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Duke Aegir

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Ludwig von Aegir

Medium portrait duke aegir fe16.png
Artwork of Duke Aegir from Three Houses.






Ferdinand (eldest son)



  • Duke Aegir
  • Prime Minister
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Duke Ludwig von Aegir[2] (pronounced /ˈaɪɚ/[key]; Japanese: エーギル公 Duke Aegir) is a non-playable character appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a Prime Minister of the Adrestian Empire and the father of Ferdinand.


Duke Aegir is the head of House Aegir of the Adrestian Empire. In 1167, he was tasked with the governance of the Hrym region after a revolt had taken place in it on the same year with cooperation from House Ordelia from the Leicester Alliance. Despite this, four years later, he and the other imperial noble houses started the Insurrection of the Seven in an attempt to seize power from Emperor Ionius IX after the latter was pushing reforms which would consolidate the power to himself[3], a time during which Lord Arundel took Edelgard and fled to Faerghus. After their return in Imperial Year 1174, Duke Aegir collaborated with Arundel and ordered the capture and experimentation of Ionius's scions in an attempt to infuse them with crests and create a perfect emperor he could control.[4] During this period, he also took control of the Hrym territory and imposed heavy taxes upon its people.[5]

In White Clouds, Duke Aegir is put under house arrest by Edelgard once she assumes the imperial throne during a secret visit with her father in Enbarr. Should Byleth be leading the Black Eagles, Edelgard can invite them to the ceremony in which Duke Aegir happens to stumble upon by chance, before he is promptly dismissed and incarcerated by Edelgard on the spot.

In non-Crimson Flower routes, House Aegir is stripped of all its titles after Edelgard declares war on the Church of Seiros, and Lord Arundel takes control of the Hrym territory and imposes even heavier taxes and conscription practices upon it, all in the name of the Prime Minister. Duke Aegir eventually escapes his imprisonment and makes his way into Hrym territory, where he is ultimately intercepted and killed by ruffians.

In the Crimson Flower route, Duke Aegir remains imprisoned while his son Ferdinand fights alongside the Black Eagle Strike Force and seeks to acquire his father's title by merit once the war's over.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Duke Aegir is an NPC seen in Chaper 11 during the Black Eagles route and in the paralogue Retribution.

Fire Emblem Heroes


While Duke Aegir does not make a proper appearance in Heroes, he is mentioned by his full name by Ferdinand.

Personality and character

Duke Aegir is an arrogant and greedy man willing to undermine whoever he needs as long it benefits him.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

• Duke Aegir
• Ludwig von Aegir

• Used in menus; Ægir is a sea jötunn associated with the ocean in Norse mythology.
• Full name, mentioned only in Heroes. Ludwig is a German name derived from the Germanic name Hludwig, from the words hlud, meaning "famous", and wig, meaning "war".



Duke Aegir


Duque de Aegir

Duke of Aegir


Duc Aegir

Duke Aegir


Herzog Aegir

Duke Aegir


Duca Aegir

Duke Aegir


에기르 공

Duke Aegir

Simplified Chinese


Duke Aegir

Traditional Chinese


Duke Aegir



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    Byleth: Who is to blame?
    Edelgard: The prime minister and his gaggle of nobles. They had the Empire under their thumbs. My father, the emperor, tried to stop him, was futile. My father was nothing but a puppet on a string by then. He was powerless to save us.
    " — Edelgard in her C+ - Support with Byleth, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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