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Count Gloucester

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Erwin Fritz Gloucester

Portrait count gloucester fewa2.png
Artwork of Count Gloucester from Warriors: Three Hopes.








Count Gloucester

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My only stipulation is that you never forget your duty to the commonfolk and always consider their best interests.
— Count Gloucester before handing his title to Lorenz

Count Erwin Fritz Gloucester is a non-playable character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and appearing in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is Lorenz's father and the head of House Gloucester.



Erwin Fritz Gloucester is the head of House Gloucester in the Leicester Alliance, and is the second most influential lord of the Alliance's roundtable. At some point in his youth, Erwin studied in the Officer's Academy and participated in the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.[1] Some time after graduating and gaining the title of Count, in Imperial year 1161, he had his son Lorenz Hellman Gloucester.[2] Later in 1174, Erwin hired Jeralt's Mercenaries in response to complains that poachers were hunting illegally in Sauin Village, located within his territory, as he had previously granted its inhabitants exclusive hunting rights.[3] It's also rumored that a few years later, Count Gloucester allegedly staged a monster accident which ended up killing then-House Riegan's heir, Godfrey, along with Raphael's parents, under the pretext he was interested in purchasing some art pieces from him,[4][5] which is supported by an optional mission Byleth may partake in Three Houses where troops of Count Gloucester are seen controlling Giant Wolves attempting to kill merchants travelling between Riegan and Gloucester territory.

Three Houses

In 1181, after Edelgard von Hresvelg's declaration of war against the Church of Seiros, Count Gloucester leads the pro-Empire faction of the Leicester Alliance and allows his lands to become a vassal for it as means of avoiding direct intervention after the war spreads out to Leicester,[6] which in the Azure Moon and Silver Snow routes, leads Erwin to send his son and some of his troops as reinforcements for the attack the Kingdom/Alliance/Resistance forces lead in the Great Bridge of Myrddin. Regardless, Erwin always ends up siding with the winning faction of the war by the end of the routes' stories. Only in the Verdant Wind route, after Nemesis' resurrection, Count Gloucester and his troops attempt to intercept the King of Liberation's fell army once they reach Alliance lands, but are forced to retreat.[7]

Warriors: Three Hopes

Near the start of 1182, Erwin discusses with Claude von Riegan the details surrounding the Adrestian Empire's war against the Central Church, and while he's receptive of the Alliance Leader's request, he makes clear he can't commit to follow them, and that his upcoming moves will be based on the war's further developments.


Three Houses

Count Gloucester is a non-playable character who gets mentioned during the game's story.

Warriors: Three Houses

Count Gloucester is a non-playable character who appears during the Golden Wildfire route.

Starting stats and growth rates

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While unseen in Three Houses, Count Gloucester is described by many as an ambitious and pious man who's always trying to act on his House and own commonfolk's benefit. It's also heavily implied in Three Houses by his own son that Count Gloucester's his role model when it comes to the matters of noble behavior, leadership and even religious qualities. Finally, he also has a pragmatic side given he always switches sides under the context of war for rational and self-preserving reasons.


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Choose Your Legends placement history

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493 Portrait count gloucester fewa2 cyl.png
Count Gloucester
Warriors: Three Hopes
Portrait count gloucester fewa2 cyl.png
Count Gloucester
Warriors: Three Hopes
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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
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Erwin Fritz Gloucester

Erwin is a German name derived from elements meaning "army" and "friend".[8] Fritz is the short form of Friedrich.[9] Gloucester is a city in England; its use is likely derived from the character of the Earl of Gloucester from William Shakespeare's play King Lear, similar to other characters from Leicester having surnames derived from the names of King Lear characters.


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  1. "My father attended the Officers Academy, and won a glorious victory in the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. I think he is quite proud of that, even to this day. I suppose that shows how great an honor it truly is." — Lorenz during Chapter 7's exploration, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  2. "1161: Born the eldest son of Count Gloucester." — Lorenz's personal history in the roster menu in Part I, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  3. "Lorenz: The head of Sauin Village offers his tribute in exactly that spirit, you know.
    Leonie: Sauin? That' village. You knew?
    Lorenz: Of course. We granted exclusive hunting rights to Sauin, and forbade outsiders from poaching. In fact, when we received complaints about just that, we hired mercenaries to deal with the issue.
    Leonie: So that's what brought Jeralt...
    " — Lorenz and Leonie's A-Support, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  4. "Merchant: It seems like he's been at odds with [House Riegan] forever. They say even the previous Duke Riegan's death...
    Raphael: Was that the count's fault too?
    Merchant: It's only a rumor, but it was Count Gloucester himself who lured the late Duke Riegan out. If I recall correctly...he invited the duke to his estate to strike a deal on some valuable art pieces. I believe the duke brought a pair of merchants with him to assess the pieces in question, but...
    " — Death Toll, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  5. "Item 51, Part 6
    ...son of the Alliance's leader, Duke Oswald Riegan, has died in an accident. This follows an incident involving the previous successor, and even the Knights of Seiros suspect it was at Count Gloucester's command, though it seems too conspicuous. There is some concern that this could spark a war. With Duke Riegan gravely ill, the situation is...
    " — "Burnt Remnants of a Report", book located in Abyss, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  6. "Lorenz: The Alliance is in complete discord at present.
    Claude: And, as leader of the Imperial faction of the Alliance, isn't Count Gloucester, your father, the main cause of that discord?
    Lorenz: I... Yes, that is true. It was inevitable. Our house's territory is close to Imperial land, after all. Had we not consented to vassalage under the Empire, they would have invaded immediately.
    " — Verdant Wind's Chapter 13, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  7. "A sudden invasion from Nemesis has plunged the Alliance territories into complete disarray. Against such overwhelming strength, my father and his forces had no choice but to retreat." — Lorenz during Verdant Wind Chapter 22's exploration, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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