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Almyra as seen in Fódlan's map.







Almyra (pronounced /⁠ɑlˈmaɪɹə⁠/[key]; Japanese: パルミラ Palmyra) is a kingdom located at the far east of Fódlan, bordering with the Leicester Alliance. The kingdom's lands contain mountains, deserts and fertile prairies. It boasts a culture that promotes warfare and conserves a strong tradition towards horsemanship.[1]


While not much is known about Almyra's past, it has long since held a contested relationship with Fódlan due to their people's love for battle. In Imperial Year 961, the Almyran army crossed Fódlan’s Throat and invaded Alliance territory, which was barely driven off with help from the Adrestian Empire. Somewhere around 980, the Officers Academy was founded at Garreg Mach Monastery with the intention of preparing the people of Fódlan against future Almyran invasions. In 1101, Fódlan’s Locket was constructed in Fódlan's Throat as a joint effort between the Adrestian Empire, Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and Leicester Alliance to defend against future Almyran invasions, with House Goneril of Leicester being given the responsibility of guarding it.

In 1160, Tiana, daughter of Duke Riegan, fell in love with the king of Almyra and eventually abandoned Leicester in pursue of her beloved, both eventually bringing a child into life named Khalid. In 1177, House Goneril captured an orphan named Cyril during one of the Alliance's skirmishes against Almyra and turned him into a servant; in 1178, during one of Archbishop Rhea's visits to House Goneril, she noticed Cyril and offered him work at Garreg Mach Monastery, a chance Cyril took. In 1179, Khalid traveled from Almyra into the Leicester Alliance, adopted the name of "Claude von Riegan" and proclaimed himself as the legitimate heir to House Riegan. Afterwards, he enrolled into Garreg Mach Monastery in the Golden Deer house, studying and fighting alongside his peers. Late in 1180, newly-crowned Adrestian emperor Edelgard von Hresvelg declared war on the Church of Seiros, triggering a bloody five-year long conflict within Fódlan. Almyra's role in the war, if any, would be determined by the actions of a mercenary named Byleth.

On the Verdant Wind route, where Byleth taught the Golden Deer, Claude spent five years surreptitiously setting up Almyra's intervention in the war on the Alliance's side as a part of his long-held dream to forge a new peace between Almyra and Fódlan. His opportunity came during the siege of the imperial Fort Merceus. Famed Almyran general Nader led his troops into battle and helped Claude conquer the fort. However, he was driven off when a cult known only as "those who slither in the dark" annihilated Merceus with strange weapons Nader dubbed "javelins of light". Nevertheless, the Alliance emerged victorious in the war, and Claude returned to Almyra to take the throne and fulfill his dream of peace.

On the Crimson Flower route, where Byleth taught the Black Eagles and sided with the Empire, Claude called in Almyran reinforcements led by Nader to fight in the battle of Derdriu. However, Nader was driven off, the Alliance was defeated, and Claude was exiled or executed at the player's discretion. Nader later triggered another skirmish at Fódlan's Locket, but was personally defeated by Edelgard.

Characters from Almyra

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait claude fe16.png
The son of the Almyran king and Tiana. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait cyril fe16.png
An Almyran orphan who was captured by House Goneril of Leicester. Currently works at Garreg Mach Monastery. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait nader fe16.png
A renowned Almyran general who frequents Fódlan's Locket. Three Houses, Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait shahid fewa2.png
A prince of Almyra vying for the throne. Brother to Khalid. Warriors: Three Hopes

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Alteration of Palmyra.



Palmyra; from the ancient city of Palmyra, located in present day Syria.



As above.



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As above.



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Used in Heroes.




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  1. "A great kingdom to the east of Fódlan. Its territory borders that of the Leicester Alliance, with the precipitous mountain range known as Fódlan’s Throat acting as the deciding line. Its people maintain a strong legacy of horsemanship and relish in the thrill of battle. This vast kingdom is rich in fertile prairies, deserts and mountain ranges." — Traveler’s Journal, Issue 1 in the Library of Garreg Mach Monastery, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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