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The Flame in the Darkness

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The Flame in the Darkness

Ss fe16 chapter 8 mural.png
Mural used to introduce the Red Wolf Moon.


Garreg Mach Monastery

New units

Hanneman, Manuela



What's the matter? So shocked you can't even speak? You were so easily fooled by my disguise...
— Solon

The Flame in the Darkness (Japanese: 炎と闇の蠢動 Wriggling of Flame and Darkness) is the eighth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Main article: The Flame in the Darkness/Script (Black Eagles)
Main article: The Flame in the Darkness/Script (Blue Lions)
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Byleth and Jeralt approach Manuela, who explains that the incident in Remire Village was likely caused by dark magic. Afterwards, if Byleth is a member of the Black Eagles, they interrupt a secretive conversation between Edelgard and Hubert about an unidentified previous incident and her plans to ascend the Imperial throne. If Byleth is a member of the Blue Lions, they walk in on a conversation between Dimitri and the previously unidentified accomplice of the Flame Emperor, now revealed to be Lord Arundel. Dimitri explains that Arundel is the regent of the Adrestian Empire, Edelgard's uncle, and his stepmother's older brother, making him and Edelgard stepsiblings. Afterwards, Sothis recalls that Dimitri was investigating Arundel's finances during the incident where Flayn was abducted. If Byleth is a member of the Golden Deer, Claude reveals he has been doing further research on the Heroes' Relics. He finds the Sword of the Creator's lack of a Crest Stone odd, speculates that it had one previously and that the Crest Stones are the source of the Relics' power, shows Byleth a picture of a creature called the Immaculate One, who was supposedly sent by the goddess to save the followers of Seiros, and finishes by postulating that the Crest Stones allow people to transform into forms like that of the Immaculate One. Seteth approaches them, asks if either of them have seen Tomas, identifies the picture of the Immaculate One as part of Tomas' personal collection, and takes the picture away. Claude concludes that the Church really is covering something up.

At the end of the month, Jeralt appears and informs Byleth that the situation in Remire has suddenly deteriorated. Byleth, Jeralt, and the students arrive at Remire to discover that the villagers have been driven berserk and have started slaughtering each other, much to their horror. They spot several figures observing the carnage from on high and decide to neutralize them immediately. As they start to make their way through the village, the group recognizes the commander as Tomas. After saving the survivors, Tomas reveals himself to be the dark mage Solon and admits he was responsible for Flayn's prior kidnapping. The Death Knight appears to reinforce Solon, but he is driven off and Solon is defeated. Solon reveals that the day's events were part of an experiment of his before fleeing. Afterwards, the lord character leaves to survey the village for survivors. The Flame Emperor approaches Byleth and Jeralt, disavows Solon's actions, claims that they are only working together to accomplish separate objectives and that they would have stopped him if they knew what he was planning, and disappears. Afterwards, Jeralt notes how much more expressive Byleth has become since becoming a teacher and wonders if there was ever any reason to leave the monastery. Byleth points out that they were under the belief that they were born after Jeralt left the monastery, and Jeralt tells them to meet up with him later so he can explain.

If Byleth is a member of the Black Eagles, Edelgard wonders what the Flame Emperor's objectives are and surmises that once Byleth figures them out, the Flame Emperor will be able to look them in the face unmasked and Byleth will know what the right thing to do is. She is then called away by Monica. If Byleth is a member of the Blue Lions, Dimitri has a particularly violent reaction to witnessing the calamity in Remire, and orders the perpetrators to be brutally slaughtered. Afterwards, he apologizes to Byleth for his behavior and declares Solon and the Flame Emperor to be unforgivable monsters who must be slain for the good of all. He recounts the horrific deaths of his friends and family in the Tragedy of Duscur and admits that he came to the Officers Academy for revenge against the perpetrators.

Byleth reports the day's events to Rhea and Seteth. Seteth explains that Tomas came to the monastery 40 years ago at the recommendation of House Ordelia, left for Ordelia 8 years ago, and returned last year. He also recounts that Jeritza, still presumed to be the Death Knight, came to the monastery with a recommendation from the Empire and realizes how dangerous the enemy is if they have roots in at least two countries. As Byleth departs, Rhea informs them that she has great expectations for them and bids the goddess Sothis watch over them. Sothis is shocked at this statement, and wonders just who she is.

Calendar - Red Wolf Moon

Red Wolf Moon
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Story Event  
Story Event  
5 6 7
Linhardt's Birthday  
8 9
Free Day  
Lots of Large Fish  
Faculty & Knight Mixer  
11 12 13 14 15 16
Free Day  
Rare Monster Sighting  
18 19 20 21
Holy Kingdom of Faerghus Founding Day  
22 23
Free Day  
Marianne's Birthday  
Founding of the Kingdom Celebration  
24 25
Investigate Remire  
26 27 28 29 30

Character data

Black Eagles   Blue Lions   Golden Deer  

New Units
Talk to him if Byleth's level is high enough
Talk to her if Byleth's level is high enough
Returning Characters


Item data

Name Obtainment Method
  Gold Monthly stipend
  Steel Gauntlets+ Tournament prize
  Silver Sword Quest reward: Catherine's Request (cannot get along with the Silver Bow)
  Silver Bow Quest reward: Shamir's Request (cannot get along with the Silver Sword)
  Black-Sand Steel (×2) Quest reward: Catherine's Request or Shamir's Request
  Whetstone Quest reward: Catherine's Request or Shamir's Request
  Iron Shield Quest reward: Missing Students
  Concoction Quest reward: Missing Students
  Crescent Moon Tea (×2) Quest reward: Secret Messenger
  Blowfly (×2) Quest reward: Secret Messenger
  Landscape Painting Quest reward: Secret Messenger
  Hunting Dagger Quest Reward: Something to Prove
  Wootz Steel Quest Reward: Something to Prove
  Riding Boots Quest reward: A Question of Conduct*
  Landscape Painting Quest Reward: A Question of Conduct*
  Exotic Spices Quest Reward: A Question of Conduct*
  Giant Shell Northern chest, The Remire Calamity
  Horseslayer Southern chest, The Remire Calamity
  Crescent Sickle Dropped by enemy Cavalier in The Remire Calamity
  Crescent Sickle Dropped by enemy Cavalier in The Remire Calamity
  Dark Seal Dropped by the Death Knight in The Remire Calamity
  Large Bullion Save at least one, but not all, of the NPC Commoners in The Remire Calamity
  Extra Large Bullion Save all of the NPC Commoners in The Remire Calamity
  Advanced Seal Save at least half of the NPC Commoners in The Remire Calamity

Marketplace data

Armory & Item Shop

Armory   Item Shop  

Name Stock Price
  Iron Sword 520
  Steel Sword 910
  Silver Sword 3 1,410
  Killing Edge 3 1,470
  Training Sword 260
  Levin Sword Limited: 1 1,600
  Armorslayer 3 1,450
  Iron Lance 560
  Steel Lance 910
  Silver Lance 3 1,560
  Killer Lance 3 1,680
  Training Lance 280
  Javelin 10 700
  Short Spear Limited: 1 1,600
  Horseslayer 3 1,650
  Iron Axe 600
  Steel Axe 980
  Silver Axe 3 1,740
  Training Axe 300
  Hand Axe 10 750
  Short Axe Limited: 1 1,750
  Hammer 3 1,850
  Mace 720
  Iron Bow 560
  Steel Bow 910
  Silver Bow 3 1,560
  Training Bow 350
  Mini Bow 680
  Iron Gauntlets 480
  Steel Gauntlets 640
  Silver Gauntlets 3 1,290
  Training Gauntlets 240

Battalion Guild  

Black Eagles   Blue Lions   Golden Deer  

  • Note: The Battalion Guild will keep sellling anything not bought previously.


Main article: The Flame in the Darkness/The Remire Calamity

This is the last month during which Jeralt will be able to provide Faculty Training. While he is not the sole tutor of any particular skill, the only other person who can train Byleth's authority skill is Seteth. Also, the armory, item shop and battalion guild receive an updated stock during this month, so you might want to check them out.


  • The items in the trading chain for Shamir's Request and Catherine's Request seem to be references to past Fire Emblem titles.
    • The Book of Crestological Mysteries references Mystery of the Emblem.
    • The Tome of Comely Saints likely references Genealogy of the Holy War.
    • The Fire Amulet may reference The Binding Blade.
    • The Glowing Stone is likely a reference to The Sacred Stones.
    • The Path of Dawn is a reference to Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.
    • The Medicinal Eyedrops are a reference to Awakening.
    • The Two-Toned Whetstone is a reference to Fates. In a further parallel to Fates, the player must chose whether to give it to Shamir or to Catherine, whom share color schemes with one of the game's nations—Shamir and Nohr are associated with black and darker colors, while Catherine and Hoshido are typically associated with white and red.
  • In the event "A New Disaster", the sound effect Byleth hears before fainting was changed in version 1.2.0 from a heartbeat to a glass-shattering sound, akin to the one heard when a Divine Pulse is triggered.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

The Flame in the Darkness




Wriggling of Flame and Darkness; in Japanese, those who slither in the dark are called "those who wriggle in the dark".


Una llama en la oscuridad

A flame in the darkness


Une flamme dans l'obscurité

A flame in the darkness


Die Flamme in der Dunkelheit

The Flame in the Darkness


Una Fiamma nell'oscurità

A Flame in the darkness


어둠 속의 불꽃

Flame in the dark

Simplified Chinese


Wriggling of flame and darkness

Traditional Chinese


Wriggling of flame and darkness


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