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Count Hevring

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Waldemar von Hevring

Portrait count hevring fewa2.png
Artwork of Count Hevring from Three Hopes.






Linhardt (son)



  • Minister of Domestic Affairs
  • Count of Hevring
Starting class


Voiced by


Count Waldemar von Hevring (Japanese: ヴァルデマー=フォン=ヘヴリング Waldemar von Hevring) is a non-playable character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is Linhardt's father and the head of House Hevring.



Waldemar is the head of House Hevring of the Adrestian Empire and Minister of Domestic Affairs. In 1163, his son Linhardt von Hevring was born, and Waldemar had him meet Leopold von Bergliez's son, Caspar, in 1169.[1] 2 years later, Count Hevring gets involved in the Insurrection of the Seven, in which Duke Ludwig von Aegir and other Imperial nobles seized power from Emperor Ionius IX after the latter was pushing reforms which would consolidate the power to himself.[2]

It is implied that early in 1180, Waldemar, along with Leopold, Duke Gerth, Lord Arundel, and other nobles involved with the Insurrection of the Seven, started making a deal with Edelgard von Hresvelg behind Duke Aegir's back, which would allow the Imperial princess to ascend the imperial throne in due time with no intervention from Ludwig and others, while also letting her assume the Empire's upcoming conquest against the Church of Seiros and later, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance in 1181, for which Waldemar provided her access to the Empire's finances.[3]

Three Houses

After Edelgard's ascension, it is implied Waldemar gets pardoned from his involvement with Duke Aegir's insurrection and remains in service.[4] Unlike his partner Leopold though, his fate on the routes where the Empire falls is unknown.

Warriors: Three Hopes

Sometime after Edelgard enrolls into the Officers Academy in Garreg Mach, she contacts both Waldemar and Count Bergliez about her sudden coup against Duke Aegir and Lord Arundel with the support of the Knights of Seiros, and both men agree to support her efforts by blocking Ludwig's escape during Edelgard's strike while also fighting against his and Volkhard's forces. After Duke Aegir's capture and Lord Arundel/Thales' escape, Count Hevring and Leopold resume their negotiations with the soon-to-be Emperor, and start making preparations during two years for a 5 year war against the Central Church.


Three Houses

Count Hevring is a non-playable character who gets mentioned during the game's story.

Warriors: Three Houses

Count Hevring is a non-playable character who appears in Chapter 3 of the Black Eagles route.

Starting stats and growth rates

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Personality and character

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Etymology and other languages

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Waldemar von Hevring

Waldemar is a German name derived from elements meaning "power" and "famous". Hevring (or Hefring) is one of the nine daughters of Ægir and Rán in Norse mythology.



Waldemar von Hevring



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  3. "The most important nobles in the Empire are known for taking power from the previous emperor, my father included. I didn't think it possible that the Imperial princess could ascend the throne so easily. However, it seems that both my father and Caspar's are supporting Edelgard... Having both the Minister of Domestic Affairs and Minister of Military Affairs on your side gives you total control over the Empire's military and finances. They must have been making preparations for quite some time without anyone noticing..." — Linhardt while exploring in Chapter 12 (both the version siding with Edelgard and the version against her), Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  4. "Linhardt: I still recall with startling clarity the time [Count Bergliez] forced me to do some training.
    Caspar: Ha! I remember your father wasn't too happy about that. Our fathers actually got into a fight over it.
    Linhardt: They hate each other so much. They're likely still bickering away in the Empire.
    " — Caspar & Linhardt's C-Support in Part II of non Crimson Flower routes, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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