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Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd

Medium portrait lambert fe16.png
Artwork of King Lambert from Three Houses.








King of Faerghus

Voiced by


Three Houses

King Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd[2] (pronounced /⁠ˈlæmbɚt ˈbleɪθɪd⁠/[key]; Japanese: ランベール=エジット=ブレーダッド Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd) is a non-playable character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He was the king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the father of Dimitri.


Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd was the head of House Blaiddyd and the King of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. During his youth he studied in Garreg Mach Monastery and became close friends with Rodrigue from House Fraldarius, creating a long-lasting friendship that lasted up until his last days. In spite of having been younger than his brother Rufus, he ascended the throne thanks to bearing the Crest of Blaiddyd, which his brother lacked. In 1162, he and his first wife had a child together named Dimitri. His wife perished soon after in 1165 due to a plague that affected the Kingdom at the time. Said illness was eventually cured by an Adrestian scholar named Cornelia, who was granted the title of Court mage in Faerghus as a reward for her deeds.

In 1168, Lambert and Rodrigue, the latter being now head of House Fraldarius, led an invasion against the people of Sreng, successfully annexing the southern half of their territory into the kingdom. Afterwards, House Gautier was put in charge of protecting the territory against upcoming invasions.

In 1171, the Insurrection of the Seven occurred in Adrestia, during which Patricia, consort of Emperor Ionius IX, her brother Volkhard von Arundel, and her daughter Edelgard fled Adrestia in their own separate ways and ultimately arrived in Faerghus. Lambert met Anselma sometime after and quickly fell in love with her, choosing to make her his wife. Due to the delicate political climate of Adrestia at the time, her presence in the Kingdom was concealed and she was made to adopt the alias of "Patricia", something only Lambert, Rodrigue, Cornelia and Dimitri knew about. Meanwhile, Volkhard took up residence in a villa in Fhirdiad where both he and Edelgard lived for a while, which was frequently visited by both Lambert and Dimitri up until 1174 when Arundel chose to go back to Adrestia along with his niece.

Over time, Lambert became a controversial figure in the Kingdom[3] due to pushing deforms that were deemed too radical with the nobility.[4] In 1176, Lambert traveled to Duscur alongside his second wife, his son and Rodrigue's first son Glenn with the intention of improving relationships between both territories, a decision Rodrigue felt uneasy about as it would risk everyone's life should the worst come to happen. Once they arrived, in an event that later came to be known as the Tragedy of Duscur, Lambert and co. were suddenly attacked by the Faerghus nobility opposed to Lambert's reforms, people from Duscur uneasy with Lambert's presence and members of those who slither in the dark, who assisted the whole ordeal thanks to a previous deal Cornelia had made with Patricia with the condition the latter would be able to be reunited with her daughter again. Lambert lost his life during the ensuing slaughter.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Lambert is an NPC seen during flashbacks in the Blue Lions route.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd

Known by just Lambert in menus, his full name is unused. "Lambert" is a French name derived from Germanic landa "land" and beraht "bright".[5] Blaiddyd is a location in Fódlan, but its name is from Bladud (Welsh: Blaiddyd), a king of the Britons in legend.



Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd


Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd



Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd



Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd



Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd




Used in the Choose Your Legends polls in Fire Emblem Heroes.


람베르 에지트 블레다드

Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd

Simplified Chinese


Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd

Traditional Chinese


Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd



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