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Lonato Gildas Gaspard

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Artwork of Lonato from Three Houses.







Starting class


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Three Houses

Lonato Gildas Gaspard[2] (pronounced /⁠lʊ'nɑtoʊ ˈgæspɑɹ⁠/[key], Japanese: ロナート Lonato) is a character appearing in Three Houses. He is the lord of the Gaspard region and the adoptive father of Ashe.


Lonato is the head of House Gaspard in Faerghus. In Imperial Year 1173, Lonato found Ashe while he was trying to steal one of the books on his library, and as an act of kindness, adopts him along with his brother and sister. In 1176, Cassandra turned in his biological son Christophe to the Knights of Seiros due to the latter implicating himself in an assassination attempt of the Western Church against Archbishop Rhea, which the Church of Seiros, due to the delicate political climate of the time, covered up and made it seem like Christophe supported the Tragedy of Duscur instead. After his son's execution, Lonato grew bitter against both Cassandra and the Church, while harboring the suspicion that Cristophe's implication with the Tragedy of Duscur was false.

In 1180, Lonato raises his troops in rebellion against the Church of Seiros, bent on revenge for them sentencing Christophe to death under false pretenses. He does not inform his adoptive son Ashe of this, presumably because he does not want to get him involved. Byleth and their class are sent to end the rebellion and succeed in killing Lonato with the aid of Catherine. After Lonato's defeat, Catherine finds a note on his person detailing a plot to assassinate Rhea.

In Ashe's paralogue, it is revealed Lonato's rebellion was influenced by the Western Church in an attempt to weaken the Central Church.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Lonato is the boss of Chapter 3 of Part I. He won't show up on the map up until the only Dark Mage on the map has been defeated.


See also: The Magdred Ambush

Normal Hard Maddening

Small portrait lonato fe16.png
Ma ns01 paladin enemy.gif Paladin
Level 6
Movement -
Crest --
Max HP 35 Luck 10
Strength 15 Defense 14
Magic 8 Resistance 10
Dexterity 13 Charm 10+1
Speed 7
Inventory Abilities
Iron Lance
Lance Prowess Lv 3
Authority Lv 3
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- -- Gaspard Knights Lv 3
Assault Troop
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying Class mastery
E D E E E E E E E E E FE16ClassMasteryEmpty.png


Lonato is a kind and compassionate man with interests in botanics, as he teached Ashe how to make medicine out of plants in the past. He also never moved past the death of his biological son, which made him an easy target to influence by the Western Church.


Battle quotes

You have been deceived by that witch... I will show you the truth!
— Lonato, as the boss of Chapter 3.
Lonato: I apologize, Your Highness. It is regrettable that we should cross swords like this.
Dimitri: Lonato, I sympathize with your position. I really do. I have no wish to kill you, but I am afraid you have left me no choice. Please...forgive me.
Lonato: Your Highness... I cannot stop here. For my child, and for the people of Fódlan. If you will not stand aside, then I have no choice but to cut you down.

— Lonato against Dimitri in Chapter 3.
Lonato: Stand down, Ashe. I must destroy these evil-doers by any means necessary!
Ashe: Please surrender, Lonato! Whatever your reasons for doing this, we can still talk it out!
Lonato: Rhea is an infidel who has deceived the people and desecrated the goddess! We have virtue and the goddess herself on our side!
Ashe: Even if all that's true, dragging the townsfolk into it like this isn't right!
Lonato: Enough. If that is how you feel, prepare yourself! I'm putting an end to this!

— Lonato against Ashe in Chapter 3.

Critical quotes

Clear the way!
— Lonato
Filthy servant of Rhea!
— Lonato
Impudent brat!
— Lonato
I will not fall!
— Lonato

Death quote

That vile woman... Christophe... Forgive me...
— Lonato, as the boss of Chapter 3.

Choose Your Legends placement history

Round Placement Character Votes
724 Portrait lonato fe16a cyl.png
Three Houses (Academy arc)
Portrait lonato fe16a cyl.png
Three Houses (Academy arc)
Portrait lonato fe16a cyl.png
Three Houses (Academy arc)
Portrait lonato fe16a cyl.png
Three Houses (Academy arc)
Portrait lonato fe16a cyl.png
Three Houses (Academy arc)
Total results This character has 5 entries across all Choose Your Legends polls. 100


  • While never spoken in-game, Lonato's full name exists in the game's data and can only be seen via hacking.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Lonato Gildas Gaspard

Full name, known by just Lonato in menus. Lonato is an Italian town in Lombardy, northern Italy; its name is thought to derive from the Celtic Lona "little lake". Saint Gildas was a 6th century British monk who recounted the history of Britain after Roman rule up to Saxon settlement. Gaspard is a French given name and surname.



Lonato or Ronato Jilda Gaspard


Lonato Gildas Gaspard

As above.


Lonato Gildas Gaspard

As above.


Lonato Gildas Gaspard

As above.


Lonato Gildas Gaspard

As above.



Mentioned in Heroes.


로나토 질다 가스파르

Lonato or Ronato Jilda Gaspard

Simplified Chinese


Lonato Jilda Gaspard

Traditional Chinese


Lonato Jilda Gaspard



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