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Danger in the Dark

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Return to Me

We have abducted Cardinal Aelfric. We can guarantee his safety, for now. If you want to help him, meet us tomorrow evening in the ruins of the old chapel. Bring the chalice. Know that if you alert the knights, the cardinal's life will be forfeit.
— Ransom note, as related by Hapi

Betrayal (Japanese: 裏切りの刻 Moment of betrayal) is the fifth chapter of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion Cindered Shadows.

Completing this chapter will allow the player to recruit Hapi in the main story.


Main article: Betrayal/Script

The party reports to Rhea, explains all that has transpired, and convinces her to allow them to head to the chapel ruins with the Chalice of Beginnings to rescue Aelfric. When a knight protests, she expresses her confidence that nobody can replicate the Rite of Rising. After the party leaves, Rhea remembers the necessary condition for the ceremony – the blood of the four apostles – and orders an investigation into the origins of the four Ashen Wolves. The party returns to Abyss and asks Yuri how he came to be there. He admits that during his time as a member of the Officers Academy, he was ordered to kill members of his own gang; when he protested, the ensuing argument escalated into him murdering the members of the church, and only Aelfric's intervention prevented him from being executed. Linhardt remembers the names of the Four Apostles who performed the original Rite of Rising, and the Ashen Wolves admit to possessing the Crests of the Apostles: Aubin for Yuri, Chevalier for Balthus, Timotheos for Hapi, and Noa for Constance. The group prepares to depart for the chapel.

Shortly before moving out, Yuri asks Byleth to meet him at the Holy Mausoleum at midnight tomorrow night. Byleth and their companions head to the chapel ruins and confront the marauders and their leader, Metodey. Hapi uses her sigh to summon giant monsters to distract the marauders while they rescue Aelfric, and the party slays the marauders and forces Metodey to retreat. However, Aelfric and Yuri betray the group, steal the Chalice, and abduct the rest of the Ashen Wolves. The unharmed Byleth regroups with the other students, and Rhea arrives. She explains that Aelfric's goal is almost certainly to use the blood of the Ashen Wolves to trigger the Rite of Rising; the Chalice can restore life to a body, but cannot bring back a deceased soul. Alois appears and reports that thieves have breached Garreg Mach Monastery and are pillaging everything in sight, forcing Rhea to deploy the Knights of Seiros to deter them. Byleth informs their students about Yuri's request to meet them at the Holy Mausoleum, and the group decides to go.

Character data

New units


Available characters
Byleth m ​Edelgard ​Dimitri ​Claude ​Linhardt ​Ashe ​Hilda ​Yuri ​Balthus ​Constance ​Hapi ​

Item data

At the beginning of the chapter, the Sword of the Creator automatically has 5 uses restored.

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 potion.png Vulnerary Dropped by enemy Fortress Knight in Besieged at the Chapel Ruins
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Assassin in Besieged at the Chapel Ruins
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Sniper in Besieged at the Chapel Ruins
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Fortress Knight in Besieged at the Chapel Ruins
Is ns01 bullion.png Large Bullion Dropped by Metodey in Besieged at the Chapel Ruins
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by reinforcement enemy Sniper in Besieged at the Chapel Ruins
Is ns01 sword+.png Silver Sword+ Open the chest in Besieged at the Chapel Ruins
Is ns01 ore.png Smithing Stone (×10) Automatically at the end of the battle


Main article: Betrayal/Besieged in the Chapel Ruins

Note that this is your last opportunity to visit Abyss during Cindered Shadows. Also note that completing this chapter for the first time allows you to recruit Hapi in the main story.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes





Moment of betrayal











Il tradimento

The betrayal


배신의 시간

Time of betrayal

Simplified Chinese


Moment of betrayal

Traditional Chinese


Moment of betrayal


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