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Adrestian Empire

FETH world map highlighted.png
Map of Fódlan from Three Houses c. 1180. Adrestia is marked in red.





  • Monarchy (1 - 1171, 1180 - 1186)
  • Oligarchy (1171 - 1180)
  • Meritocracy (1186 onward) (Crimson Flower route only)


The Adrestian Empire (Japanese: アドラステア帝国 Empire of Adrastea), alternately referred to simply as Adrestia (pronounced: /⁠əˈdɹɛstiə⁠/[key]; Japanese: アドラステア Adrastea), is an empire spanning the southern half of Fódlan in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The Empire once held dominion over all of Fódlan, but has significantly decayed in influence over the millennium of its existence.


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The Adrestian Empire currently spans the southern half of Fódlan. To the east, its border with the Leicester Alliance lies along the Airmid River.



The Adrestian Empire was founded in Imperial Year 1 by Wilhelm Paul Hresvelg with the support of Saint Seiros. In 32, Emperor Wilhelm I raised an army to unite Fódlan under the Adrestian banner and oppose the King of Liberation, Nemesis, in a conflict known as the War of Heroes; the Empire emerged victorious in 91 with the death of Nemesis at Seiros' hands, and brought a formal end to the War of Heroes in 98 with the passing of Emperor Lycaon I.

Fragmentation of the Empire

In 721, the seabound nation of Dagda invaded Adrestia with support from the Brigid Archipelago. The Empire counterinvaded Brigid in 728, conquered it, and made it into a vassal state. Adrestia moved on to Dagda in 731, but was repelled. In 747, a man named Loog led the northern half of Adrestia in rebellion in the War of the Eagle and Lion. Loog emerged victorious, and with the support of the Church of Seiros founded the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus in 751. The eastern Leicester region of Adrestia later revolted in 801, and Faerghus occupied and annexed it; 80 years later, Leicester would launch its own movement for independence, leading to the foundation of the Leicester Alliance in 901. In 961, Adrestia supported Leicester in repelling an invasion from the eastern nation of Almyra; this led to the international effort to construct Fódlan's Locket in 1101 to defend Fódlan's eastern border.

Modern history and reunification of Fódlan

During his reign, Emperor Ionius IX attempted to consolidate power in the Empire. House Hrym responded by revolting and attempting to defect to the Alliance with the aid of House Ordelia, in what came to be known as the Hrym Rebellion. The Empire successfully suppressed the rebellion, but the damage was done. In 1171, six great noble families - Houses Bergliez, Hevring, Varley, Vestra, Gerth, and Aegir - plus House Hrym launched a soft coup known as the Insurrection of the Seven and reduced Ionius IX to a figurehead. By this point, a cult known as "those who slither in the dark" who were descended from a band of ancient humans who were wiped out by the goddess Sothis had infiltrated the Empire. They abducted the Imperial children to use for inhuman experimentation in order to implant someone with the Crest of Flames so they could wield the Sword of the Creator; Ionius IX's ninth child, Edelgard, was the sole survivor and successful test subject.

Late in 1180, Edelgard secretly traveled to Enbarr and convinced the aging and infirm Ionius IX to abdicate, and assumed the role of Emperor from that point onward. Having come to blame the Church of Seiros for propagating Crests as the be-all and end-all of determining worth in Fódlan, Edelgard declared war on the Church and won the opening conflict in the Battle of Garreg Mach. The ultimate outcome of the war would be determined by the actions of a mercenary turned professor named Byleth.

On non-Crimson Flower routes, where Byleth either taught the Blue Lions or Golden Deer, or taught the Black Eagles and sided with the Church, by 1185 the Empire had conquered western Faerghus and driven crown prince Dimitri into exile. Byleth's reawakening decisively tipped the war against the Empire. After retaking Garreg Mach Monastery to use as a base of operations, Byleth and their allies launched a campaign against Adrestia by taking the Great Bridge of Myrddin on the Imperial-Alliance border to use as a foothold. After a brutal three-way battle between Adrestia, Faerghus, and Leicester known as the Battle at Gronder, Byleth conquered Fort Merceus as the precursor to an invasion of Enbarr itself. Edelgard was defeated and slain in the battle, and the Adrestian Empire ended with her death; its territories were annexed by either the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus (on Azure Moon) or the nascent United Kingdom of Fódlan (on Verdant Wind and Silver Snow).

On the Crimson Flower route, where Byleth chose to teach the Black Eagles and sided with Edelgard upon learning of her desire to overthrow the Church, the Empire was locked in a bitter stalemate for five years with Faerghus and the Church, while Leicester remained nominally neutral. In 1185, Byleth awoke from a coma and led the Empire in battle against Leicester, defeating and annexing it within two months. After repelling a counterattack from the Church, Edelgard and Byleth launched their invasion of Faerghus and slew its king Dimitri at the Tailtean Plains at the beginning of 1186. Seiros, by this time having assumed the role of archbishop of the Church under the name Rhea, retreated to the Kingdom capital of Fhirdiad and made a last stand against Imperial forces, but Edelgard emerged victorious and reunited Fódlan under her rule. Edelgard finally reformed the Empire so that anyone with the talent and drive to succeed could ascend to power and launched a shadow war against "those who slither in the dark".

Characters from Adrestia

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait edelgard fe16.png
Edelgard von Hresvelg
The princess of Adrestia, who ascends to the throne in 1180. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait hubert fe16.png
Hubert von Vestra
Scion of House Vestra and Minister of the Imperial Household as of 1180. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait ferdinand fe16.png
Ferdinand von Aegir
Scion of House Aegir. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait linhardt fe16.png
Linhardt von Hevring
Scion of House Hevring. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait caspar fe16.png
Caspar von Bergliez
Second son of House Bergliez. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait bernadetta fe16.png
Bernadetta von Varley
Scion of House Varley. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait dorothea fe16.png
Dorothea Arnault
A former songstress in the Mittelfrank Opera Company. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait mercedes fe16.png
Mercedes von Martritz
A former stepdaughter of House Bartels. Absconded to Faerghus in her youth. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait hanneman fe16.png
Hanneman von Essar
A Crest scholar who renounced his peerage and traveled to Garreg Mach to continue his studies. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait manuela fe16.png
Manuela Casagranda
A former songstress in the Mittelfrank Opera Company and current teacher at the Officers Academy. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait flayn fe16.png
A mysterious girl residing at Garreg Mach Monastery, who was born in Enbarr. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait jeritza fe16.png
Jeritza von Hrym
The adopted scion of House Hrym and the fencing instructor at the Officers Academy. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait constance fe16.png
Constance von Nuvelle
A survivor of the fallen House Nuvelle. Currently lives in Abyss. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait hapi fe16.png
Girl from a forgotten village of Saint Timotheos until the age of nine. Currently lives in Abyss. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait duke aegir fe16.png
Ludwig von Aegir
Prime Minister of Adrestia from 1171–1180. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait fleche fe16.png
Fleche von Bergliez
A squire in the Imperial army. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait ionius ix fe16.png
Ionius IX
Emperor of Adrestia until 1180. Three Houses
Small portrait ladislava fe16.png
Captain of Edelgard's personal guard and general in the Imperial army. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait arundel fe16.png
Volkhard von Arundel
Regent of the Empire and brother-in-law to Emperor Ionius IX. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait cornelia fe16.png
Cornelia Arnim
A former Imperial scholar and current court mage in Faerghus. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Generic small portrait trickster fe16.png
Baron Ochs
Head of House Ochs. Three Houses
Small portrait monica fewa2.png
Monica von Ochs
Scion of House Ochs. Went missing in 1179 during a visit to Ochs Territory. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait randolph fe16.png
Randolph von Bergliez
A general in the Imperial army. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Generic small portrait mage 04 fe16.png
Duke Gerth
Minister of Foreign Affairs. Three Houses
Small portrait count bergliez fewa2.png
Leopold von Bergliez
Minister of Military Affairs. Caspar's father. Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait count hevring fewa2.png
Waldemar von Hevring
Minister of Domestic Affairs. Linhardt's father. Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait count varley fewa2.png
Grégoire von Varley
Minister of Religious Affairs. Bernadetta's father. Warriors: Three Hopes

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From Adrasteia (Ἀδρήστεια Adrḗsteia in the Ionic dialect), a nymph in Greek mythology who was ordered by Rhea to nurture Zeus in secret to protect him from his father Cronus. Her name (meaning "the inescapable") is used as an epithet for the goddess of retribution, Nemesis.



Adrastea; variant of Adrasteia.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



Used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.




Simplified Chinese



Traditional Chinese





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