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Blood of the Eagle and Lion

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Blood of the Eagle and Lion

Cg fe16 great tree moon mural part 2.png
Mural used to introduce Blood of the Eagle and Lion.


Garreg Mach Monastery


Edelgard, Claude Azure Moon/Dimitri Verdant Wind

Years ago, we fought here as classmates. But not today. And so we fight on.
— Edelgard

Blood of the Eagle and Lion (Japanese: 鉄血の鷲獅子 Iron-Blooded Eagle and Lion) is the seventeenth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Azure Moon and Verdant Wind routes.


Main article: Blood of the Eagle and Lion/Script (Azure Moon)
Main article: Blood of the Eagle and Lion/Script (Verdant Wind)

Azure Moon

Gilbert reports that Imperial forces are gathering at Fort Merceus, commanded personally by Edelgard. The group decides to request reinforcements from House Charon and attempt to ally with Leicester. As the Faerghus army prepares to confront Adrestia at Gronder Field, Rodrigue discusses the Tragedy of Duscur with Gilbert and reveals that there was no evidence that Dimitri's stepmother Patricia was killed in the event. While Gilbert believes she was captured alive, Rodrigue speculates she may have had a hand in orchestrating the massacre. An allied soldier reports that the Kingdom messenger to Leicester was brutally murdered, and Byleth and Dimitri speculate that the Empire may have sabotaged their request for aid.

The next day, the Kingdom army marches to Gronder Field and confronts the Imperial and Alliance forces. A massive three-way battle ensues that will eventually come to be known as the Battle at Gronder, and Faerghus emerges victorious. As Edelgard escapes, Fleche appears and attempts to attack Dimitri. Rodrigue jumps in the way of her attack and is mortally wounded, giving Byleth the opening they need to kill her. Rodrigue asks Dimitri to find a reason to live before dying in his arms, much to the latter's horror. Afterwards, a broken Dimitri attempts to set off for Enbarr on his lonesome, but is stopped by Byleth. Byleth asks Dimitri to forgive himself for his actions up to this point.

Verdant Wind

Claude and Byleth successfully raise support from the other lords of the Alliance, and make plans to march for Enbarr in the coming month. Judith also reports that an unidentified army flying House Blaiddyd's banner is moving through Alliance territory and is heading east around Myrddin. At the end of the month, the Alliance army moves out and confronts the Imperial army at Gronder field, commanded personally by Edelgard; the Blaiddyd army also arrives under the command of a surviving, deranged, and vengeful Dimitri. A massive three-way battle ensues that will eventually come to be known as the Battle at Gronder, and Leicester emerges victorious.

After the battle, Hilda reports that Dimitri was killed by Imperial forces in a mad attempt to pursue the retreating Edelgard. She and Claude lament his death and wonder what happened to turn him into the madman he became. Elsewhere, a distraught and enraged Dedue swears to kill Edelgard in Dimitri's name. The Leicester army retreats to Myrddin, where Lysithea explains that she noticed strange mages dressed in black among the Imperial army. She recounts that House Ordelia was involved in a failed rebellion in the Empire 18 years ago; everyone involved was put to the sword, and those same mages in black took control of House Ordelia. They performed inhumane experiments on the children of House Ordelia, of which Lysithea was the only survivor; Claude connects this to Flayn's kidnapping five years prior. Claude resolves to find out the truth of these mages in black and begins preparations to push forward to Enbarr.

Calendar - Great Tree Moon

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Character data

Azure Moon   Verdant Wind  

New Units


Returning Characters


Item data

Name Obtainment Method
  Magic Staff Tournament prize  
  Silver Axe+ Tournament prize  
  Legends of Chivalry Quest reward: Worried Warrior
  Herring Bait (×2) Quest reward: Worried Warrior
  Earthworm (×5) Quest reward: Worried Warrior
  Lampos Shield Dropped by enemy Paladin in To War at Gronder
  Brave Bow Dropped by Bernadetta*/enemy Sniper* in To War at Gronder
  Umbral Steel Chest in To War at Gronder  
  Lampos Shield Chest in To War at Gronder  


Main article: Blood of the Eagle and Lion/To War at Gronder (Azure Moon)
Main article: Blood of the Eagle and Lion/To War at Gronder (Verdant Wind)

On the Azure Moon route, Fleche (disguised as a Maiden) appears as a NPC for the month. Likewise, Catherine (if she was recruited) will be gone for the first two free days and instruction days; she will return on the 19th.

On the Verdant Wind route, Claude's paralogue is unlocked this month, so get that done. In addition, Claude unlocks his ultimate class, Barbarossa, and reclasses there automatically. Lastly, this is the last month the paralogue The Face Beneath can be done on this route, so be wary of that if it's still undone by this point.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Blood of the Eagle and Lion




Iron-Blooded Eagle and Lion


Sangre de leones y águilas

Blood of lions and eagles


Le sang de l'Aigle et du Lion

The blood of the Eagle and Lion


Blut der Adler und Löwen

Blood of Eagles and Lions


Il sangue dell'Aquila e del Leone

The blood of the Eagle and the Lion


철혈의 그리핀

Iron-blooded griffon

Simplified Chinese


Lion and eagle of iron blood

Traditional Chinese


Lion and eagle of iron blood


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