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10 Elites

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10 Elites

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10 members (11 prior to Maurice becoming a monster)

Group type

Group of warriors


To serve Nemesis, and to defeat Seiros and the Adrestian Empire


Three Houses

If you could summon my 10 Elites to this world, we would be a force without equal.
— Nemesis, to Kiran

The 10 Elites (Japanese: 十傑 10 greats) were a group of warriors who played a central role in Fódlan's War of Heroes. Though they are referred to as the "10 Elites", historically there were in fact 11 of them, though one of these was largely erased from the history of Fódlan. The Elites were followers of Nemesis; they wielded the Heroes' Relics, and are the originators of many of the Crests and noble houses that are present in modern Fódlan.

In the Golden Deer route of Three Houses, Verdant Wind, the 10 Elites each appear as boss units in the route's final chapter, while the forgotten eleventh—Maurice—appears as a boss in Marianne's paralogue, Forgotten Hero.


The Elites were warriors that were allied with the "King of Liberation", Nemesis. Each had received a Crest—the blood of a dead Nabatean—and a Hero's Relic. According to certain texts, the Elites did not seem to know about the true origin of their relics[1], suggesting they did not personally kill any of the Nabateans nor did they fashion the weapons themselves; they likely instead received them from either Nemesis or the Agarthans. At some point, each of the Elites had children, who would carry on their Crests and later hold noble houses in their names for generations to come. Over time, the Elites became known as heroes among the people of Fódlan.[2]

As followers of Nemesis, the Elites fought alongside him in the War of Heroes against Saint Seiros and the Adrestian Empire for decades, until the war's eventual end between Imperial Years 91–98. After the death of Nemesis, each of the Elites was hunted down and slain, and their Heroes' Relics were taken away by the Adrestian Empire.[3] In order to keep the war from going on any longer, as well as prevent the people of Fódlan from knowing the true nature of the Crests or Relics, the Church of Seiros would record the Elites in history as heroes chosen by the goddess herself,[4] but who later rebelled due to their greed.

One of the Elites, Maurice, was not killed however, as he was transformed into a monster by his own relic. As a result, all records of him were removed from history, likely to further ensure the nature of the Relics would not be understood. In his monster form, Maurice continued to live even into year 1185, during the events of Three Houses. If his distant descendant Marianne von Edmund is recruited into Byleth's class, the two can undertake an optional mission to track him down and finally slay him.

More than a millennium after the War of Heroes, on the Verdant Wind route, Nemesis and the 10 Elites are revived by "those who slither in the dark" for their own purposes. The Elites and Nemesis cut a bloody swathe through Leicester Alliance territory before finally being killed for good by Byleth, Claude, and their army.


10 Elites

Is ns01 10 elites.png
Icon of the 10 Elites ability in Three Houses.

Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.



First game

Three Houses

In addition to each of the Elites appearing as boss characters, there is an ability by the name 10 Elites; it is held by each of the Elites in the final chapter of the Golden Deer route, Verdant Wind. The ability does not grant a unit any bonuses by itself, but instead exists to grant power to Nemesis; for every unit with the 10 Elites ability present on the map, Nemesis is granted several buffs through his own Mighty King of Legend ability.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Three Houses Is ns01 10 elites.png Activates another unit's Mighty King of Legend ability. If unit is alive -- --


Unobtainable Exclusively used by the 10 Elites.


Generic small portrait mortal savant fe16.png Generic small portrait war master 01 fe16.png Generic small portrait holy knight fe16.png Generic small portrait dark knight fe16.png Generic small portrait great knight fe16.png Generic small portrait bishop 01 fe16.png
Lance of Ruin
Generic small portrait bow knight 02 fe16.png Generic small portrait falcon knight 01 fe16.png Generic small portrait wyvern lord 01 fe16.png Generic small portrait gremory 01 fe16.png Small portrait wandering beast fe16.png
Aegis Shield
Rafail Gem

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

10 Elites




10 greats


• Diez Elegidos
• 10 Elegidos

• Ten Chosen; used to refer to the group.
• 10 Chosen; used to refer to the ability.


Dix Braves

Ten Braves


• 10 Elitekrieger
• 10 Eliten

• 10 Elite Warriors; used to refer to the group.
• 10 Elites; used to refer to the ability.


Dieci Campioni

Ten Champions


10 elites[5]




10 heroes

Simplified Chinese


Ten heroes

Traditional Chinese


Ten heroes



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  2. "Kusakihara: From the human perspective/side, Nemesis and the Ten Elites were heroes. As a result, ruling above humans, she would be unable to completely fabricate points that would deny every aspect of their history, eh."Nintendo Dream May 2020 Issue, translated by Serenes Forest, Published: March 21, 2020, Retrieved: March 25, 2020
  3. "Most of my clan has already surrendered to the Empire. To my surprise, I am told their safety was guaranteed. I, however, am a different matter. My life, along with my sacred weapon, will be unquestionably forfeit. My dear son and daughter... I hope you can forgive me one day." — Fragments of a Forgotten Memoir in the Shadow Library of Abyss, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  4. "To face this evil force, the goddess created a new well of power. She gifted certain chosen individuals with sacred blood, allowing them to wield mystical weapons, that they may prevail against the darkness. [...] They came to be known as Heroes." — The Book of Seiros, Part II from Garreg Mach Monastery's library, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  5. "Se você pudesse invocar meus 10 elites para este mundo, seríamos uma força incomparável." — Nemesis: King of Liberation at the home castle (Portuguese), Fire Emblem Heroes
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