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Small portrait the immovable fe16.png
Portrait of Indech, the Immovable, from Three Houses.



2nd of the Lone Moon (March 2nd)[1]


The Immovable

Starting class

Lord of the Lake

I know well what it is that you desire. If you want it, you must first complete my trial.
— The Immovable

Saint Indech (pronounced /ˈɪndɛk/[key][2]; Japanese: インデッハ Indech) was a significant figure in the history of Fódlan. He is one of the Four Saints who fought alongside Seiros in the battle against Nemesis. He is also known as the Immovable (Japanese: 動かさざる重きもの That which is too heavy to move).


Indech is one of the Children of the Goddess. After the massacre perpetuated by Nemesis in Zanado, he joined forces with Seiros and the other surviving Nabateans, becoming one of the Four Saints and sharing his blood to his human allies, empowering them against their upcoming fight with Nemesis and his allies. Indech later participated in the War of Heroes, vanishing from all records of history once it came to a close.

In Imperial Year 1185-1186, Indech can be found in a paralogue availabe for all routes where Leonie is guided by Linhardt to Lake Teutates, seeking to obtain The Inexhaustible, Indech's sacred bow. Both then are greeted by Indech in his dragon form, telling them they need to clear his trial—defeating his phantoms and himself—if they desire a wish from him. Leonie, Linhardt and their allies pass Indech's trial and the saint grants them his weapon before they depart.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Indech is the boss of Linhardt and Leonie's paralogue, Legend of the Lake.


Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range. The figures to the left of the ~ are taken from a chapter 15 playthrough, the earliest possible point where this chapter may be undertaken; the figures to the right of the ~ are taken from a chapter 18 playthrough, the point where this boss hits level 40 and stops scaling from there.

Normal Hard Maddening

Personality and character

Indech was known for being reclusive, to the point of hiding himself at the bottom of Lake Teutates, and living most of his life in solitude.[3] In spite of this however, he was also a renowned and unyielding fighter, always helping those in need with his skills and wisdom.


Battle quotes

Fine. Defeat me, and show me what you are capable of!
— The Immovable, as the boss of Legend of the Lake
Could you be the incarnation of Sothis? Interesting... Let's test your mettle!
— The Immovable against Byleth in Legend of the Lake
Linhardt: We'll fight, but your form and mannerisms suggest that you may be...
The Immovable: If you want your wish to be granted, it is better that you fight me in ignorance.

— The Immovable against Linhardt in Legend of the Lake
Leonie: Hey, Mr. Magic Beast! If we defeat you, will you grant our wish?
The Immovable: Indeed, I will.
Leonie: Great! I may not have a Crest, but I'll give it my all!
The Immovable: You are an interesting young girl... I accept your challenge.

— The Immovable against Leonie in Legend of the Lake
The Immovable: Oh! You're here too! I've always wanted to meet you, Ceth—
Flayn: I ask that you keep quiet, Uncle!
The Immovable: What's that? Ceth—
Flayn: Shh! Please keep quiet, Uncle!

— The Immovable against Flayn in Legend of the Lake
Seteth: You seem to be holding back. Thank you for that.
The Immovable: Hmph. Do not flatter me. My power is not what it once was. The best I can do nowadays is to have fun meddling with humans who wander in here.
Seteth: I see. We were hoping you might help us, but it seems that may be too difficult.

— The Immovable against Seteth in Legend of the Lake

Other appearances


Etymology and other languages


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Indech
Japanese インデッハ Indech.
Spanish Indech As above.
French Indech As above.
German Indech As above.
Italian Indech As above.
Korean 인데히 Indech
Simplified Chinese 印迪哈 Indech
Traditional Chinese 印迪哈 Indech

The Immovable

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English The Immovable
Japanese 動かさざる重きもの Roughly translates to "that which is too heavy to move".
Spanish El Inamovible The Immovable
French L'Immuable The Immuable; "immuable" is an obscure English word meaning "unchanging".
German Der Unbewegliche The Immovable
Italian L'Inamovibile The Immovable
Korean 부동하는 존재 Roughly, "an immovable being".
Simplified Chinese 不动如山者 Roughly, "one as motionless as a mountain".
Traditional Chinese 不動如山者 Roughly, "one as motionless as a mountain".



  1. Day 2 of Lone Moon (March) in the Fódlan calendar is Saint Indech Day, and the other Saints' days (Seiros, Cichol, Cethleann) all correspond to those character's birthdays
  2. Various characters in Three Houses
  3. "Seteth: Saint Indech, one of the Four Saints. He was an extraordinarily shy person. It is said that he spent most of his life in solitude, unable to open his heart to anyone.
    Bernadetta: I like him already.
    Seteth: He was, after all, a man who hid himself away at the bottom of a lake.
    " — Bernadetta and Seteth's B support, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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