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War of Heroes (Fódlan)

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War of Heroes

Ss fe16 seiros vs nemesis.png
Seiros fighting Nemesis in Battle of Tailtean, as depicted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.




Imperial years 32–98

Adrestian Empire
The Four Saints
Liberation Army
10 Elites
Wilhelm I
  • Adrestia's victory and the unification of Fódlan
  • Official foundation of the Crest Social System

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The War of Heroes (Japanese: 英雄戦争 War of Heroes) was a war that lasted 66 years on the land of Fódlan, which happened prior to the events of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Early stage

Prior to the foundation of the Imperial Calendar, Nemesis became the King of Liberation and the ruler of Fódlan, having previously, with the aid of "Those who slither in the dark", empowered himself with the blood of Sothis, harvested her bones to acquire the Sword of the Creator and slaughtered the Nabateans residing in Zanado[1] so he could grant his allies, the 10 Elites, their blood and bones in the shape of the Hero's Relics to accomplish this, all while the 10 Elites (or at least a good number of them) were unaware of the true nature of their newly acquired power.[2]

Nemesis' previous slaughter left a survivor, however; a young Nabatean named Seiros, who traveled across the land looking for surviving Nabateans (who once recruited, later adopted the name of the Four Saints) and seeking revenge against him by fostering an army that could take him down.[3] 41 years before the Imperial Calendar, Seiros appeared one day in Enbarr where Wilhelm Paul Hresvelg (later known as Wilhelm I) found and gave her shelter, and while she appreciated his kindness and support,[4] it's implied Seiros never disclosed him the true reason behind her vendetta towards Nemesis, likely to hide the origin of his power and the Hero's Relics.[5]

Afterwards, Seiros traveled throughout the nearby lands performing miracles while preaching the faith of the Goddess Sothis, gaining enough followers to the point she would later go on to form the Church of Seiros. In year 1 of the recently established Imperial Calendar, Seiros co-founded the Adrestian Empire along with Wilhelm I, which would go on to rule the southern reaches of Fódlan. In imperial year 32, Wilhelm I, now Adrestia's first emperor, raised an army in pursuit of unifying Fódlan. Nemesis then noticed Adrestia's efforts and quickly rallied his forces in the north in order to confront his enemy, thus officially beginning the War of Heroes.

The war and its resolution

In imperial year 46, the Battle at Gronder occurred, where both the Adrestian Army, supported by Seiros and her Four Saints (Macuil, Indech, Cichol and Cethleann), and the Liberation Army (Nemesis's forces) clashed at Gronder Field. The Adrestian army eventually emerged victoriously and the Liberation Army was forced to retreat.

Afterwards, the Battle of Tailtean occurred in year 91, with both forces clashing in the Tailtean Plains. The Adrestian Empire achieved victory and Seiros managed to slay Nemesis, thus fulfilling her revenge. Cichol's wife died during the struggle, however, and his daughter Cethleann fell into hibernation after abusing her powers at his father's behest. Filled with grief, Cichol departed with his unconscious daughter to watch over her in Zanado. Macuil and Indech later departed as well to Sreng and Lake Teutates respectively, with many people speculating the Saints' eventual fates.

In year 98, the War of Heroes finally came to a close; 10 Elites were found and slain, their Houses were spared and recruited into the Empire,[6] and Lycaon I, Wilhelm’s successor, perished due to a sudden illness. With the Empire now ruling over all of Fódlan, Seiros recorded the events of the war as the construction of Garreg Mach Monastery began to take place, and established the Crest Social System which would determine Fódlan's hierarchy for the upcoming centuries.

In this new history crafted by Seiros and, in order to prevent prosecution and keep peace in Fódlan (as Nemesis was considered a hero by many),[7] the Nabatean claimed the King of Liberation had been previously gifted power by the Goddess Sothis in order to destroy evil forces from the north, was eventually corrupted by power and, in the end, was forced to be put down by Seiros. Unbeknown to her, Wilhelm I left to the imperial line his own accounts of the conflict as he knew it, claiming the War of Heroes was a conflict about which kind of species deserved to rule over Fódlan: the Children of the Goddess or the Humans.[8]

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War of Heroes




War of Heroes; shares its name with the War of Heroes on Archanea, depicted in the events of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem Book 2 and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.


Krieg der Heroen

War of Heroes



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    Byleth: How did he get the Sword of the Creator?
    Rhea: The legend that the goddess gifted him the sword so that he could fight the wicked false. That story was created after the fact. I do not know how Nemesis obtained the sword, or why he appeared in Zanado. But he used that sword to massacre the people there. The children of the progenitor god. From their corpses he gained even more power, and brought war to Fódlan..." — Rhea in Silver Snow Chapter 20, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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    ...Based on the composition of ___ it can be summarized that _______ likely a massive creature akin to a wyvern. However ____ strength is beyond compare to that of wyvern bones. They are more durable than all materials other than crucible steel, making them ideal for crafting weaponry, and absolutely _______ inhabiting ____ difficult to conceive, but one theory ____ Is it possible that ______ the goddess's ___ have potentially...
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    The time has come. I must discard_____ I daresay the goddess would not wish for me to learn more than I already have.
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    Byleth: Why would she do that?
    Edelgard: The church maintains the false history that he was corrupted and turned evil. However, it was little more than a simple dispute.
    Edelgard: Should the one leading the people of the world be someone with humanity or a creature that can merely masquerade as a human at will? In the end, Seiros was victorious. The Immaculate One and her family then took control of Fódlan. I know this because that knowledge is passed down from emperor to emperor. And that is because the first emperor is the human who cooperated with Seiros, allowing humanity to be controlled in secret." — Edelgard in Crimson Flower Chapter 14, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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