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Ashen Wolves

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Ashen Wolves

FETH Ashen Wolves symbol.png
Flag of the Ashen Wolves.







Group type

Academic House


Grouping students and people ostracized on the surface.


The Ashen Wolf House (Japanese: 灰狼の学級ヴォルフクラッセ Ash Wolf Class, Wolfklasse) is a secret fourth house in-name only located in Abyss, right beneath Garreg Mach Monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This house is comprised of students hiding from the surface world for their own reasons.


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The Ashen Wolf House was first formed by Aelfric approximately 15 years before the events of the Cindered Shadows side story, as a group dedicated to protecting those who stumbled into Abyss, the underground city beneath Garreg Mach Monastery. Despite its name, it is not recognised by the academy as a house, and unlike the other houses is not affiliated with any specific nation of Fódlan.

In Cindered Shadows, the Ashen Wolves are first encountered by Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Linhardt, Ashe, and Hilda after they follow a suspicious individual into a passage that leads to Abyss. After a fight, they explain that mercenaries have been raiding Abyss recently, and ask for assistance from Byleth and the other students in protecting it. They soon meet with Aelfric, who speculates that the mercenaries are after the Chalice of Beginnings so they can conduct the Rite of Rising, an ancient ceremony which was once conducted by the Four Apostles in an attempt to revive the goddess. After retrieving the Chalice, it is revealed that Aelfric was the mastermind behind the raids on Abyss, and he planned to use the Ashen Wolf House to gather those with the blood of the Four Apostles so he could revive Byleth's mother, Sitri. When the Rite of Rising fails, Aelfric and Sitri's corpse are fused into a monster known as the Umbral Beast, which is subsequently slain by the Ashen Wolves together with Byleth and the other students. In recognition of their deeds, the Ashen Wolf House is disbanded by Rhea, and its four members return to the surface world.

In the main story, the Ashen Wolves can be found in Abyss, and may be recruited after certain chapters of Cindered Shadows have been completed. If any members of the Ashen Wolves are not recruited before the timeskip, they disappear from Abyss and do not make an appearance later on. The events of Cindered Shadows seemingly take place in a separate timeline from the main story, as the Ashen Wolf House is not disbanded and Byleth and Aelfric do not recognise one another during his cameo in Chapter 7 of the main story; as such, it is unknown whether the members of the Ashen Wolf House were intentionally gathered by Aelfric in the main story's continuity.


Class of 1180

Small portrait yuri fe16.png Small portrait balthus fe16.png Small portrait hapi fe16.png Small portrait constance fe16.png
Yuri Balthus Hapi Constance

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Ashen Wolves

Also called the "Ashen Wolf House".



Ash Wolf Class; Wolfklasse is applied to it as furigana. Wolf is German for "wolf", and Klasse is German for "class".


Lobo Plateado

Silver Wolves


Loups de cendre

Ashen Wolves



Silver Wolves


Lupi Cinerei

Ashen Wolves


Casa Lobo Gris

Gray Wolf house; used in Heroes.[1]



Gray wolf class

Simplified Chinese


Ash wolf class

Traditional Chinese


Ash wolf class



  1. "Sou Yuri, da casa Lobo Gris. O que esta criatura bela e irrelevante pode fazer por você?" — Yuri: Ashen Valiant when summoned, Fire Emblem Heroes
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