming to seek audience with the Sage as well so that he can receive the strength to rebuild his nation. Corrin meets with him, and surmises that he is a thief looking to steal from the sanctuary. Shura denies this, stating that he wants the Sage's gift of strength to topple the daimyo of Mokushu, as revenge for destroying his homeland. Corrin tells him that they already defeated the daimyo prior. He recognizes Corrin as the kidnapped Hoshidan prince, and agrees to help them on their quest. A mage later arrives, seeking to avoid the war. Corrin suggests giving her refuge, to which she responds to leave her alone. Corrin continues to urge her to join them, and she is eventually convinced.

After completing the illusions' trial, Corrin enters the final door, which takes them back to the house where they spoke to the old man. The old man reveals himself to be the Rainbow Sage, and Corrin tells him that they are seeking out a dragon to stop the war. The Rainbow Sage first takes the Yato and unlocks its power, transforming it into the Alpha Yato. He tells Corrin that, once the Yato meets the four divine weapons, it will be completed and become the Fire Emblem. The Rainbow Sage then collapses, prompting Corrin to urge Sakura and Elise to heal him, which the Sage advises against, saying that his time in this world has come to an end. After mentioning "human magic" not working on him, he reveals himself to also be the dragon Corrin was searching for—one of the twelve First Dragons, and the creator of the Yato and the divine weapons—and that he could not die until he atoned for making them. The Sage finally passes on, telling Corrin to make their own destiny. Corrin thanks the Sage and directs the group to move out to the Bottomless Canyon once and for all.

Upon returning to My Castle, Lilith asks Corrin if she could have a moment of their time, then reveals that a familiar face has come to see him/her. Jakob/Felicia appears and states that Corrin is doing well, and that they could not rest until they found them once word reached to him/her that Corrin went missing, stating they've been traveling across dimensional barriers and states that now that they're by Corrin's side again, that they'll now fight alongside them. Jakob/Felicia will now be available to the player's army at this point.


The group begins to climb the Sevenfold Sanctuary, hoping to meet the Rainbow Sage. They find that the road up is not an easy one.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize the boss Onmyoji's gate Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Corrin dies* or the player's army is routed* 1–9+2 {{{partner}}} 0+1−1 30+1−1
Cm fe14r 15.png
Map dimensions:
30 columns by 30 rows

This chapter features stairs that act as warp points between the rooms; by using the "Stairs" command while standing on them, a unit will be transported to the endpoint, and will be left with a movement stat = (unit's base movement − movement spent to reach the stairs) for the remainder of that turn action. They are located as follows:

  • Column 6, row 29–Column 3, row 25: Links the starting room and the southwest room
  • Column 15, row 29–Column 25, row 28: Links the starting room and the southeast room
  • Column 9, row 20–Column 2, row 16: Links the southwest room and the northwest room
  • Column 19, row 23–Column 28, row 19: Links the southeast room and the northeast room
  • Column 7, row 10–Column 11, row 18: Links the northwest room and the central room
  • Column 23, row 10–Column 19, row 18: Links the northeast room and the central room
  • Column 15, row 13–Column 15, row 9: Links the central room and the boss room

Character data

New units
Small portrait nyx fe14.png
Dark Mage
NPC, talk to with Corrin
Small portrait shura fe14.png
Steel Bow
Enemy, talk to with Corrin
Small portrait jakob fe14.png
Automatically at the end of the chapter
(If Corrin is male)
Small portrait felicia fe14.png
Automatically at the end of the chapter
(If Corrin is female)
Required characters
Corrin f ​
Available characters
Azura ​Jakob ​Gunter ​Sakura ​Hana ​Subaki ​Kaze ​Rinkah ​Hayato ​Takumi ​Oboro ​Hinata ​Saizo ​Orochi ​Reina ​Kagero ​Camilla ​Beruka ​Selena ​Kaden ​Keaton ​Elise ​Arthur ​Effie ​Benny ​Charlotte ​Silas ​

Note: Felicia is only a returning character if Corrin is male, while Jakob is only a returning character if Corrin is female. The returning characters list does not include any characters recruitable in paralogues or xenologues, as the player may not have taken on any available paralogue chapters yet. The list also does not include any bonus units, as they are recruitable at the player's discretion.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Diviner
Is 3ds02 key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Samurai
Is 3ds02 scroll.png Tiger Spirit Dropped by enemy Onmyoji
Is 3ds02 lance.png Spear Open western chest
Is 3ds02 katana.png Spirit Katana Open eastern chest
Is 3ds02 katana.png Alpha Yato Corrin's Yato transforms into this automatically at the end of the chapter

Event tile data

There are no event tiles during the events of the chapter. When returning to the area for skirmishes, the following event tiles appear:

  • Column 5, row 10: Two squares west of the stairs tile connecting to the lower-left staircase of the central room
  • Column 25, row 10: Two squares east of the stairs tile connecting to the lower-right staircase of the central room

Dragon Vein data

There are no Dragon Veins in this chapter.

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 onmyoji enemy.gif Illusion Onmyoji 5 1 32 0 18 14 14+1 11 15 13 - Tiger SpiritThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. Sun Festal
Stands on a gate, the chapter's seize point.
Ma 3ds02 general enemy.gif Illusion General 2 2 37 17 0 16 8 10 20 9 5 Iron Lance Iron Axe
Ma 3ds02 cavalier enemy.gif Illusion Cavalier 14 1 26 13 0 11 10 7 12 9 7 Steel Sword Iron Lance
Ma 3ds02 spear fighter enemy.gif Illusion Spear Fighter 14 3 26 12 0 13 12 5 11+1 7+1 5 Steel Naginata
Ma 3ds02 samurai enemy.gif Illusion Samurai 14 3 26 12 0 12 16+1 8 8−1 9−1 5 Steel Katana
Ma 3ds02 general enemy.gif Illusion General 2 3 37 17 0 16 8 10 20 9 5 Steel Lance Javelin
Ma 3ds02 diviner enemy.gif Illusion Diviner 14 4 23 0 12 11 13+1 4 5 8 5 Tiger Spirit
Ma 3ds02 outlaw enemy.gif Illusion Outlaw 15 3 24 9 1 10 16 4 6 11 5 Steel Bow
Ma 3ds02 diviner enemy.gif Illusion Diviner 14 1 23 0 12 11 13+1 4 5 8 5 Tiger Spirit Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Ma 3ds02 oni savage enemy.gif Illusion Oni Savage 14 2 28 13 1 7 10 2 13 5 5 Steel Club
Ma 3ds02 shrine maiden enemy.gif Illusion Shrine Maiden 15 1 24 0 11 11 12 8 6 13 5 Sun Festal
Ma 3ds02 archer enemy.gif Illusion Archer 14 2 26 10 0 14 11 5 10 4+2 5 Steel Yumi
Ma 3ds02 fighter enemy.gif Illusion Fighter 14 1 29 13 0 13 12 4 9 5 5 Steel Axe
Ma 3ds02 samurai enemy.gif Illusion Samurai 14 1 26 12 0 12 16+1 8 8−1 9−1 5 Steel Katana Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Ma 3ds02 ninja enemy.gif Illusion Ninja 15 2 24 10 0 17 17+2 5 8 10 5 Steel Shuriken
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 adventurer shura enemy.gif Shura Adventurer 10 1 34 20 11 23 27 15 14 24 6+1 Steel Bow Heal
Highwayman Movement +1 Lucky Seven Locktouch


  • Turn 1
    • Shura appears in the middle of the northeastern room

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 dark mage nyx other.gif Nyx Dark Mage 9 1 20 1 12 5 11 3 4 8 5 Fire
Countercurse Heartseeker


  • Turn 3
    • Nyx appears near ally starting positions

Boss data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Generic small portrait onmyoji fe14.png
Ma 3ds02 onmyoji enemy.gif Onmyoji
Level 5
Movement -
Max HP 32 Speed 14+1
Strength 0 Luck 11
Magic 18 Defense 15
Skill 14 Resistance 13
Inventory Skills
Tiger SpiritThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Sun Festal
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls C Staves/Rods D Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Rainbow Sage




Rainbow Sage


Sabio Lumen

Light sage


Le sage de l'iris

The rainbow sage


Der Regenbogenweise

The Rainbow Sage


Il savio irideo

The rainbow sage


무지개 현자

Rainbow sage



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