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The Rite of Rising

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For the mission of the same name, see Return to Me.

The Rite of Rising

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Marcelle, Simone

It is said that deep underground, below even Abyss, is a place called the Chasm of the Bound wherein lies the Chalice of Beginnings.
— Aelfric

The Rite of Rising (Japanese: 宝杯の儀の伝承 Legend of the Chalice Ceremony) is the third chapter of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion Cindered Shadows.


Main article: The Rite of Rising/Script

Byleth approaches Aelfric to learn more about their parents. Aelfric recounts how Jeralt was a well-respected knight who often taught combat and tactics to the monastery children while Byleth's mother Sitri was a kind-hearted bookworm who had trouble expressing her emotions. Afterwards, the two return to the rest of the group, and Yuri explains that they only managed to learn from the mercenaries that they are after something in Abyss. Aelfric theorizes that the marauders are seeking the Chalice of Beginnings, a holy artifact crafted by Saint Seiros that can supposedly resurrect the dead through a ritual called the Rite of Rising. Byleth investigates the legends about the Chalice.

Afterwards, Aelfric refuses the group's request to search for the Chalice themselves. In defiance of his orders, the group travels through a secret passage to find the Chalice. During the trek, Constance's dream to restore House Nuvelle, an Adrestian noble house that fell in battle against Dagda and Brigid, comes up in conversation. Eventually, the group reaches a chasm far underneath the bridge at Garreg Mach Monastery. The surface-dwellers discover that Constance becomes extremely self-deprecating and submissive when exposed to sunlight. The party discovers an army of Golems and phantom soldiers, defeats them all, and recovers the Chalice.

Beginning log

Following a hunch from Constance, you venture deep into Abyss to investigate a legend of the Chalice of Beginnings. The search comes to a head in a surprising landscape.*

Character data

New Units












Returning Characters

Small portrait byleth f fe16.pngSmall portrait edelgard fe16.pngSmall portrait dimitri fe16.pngSmall portrait claude fe16.pngSmall portrait linhardt fe16.pngSmall portrait ashe fe16.pngSmall portrait hilda fe16.pngSmall portrait yuri fe16.pngSmall portrait balthus fe16.pngSmall portrait constance fe16.pngSmall portrait hapi fe16.png

Item data

At the beginning of the chapter, the Sword of the Creator automatically has 5 uses restored.

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 axe.png Venin Axe Scrap Heap
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Assassin in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 potion.png Vulnerary Dropped by enemy Sniper in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Warrior in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 potion.png Vulnerary Dropped by enemy Paladin in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Assassin in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Paladin in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 key.png Spellbreak Key Dropped by Marcelle in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 bullion.png Bullion Dropped by enemy Warrior in Search for the Chalice
Is ns01 ore.png Smithing Stone (×10) Automatically at the end of the chapter


Main article: The Rite of Rising/Search for the Chalice

Note that completing this chapter for the first time allows you to recruit Constance in the main story.


  • It's impossible to see the beginning log of this chapter's battle without hacking, as the menu which displays it is disabled during Cindered Shadows, leaving it unseen.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English The Rite of Rising --
Japanese 宝杯の儀の伝承 Legend of the Chalice Ceremony
Spanish El Rito del Cáliz The Rite of the Chalice
French Le Rituel du Renouveau The Ritual of Renewal
German Das Ritual der Wiedererweckung The Ritual of Resurrection
Italian La leggenda del Rito del Calice The legend of the Rite of the Chalice
Korean 보배의 의식의 전설 Legend of the ritual of treasure
Simplified Chinese 宝杯仪式的传说 Treasure cup ceremony of legend
Traditional Chinese 寶杯儀式的傳說 Treasure cup ceremony of legend


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