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The Golden Deer's Plea

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The Golden Deer's Plea

Cg fe16 garland moon mural part 2.png
Mural used to introduce The Golden Deer's Plea.


Garreg Mach Monastery


Lord Arundel

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The King's Triumphant Return

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The Impregnable Fortress

They'll come. You can count on it. If anyone can bring him back, it's Teach. Teach will talk, and he'll listen. But more than anything, I've seen their skill and abilities... I believe in them.
— Claude

The Golden Deer's Plea (Japanese: 金鹿の願い Golden Deer's wish) is the nineteenth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the Azure Moon route.


Main article: The Golden Deer's Plea/Script

Dimitri reveals that Adrestian forces commanded by Lord Arundel have launched a full invasion of Leicester to take advantage of the damage caused in the Battle at Gronder. He speculates that Arundel may have been involved in the Tragedy of Duscur. Between the logistical problems of abandoning Leicester and the moral problems of leaving a friend to dry, Dimitri elects to reinforce Claude at the Alliance capital of Derdriu. At the end of the month, the Faerghus army marches to Leicester. Meanwhile, in Derdriu, despite his subordinates' concerns that Dimitri might abandon them, Claude maintains that the Kingdom will come to their aid; his faith proves well-founded when Kingdom reinforcements arrive. Dimitri deduces that Claude baited the Imperials into overextending themselves so that he could crush them in a pincer attack.

Dimitri takes advantage of the opening Claude gave him to wipe out the Imperial forces and mortally wound Arundel. He demands answers regarding the Tragedy, but Arundel remains tight-lipped and only expresses the hope that he and Edelgard kill each other off before expiring. Claude reunites with Byleth and Dimitri and reveals that he had to send his request for aid before Dimitri even took Fhirdiad in order for reinforcements to arrive on time. He unexpectedly gifts Dimitri his Relic bow Failnaught and reveals that he has disbanded the Alliance and ceded his right to govern its territories to Dimitri. Claude further reveals that he intends to depart Fódlan to pursue his own dreams. He finally reveals that Rhea is being held captive in Enbarr. Afterwards, Dimitri recounts his family history with Edelgard to the former Blue Lions. He resolves to try parleying with Edelgard in the hopes of bringing a peaceful end to the war before more lives are lost.

Meanwhile, in Enbarr, Hubert reports Arundel's demise to Edelgard; neither of them mourn him. Edelgard orders Imperial troops to fall back to Arianrhod in the west and Merceus in the east, assigning the Death Knight to guard the latter. Hubert expresses his concerns about Edelgard's planned final trump card, but is dismissed.

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Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 brawling.png Silver Gauntlets+ Tournament prize
Is ns01 potion.png Concoction Dropped by enemy Mortal Savant in Saving Derdriu
Is ns01 shield.png Aurora Shield Dropped by enemy Pegasus Knight in Saving Derdriu
Is ns01 axe.png Axe of Zoltan Dropped by enemy Paladin in Saving Derdriu
Is ns01 bow.png Magic Bow Dropped by enemy Paladin in Saving Derdriu
Is ns01 stat booster.png Giant Shell Automatically at the end of Saving Derdriu if Hilda and Judith survive
Is ns01 stat booster.png Goddess Icon Automatically at the end of Saving Derdriu if Hilda and Judith survive
Is ns01 bow relic.png Failnaught Automatically at the end of Saving Derdriu


Main article: The Golden Deer's Plea/Saving Derdriu

This is the last month the paralogue The Face Beneath can be done, so get working on it if it's available and hasn't been done.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

The Golden Deer's Plea




Golden Deer's wish


La súplica del Ciervo Dorado

The Golden Deer's plea


La supplique du Cerf d'or

The petition of the Golden Deer


Die Bitte des Goldenen Hirsches

The Request of the Golden Deer


La richiesta del Cervo Dorato

The request of the Golden Deer


금사슴의 소원

The golden deer's wish

Simplified Chinese


The golden deer's request

Traditional Chinese


The golden deer's request


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